Wow, what a finale!

In my post yesterday, I said I believed Paul would win Part 3 of the final Head of Household competition, after all he knows exactly how it works, he participated just last season, I was wrong! Josh blew Paul out of the water and won part 3, giving Josh all the power.

As the show went to a commercial break social media was aflutter with fans hoping, praying, Josh would make the “right” choice and choose to take Christmas to the final 2.

We know that Paul had a little talk with Josh the other day to explain all the reasons why neither of them could take Christmas to the final 2, in a nutshell, Paul told Josh she would wins hands down against either of them.

Josh’s original plan was to take Christmas, but it would seem Paul may have persuaded him.

Fast forward. Josh wins part 3, and chooses to evict Christmas and take Paul to the final 2. You could almost hear the collective sigh across social media, I even said, “they don’t call him a meatball for no reason”..  Although I had predicted how I thought the jury votes would pan out with a Josh vs Paul final 2 in my post yesterday..[LINK BELOW] ….I was 100% correct.



Say it with me Paul, jury management, jury management, jury management…. jury management is a key factor to winning Big Brother, no matter who you are, and what you accomplished during the season, you must manage the jury properly or you will lose.


With Will Kirby hosting the jury roundtable, they get right to it. Will asks the jury who they think will be joining them, Cody immediately says, “Kevin”

Will, why?

Cody, “because he’s more likable than the rest of them” [exactly why I liked Cody this season, just say what you honestly think, and he’s 100% right]

Jason agrees with Cody, Kevin.

Raven says it’ll be Christmas “110%”.

Alex, “I hope it’s Christmas, if I could break her other leg I would”.

Who says Cody has no emotion, he laughs at Alex’s comment along with the others.

Kevin walks in and Raven says, “oh I knew it was going to be you Kevin” Uh, did she listen to the words that came out of her mouth literally 30 seconds ago, she stated it would be Christmas 110%..

Mark and Elena immediately call Raven on her bullshit. Mark, “you just said Christmas, that just defines the puppet master this summer” and I just died laughing. hahaha!

Matt chimes in, Mark shoots back, “Matt name 3 things you’re known for this summer” um, hmm, well, I can think of 3, banging Raven, getting blown by Raven, and eating cereal, there I did it!

Matt tells Mark to “sit down” while Mark is sitting down.

Mark says, “you are irrelevant”.

Matt’s response, “absolutely bro” …and there you have it folks, Matt agrees with all of us and Mark, he’s irrelevant.

Will asks Cody if Josh can win the game?

Cody’s response, “I think Paul and Josh are both scum, but at least Josh took action while Paul was behind a closed door being a wuss”.

Yes, once again Cody speaks honestly.

Will, why should Paul win the game?

*awkward pause* ………………………………anyone?

Kevin finally speaks up, “Paul’s a veteran, he’s a clever little player, he manipulated everybody here…if it’s a game about outsmarting I’d say Paul should definitely win”

Mark, “he had this game served to him on a silver platter”

Cody, “he had 3 weeks safety unfettered”

Mark says Paul didn’t account for jury members comparing notes, exactly, jury management!

Elena says she believes Paul “overplayed, abused relationships”

Alex says, “he made sure that every player feels belittled by him, I think it’s bad game play”

Elena, “he did things that were hurtful and crossed the line”

Jason, “he over lied”

SIDE NOTE: Will Kirby has an ear piece in and production is feeding him everything to say, Will admitted this during the backyard interviews.. #Oops Let that sink in while he’s asking the jury these questions.

Will says, raise your hand if you lied or backstabbed anyone this season?

Cody and Alex are the only ones to not raise their hands. Alex says she didn’t lie to anyone. Will’s response, “is fake crying lying?”

Alex, “I don’t think so”

Elena, “did you fake cry Alex?”

Alex, “yeah”

Then Raven asks everyone, “raise your hand if you got tricked by Paul”.. Cody does not raise his hand because he didn’t get tricked by Paul, yet Raven declares everyone here was tricked by Paul, Matt corrects her, everyone here except for Cody.

Cody gives the thumbs up! #LoveIt

Will, I gotta say it, are you guys just sore losers?

Jason, “I’m absolutely a sore loser”

Will, “thank you for your honesty”

As the jury roundtable ends… Alex is me about this season overall..


Paul and Josh face off.

  • Q1. Paul answers correct, Josh does not
  • Q2. Josh answers correct, Paul does not
  • Q3. Both correct
  • Q4. Josh correct, Paul incorrect
  • Q5. Both incorrect
  • Q6. Both incorrect
  • Q7. Josh is correct

With only 1 question left Josh wins part 3 of the final HOH!



Paul says, “Josh you shook my hand on day 1… I’ve had your back a lot of time in this game, I’ve kept you safe when I needed too, and I hope you can keep me safe”

Christmas, “Josh you’re my meatball, Paul, you’re friendship Paul and I love both of you so dearly, so I just want to say thank you for an amazing summer, I’ve had the time of my life……….” [worst, please choose me speech I’ve heard]

Josh stands to make his decision, says I’ve thought about jury and I think I have a better chance next to Paul, Paul smiles and nods, Josh thanks Christmas for being his rock, says “you’re a badass and killed everybody with kindness, and handled every single eviction with grace, I just think I wouldn’t win against you, it’s a game decision, I’m just doing it for my family”

…And they hug, Paul pretends to care that Christmas was just evicted.

