Matt and Jason Mark

Jason used the veto on himself and Christmas nominated Mark as a replacement


Friday nights extra special, super duper special episode was simply a ‘highlight reel’ of the season hosted by Derrick Levasseur winner of Big Brother Season 16 who paid a surprise visit to the houseguests. On a side note, Raven, Christmas and Paul did not have a highlight segment in this episode.

Derrick also hosted the Head of Household competition.


When the feeds returned Friday evening we had confirmation that Christmas indeed did win the Head of Household competition and she had nominated Matt and Jason for eviction with Mark as the backdoor target. #Predictable #Yawn

We also found out via Jason’s HOH letter that he is going to be a daddy again.

Paul told the sheep that they will continue to tell Matt/Raven then are final five with himself, Christmas and Josh.

Paul also continued with his narrative of Kevin always needing to be the center of attention, in which all of us who watch the feeds know that it’s actually Paul who needs to be the center of attention.


We don’t know all the details but as you can see there are some rewards, and some punishments.

  • Bounty on your head
  • Eliminate 2 eviction votes
  • Second veto
  • Can’t play in next HOH
  • Save a friend

We learned that the “save a friend” power had already been used and I’ll let you guess who was saved…yeah guess, Paul was saved yet again. Apparently Mark chose to use his save a friend on Paul, speculation is that he figured Christmas wouldn’t be targeting Paul, so throw the reward away and use it on Paul.

We also found out that Raven can not compete in the next HOH. #BigDeal #WhoCares



Christmas, Matt, Jason, Mark, Paul and Raven. Christmas had houseguests choice and chose Raven. Jason was suspect as to why Christmas didn’t chose Alex to compete. Paul had an answer [of course] he said it was probably because Raven asked Christmas to please let her compete if she drew houseguest choice.


Christmas chose Josh and Mark as have nots.

  1. His first choice is backdooring Mark
  2. If Mark wins HOH and uses it on Jason, Kevin is next on his chopping block
  3. Matt and Jason remain on the block and Jason is evicted.

6:08p Feeds down for the Veto Competition

9:19p The feeds are back and the houseguests are all greasy. The veto competition was the slip and slide comp.

Jason won the Veto!

The Zingbot visited the Big Brother house and called Josh fat.



12:07p Paul, “today is day 61 and I have not even been put on the block once, pretty dope..I’ve positioned myself in a pretty interesting way…there are 3 pairs left in the game;

  1. Josh/Christmas
  2. Matt/Raven
  3. Jason/Alex

..and we still have Mark and Kevin left plus me..I am ping ponging between 3 couples, but so is Kevin” Paul continues, says he thinks the couples think he is their shield, he says Christmas/Josh have always been there for him and he’s always been there for them, so he wants to take them all the way to the end, “because it’s just a clear path to me winning”. The only pair he’s worried about is Jason/Alex, “because they are the strongest of the 3 pairs”. Paul says he can “weasel” his way out of any situation at this point, if they get rid of Jason, Alex will come to him, Kevin will come to him, etc..Paul says he’s stronger mentally/physically than any left in the game aside for Jason/Alex, maybe Matt.

Paul, “if I can secure myself in the final 3 I know I’ve won” he says Christmas can’t compete and Josh can’t beat him in the endurance. Paul, “if I can make it the next two weeks without being put on the block that mans I will go the entire season 19 without being put on the block once [#Sigh, these houseguests are so exceptionally bad this season, the ones that would have actually nominated/evicted Paul are gone, the others apparently think they “need” Paul and his approval more than the $500k..]

Later Christmas talks out loud says she wants to go to final 3 with Paul/Josh and let them battle it out. Christmas told Josh that it’s best if Matt or Raven win HOH this week so they can get the blood on their hands and take a shot at evicting Jason or Alex, while they remain good with Alex. The current hit list is Mark this week, Jason, Matt and then onto Kevin. [whoever drags Raven to final 3, 2 wins hands down..]

Matt tells Raven if he wins HOH he would nominate Jason/Kevin, with Jason as his target, Alex secondary if Jason won veto. Raven suggested them put Jason/Alex on the block that way one or the other will go home [that is the best move] but Matt says that would be drawing a bigger line in the sand. #FacePalm [THIS IS BIG BROTHER, DRAW THOSE DAMN LINES!]

Around 6:00p Mark campaigned to Christmas, which will mean nothing in the end, but feel free to flashback. Paul has the final word later when he tells Christmas it would be a mistake keeping a big player in the game.



Jason uses the veto on himself and Christmas nominates Mark as a replacement.

