WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 20th Two Hour Finale at 8:00pm Pacific Time

We’ll see part 1, 2 and 3 of the final Head of Household, the jury will vote, a winner will be crowned and there will be confetti…

Christmas Abbott, Paul Abrahamian, and Josh Martinez on Big Brother. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved


Another Big Brother season wrapping up.

My thoughts on this season in a nutshell “I just wasn’t that into you”… and here’s why…

Excitement quickly turned to sadness..

When the cast bio’s and photos were released, fans were excited, yes, we dodged the returning player bullet. An all new cast of newbies, a cast with promise if their videos we’re any indication of what the season had in store for fans.. yeah, not so fast………..

Enter Paul Abrahamian from #BB18, what, no way, fans want newbies only dammit, not returning players, why is this such a hard concept for producers to understand. Not only does Paul return, he returns with weeks of immunity and friendship bracelets, good grief.

The season had barely started and it already had major issues that turned fans off quicker than Julie Chen can say #ButFirst..

Not only did Paul have immunity, and friendship bracelets he already had “practiced” Big Brother just last season, he had production/competitions figured out, and while all the other houseguests struggled with the Big Brother learning curve, i.e. how to form relationships, how production/comps work, Paul focused on playing Big Brother day 1. Quite an unequal battlefield.

As the season progressed it only got worse. Houseguests all but worshipped Paul, with the exception of a few who fans hoped could turn the season around by targeting Paul when his immunity advantages were gone, but they didn’t have the numbers. Dominique saw through Paul, Jessica and Cody gave us a glimpse of hope, but they struggled and were quickly targeted.

Fans would have celebrated just to have Paul gone and let these newbies play out the season on their own. Instead we had a season filled with Paul dictating who should fight, whom they should fight with, who could speak and whom they should speak to, who should win a competition and whom should not, etc. etc. etc.

The “mob” mentality was strong this season with Paul as the mob boss, something that many fans don’t really appreciate, myself included, and at times it was sad to watch the isolation that some players went through at the hands of Paul’s wishes. I found myself tuning in less and less, I don’t believe I was alone.

To sum it up:

Big Brother ruined a good thing with a bad twist.

Paul Abrahamian on BIG BROTHER


Tonight’s episode will crown the winner of Big Brother Season 19, and it seriously couldn’t come soon enough.

Paul and Josh will face off in part 3 of the final Head of Household competition, the winner will chose whom they want to take to the final 2. Paul has told the live feeders if he wins part 3, he will take Josh, believing he can win the jury votes.

Josh has gone back and forth on whom he would take to final 2, many fans hope Josh wins part 3 and cuts Paul, takes Christmas and wins the $500k.

Realistically Paul will likely win part 3, advance, and choose Josh.

One thing I don’t believe Paul did well, was his jury management, instead of coming clean in his goodbye messages he continued with his lies, “if you’re seeing this message something must have gone wrong”.. while Josh gave a contrasting honest goodbye messages that said, hey I was in an alliance with Paul and Christmas, I hope you’ll understand this was just a game move. If I’m on the jury, I appreciate the honesty.

I believe Raven/Matt/Kevin and Christmas {who has feelings for Paul} will all vote for Paul. As for the other jury members, I believe Jason will vote for Josh and attempt to persuade Alex to do the same. Mark could go either way although the TV edits have Mark proclaiming Paul is playing for 2nd place “again”..Elena/Cody may vote Josh but who really knows.

It could go 4-5 with Josh for the win or not… only tonight’s live vote will tell.

Josh Martinez on BIG BROTHER


A great big THANK YOU to all our readers, followers, subscribers for sticking with us during a season that was often hard to watch. I sincerely appreciate all the support! xo


With this super, duper, extremely entertaining season of Big Brother *eyeroll* ending.. I want to remind fans that SURVIVOR GAME CHANGERS is upon us…

The castaways battle to prove which group has what it takes to win – Heroes, Healers or Hustlers, plus there’s a ‘super idol’ in play with a new twist!

Premieres Wednesday September 27, 8:00pm Pacific Time.