Julie Chen, Christmas, you were tight with Josh, he didn’t choose you, how does it feel?

Christmas, “I’m proud of him”

Julie, “why? Because obviously in your speech you were asking him to keep you, it seems like you were resigned to the fact that you were going to be saying goodbye to these guys, what do you mean you’re proud of him?”

Christmas, “I’m proud of him because he always acts with his heart, he finally started thinking strategically, and I don’t know if I would have won over him, I don’t know, I’m just proud of him, he made the ultimate game move”


The jurors gather on stage, Christmas joins them as the 9th jury member. Julie informs the jury that Josh won the final HOH and chose to evict Christmas, Cody is stoned faced and Elena can’t believe it. Fans had that same reaction……..

Elena asked Paul the first question, some of us in the jury feel you orchestrated and participated in bullying tactics in the house, why was that necessary and how did it serve your game?

Paul denies. But fans that watch the 24/7 live feeds know better.

Matt, Josh, the jury doesn’t feel you had a strategy in the game, tell us why were wrong, and explain your biggest game move?

Josh, “well big surprise to you guys and to Paul is that I’m actually a superfan and I’ve been a superfan since I was 14 years old…my biggest move had to be the strategic social game that I played..he continues says another game move was getting rid of Alex, the strongest competitor in the game, I knew she would beat me in the end.

Alex, Paul in your last season your gameplay was based on friendship, this season why did you decide to go against that and create friendships and alliances and then destroy them?

Paul denies, doesn’t think he destroyed any friendships. “I tried to help everybody as much as I could and I got people as far as I can, maybe the misconception was that I would toss my game for somebody else and I never said that I would do that, I did help people when and where I could”.

Cody’s face, while Paul answers. #Priceless and #Me

Cody, Josh, some people think you played a bigger part in Paul’s game than your own, tell us why were wrong?

Josh, I actually played my own game, one of the things my dad always told me I business was to always let business partners feel they have the control because they would want to invest more or they feel safer with you, I didn’t want to pose a threat but make more of an ally, so I downplayed my intelligence and how smart I was and how much I knew the game. Paul was a great ally cause I saw him last season and I knew that no matter what he wasn’t going to change how loyal he was, I stuck to him and it worked.

Paul’s face says it all, he got got by a “meatball”.

Jason, Paul, it seems like you made moves throughout the game with the goal of avoiding making enemies in the jury, why unnecessarily lie to our faces, days and hours before we were going to the jury, you had to have known that we would compare notes?

Paul is clearly flustered, “of course I knew there were certain points where things were going to happen, but I did do and say everything I was going to do, if I was going to use the veto I would say I was going to use the veto” ..immediately Alex shakes her head NO, Paul is still lying to the jury….

Mark, Josh, it seems like every time you had an altercation in the house it would result in you crying afterwards, apologizing and proclaiming you wouldn’t do it anymore but it would inevitably happen again, how did this serve your game?

Josh, one of my game moves was to expose peoples games, I knew I was going to stay true to myself and stay loyal but I as a fan could easily see peoples game play and the shady game they were playing, so one of my strategies was to expose peoples game, did I feel good about it, no, because I genuinely liked all of you, but it was my strategy to have people see what a shady game that some people were playing and the moves that they were making, so yes I did feel bad about it, but it got me to this point.

Boom, honesty.

Christmas, Josh, meatball would like to evict Pepe or crutches?

Josh says, Pepe…..”I love you Joy”.

To sum it up, Paul’s answers lacked truth, honesty and enthusiasm. Josh wins this round and Paul knows it.

As they cut to commercial Paul is clearly upset.


Paul gives the speech he has been rehearsing on cameras for the last few days, he’s talking so fast, the jury can barely comprehend. He lists his accomplishments, says from the second I worked my ass off, I was a vet, I was a vet, I was a vet, I had the biggest target, me, etc..

Josh, I knew I had to play fearlessly, knew I had to put targets on peoples back, expose some peoples game, I aligned myself strategically with Paul and Christmas because they were in a big alliance, and I aligned myself with Jason and Alex….I took shots when I was HOH…I adapted to the game……I played fearlessly and I gave it my heart. I had to play from day 1 when I didn’t get a friendship bracelet, I laid low, I didn’t let people know I was a fan…I was underestimated which was my biggest strength, all of you guys underestimated me and that’s why I’m sitting here at the end.. #Truth


Cody, “Im going to stay true to my word”

Elena, “cut scene, there’s no jury management”

Mark, “congratulations both of you”

Matt, “I’m voting for the person who I feel did more in every single aspect of the game”

Jason, “you both aligned with me, uh somebody’s gotta go”

Raven, “juju, buddy, buddy, I’m voting for the person that I think played the best game, the whole season”

Alex, “you said it was just a game, and that we’d be friends afterwards, if that’s true then lets be friends, otherwise I’m voting for the person who stabbed me in the front instead of the back”

Kevin, “I’m proud of both of you guys, you played a great game, you guys are there were here, congratulations to both of you guys, I mean that”

Christmas, “I love you both and I’m very proud of you both, it’s been a long summer, and this is 100% game move”


Cameron, Jillian, Dominique, Ramses and Jessica.

Julie tells Jessica and Cody that the two of them will have their moment soon, she knows they want to embrace..

Cody can’t take his eyes off Jess.

Julie asks Jess, what do you want these jurors to know?

She says she tried warning them all but they didn’t listen, but Paul had an alliance with everyone except for Cody. He quite often laughed at you in the DR, referred to himself as the puppet master and he played you all. He did a good job at it, but you guys let him do it. The worst part of it was most of you have been quoted several times saying things like, “Paul deserves to win and I have no problem losing to Paul”..

Julie follows up, you also said, I trust Paul, I trust Paul, I trust Paul.

They show a montage of all the houseguests going nuts over Paul.

Paul, “hello houseguests, this is your puppet master speaking… that I’ve strung up all my puppets, made them nice and shiny, I can pick them up and make them dance.

Julie asks Paul who was the hardest to backstab. Paul says he bonded with so many, “I was torn between my friendship with you and my game play” ..this is something Paul should have said PRIOR to the vote, it would have been more persuasive, seemingly more honest. Then he ruins it by saying, “but I was the returning vet” #Yawn..

Julie says, Paul you should know you weren’t the only one who was sneaky in the house. Josh, during your goodbye messages, you gave them an earful.

They show a montage of Josh being honest in his goodbye messages, in contrast to Paul’s BS in his.

While this montage of Josh’s goodbye messages is rolling Paul is getting more pissed by the moment, he says to Josh, “you suck, you suck”

Julie says, Josh explain to us your intentions in those goodbye messages, I say, JURY MANAGEMENT!

Paul screams, “blaming it on me”.. when in fact those goodbye messages only spoke the truth.

Josh yells back, “no I didn’t, I honestly wanted them to know it was all for game, I gave Christmas and Paul, my loyalty from week 1, day 1, and I stood by them *Paul frowns* even though he already stated they shook hands day 1, so there’s that. Josh continues, it was kind of my way to explain what was going on…Paul continues to shake his head.

Julie says, you are shaking your head Paul, what is your response to what you just saw?

Paul, “honestly I think it’s a little cowardly to toss the blame, but I think he gave me credit in and of itself, I did have to take him this far..because I was hoping I could beat him”.. #OhGeeze

Cameron says, that people were playing for each other or playing for Paul.

Julie, Cody, you haven’t seen Jessica in 5 weeks, you’ve been in jury how do you feel about her right now?

Cody, “good.”

Julie, still want to be a couple with her?

Cody, “yes, I’m waiting for this all to be over so I can actually go hug her, I’ve been warned multiple times that I can’t run across and like grab Jessica”

Julie asks Jessica how she feels about Cody, she’s gone back to her life on the outside world.

Jessica says, she believes everyone knows that she’s literally been his biggest fan and his biggest supporter, I’m literally routing you on all day every day.

Julie, you still want to be in a relationship?

Jessica, even more so.


Votes to win Big Brother 19
  • Christmas cast her vote for Paul
  • Kevin cast his vote for Paul
  • Alex cast her vote for Josh
  • Raven cast her vote for Paul
  • Jason cast his vote for Josh
  • Matt cast his vote for Paul
  • Mark cast his vote for Josh [I believe this is where Paul knows he’s lost again]

  • Elena cast her vote for Josh

It comes down to Cody’s vote, and yeah, well, Paul was never nice to Cody once, so… where’s that jury management Paul…..

  • Cody cast his vote for Josh


Josh and his familia are $500k richer!

Paul take’s home the 2nd place prize of $50k, yet again.

..And Cody carries Jess off into the sunset, okay for the moment he was just carrying her across the stage.

Then there’s Raven, who can’t resist the cameras nor the spotlight, so she holds on tight to Paul while Matt exists somewhere behind her.

Josh, “I did it for you mom!”

Julie, Paul, a bridesmaid once again… How did you come up short this year?

Paul, “I don’t know, I didn’t watch, I have no idea how I came up short” #Ido he continues, “I was in a tough spot, I was the only vet in the game” #WrongAnswer

….And the icing on tonight’s cake!


15 Million votes and the top 3 were, Kevin, Jason and Cody. Paul had already peaked over Julie’s shoulder and knows he didn’t even make the top 3.


Sorry, not sorry, I voted for Cody, because he was literally the ONLY houseguest who wasn’t a part of Paul’s puppets, Paul’s sheep, Paul’s minions, Cody played his own game, no it didn’t get him to the the final 2, but it did earn him the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest.

  • America’s Favorite Houseguest
  • $25k prize
  • Jessica
  • The deciding vote

Julie asks Cody if he he had anything to say, his response, “it doesn’t even make sense”..


Hugs and tears!