4:40p Paul talks to the cameras again. Paul, “my ideal final 3 scenario would be Josh/Christmas and me or Matt/Raven and me [Matt/Raven would assure him a win], if I can get down to 5, I know I can get down to 3”..

11:50p Alex tells Jason that Kevin wants Paul to take out Alex and then Jason. Jason, “what an idiot” Alex, “today he asked Christmas to take out Matt and keep Mark, today”. Alex, yeah right now he’s going outside to convince Paul to get rid of me, “we should strangle him while he’s sleeping”.. [this trio stinks, Jason is playing Alex’s game and Alex is playing Paul’s game, end result is Paul wins..]

Alex, “I mean yeah I’d like to take Matt out, but Mark is to dangerous right now..I think he’d come for you and me” she continues discussing jury votes.

11:55p Alex, “if Paul makes it to the end I think everyone will vote for Paul”.. “he’s got the jury stacked” [now any sane Big Brother player would be targeting Paul after that realization, but apparently Alex would rather not.. #JustPatheticGameplay]

Alex, “I’m okay going with you and Paul to the final 3…I think all 3 of us deserve it, everyone else hasn’t done jack” #HeadtoDesk

Meanwhile, Kevin and Paul are playing pool.

Paul, so it’s me and you in the end huh against them two? It ain’t gonna be easy. (Paul, Kevin, Christmas, Josh, F4)

Kevin, yeah, it ain’t gonna be hard. If we put them both up, then one of them have to go. (Jason/Alex).. they discuss scenarios..Kevin to Paul, you’ve played the game before, she’s (Alex) a super fan and he’s (Jason) like me we got our fingers up our asses, we don’t know what the heck going on..Kev, “all I know is she vows to watch him (Jason), he’s got protection, he’s like the gangster you can’t touch, what can you do”..

Kevin tells Paul no one in jury would vote for Alex to win, “I’d vote for a fucking pair of shoes before I voted for Alex”..

Alex and Paul. Paul, “moral of the story is he is terrified of you, he feel secure in the 4 but he wants me to take a shot at 6…he continues telling Alex his conversation with Kevin.

Paul, “instead of fucking with Kevin lets just keep him complacent”..

1:00am Paul and Christmas. Christmas tells Paul, no one really knows where you are in this house. Paul, me, good, except for you and Josh, that’s the point, we can make it fucking obvious..

Paul, “if I get clipped and you, if it’s you Josh and whatever, I honestly believe you guys can beat anyone in a jury vote, I think you can beat me in a jury vote, I think you can beat a lot of people I a jury vote…I know you said you don’t want to be dragged or some shit, but get that out of your head…I just don’t think with any of the jury members we have anybodies going to vote for me”…[yeah ok]

Paul, “second place is a guarantee and I’m fine with that I don’t care, I got it last time, I’ll get it again this time…I lost $450G’s once I’ll lose $450G’s again…”

Paul tells Christmas he thinks 1 of the 3 of them have a very good chance at America’s favorite player, “we are all very big characters…..I am 100% confident” [uh, yeah, no, not seeing it]

They discuss all the reasons why the other houseguests won’t win AFP. Jason, to many Asian jokes, banging teacher in high school, Kevin, not cool, Alex, no flare..[I say Cody for AFP..just so fans can make a final statement..]


11:50a Christmas has returned from the doctors and has had her cast removed and has a new boot, no weight bearing yet, but it’s much lighter she says. Two more weeks, no walking. She says they pulled the pins out and “those fuckers were this long”… FISH

Jason staring at his kiddies, ICYMI his wife told him in his HOH letter that they are pregnant, so he has a photo of the sonogram.

3:23p Jason to Kevin, “I’d be a fan of sending that bastard home, sending Matt home, don’t you think we should, I don’t know if we can”… we can ask Paul and Alex..

Kevin, who’s coming up with this idea, you or me, don’t say me, don’t fuck with me..

Jason, “it’s in the air”

Kevin, whatever you want to do I’ll do.

Jason, it’s not what Christmas wants, so we can’t say nothing to Christmas, it has to be fucking dead secret, it has to be us 4 (Jason, Alex, Kevin, Paul)

They both agree they believe Matt will put them both on the block, but Mark wouldn’t.

3:35p Jason gets Alex up asks her to meet him in the lounge. He tells her he was playing pool with Mark, he said is there any way I can stay, and “I said no dude you’re to fucking dangerous, I said, I’m sorry man…he said Jason, Matt and Raven are coming for you and Alex [true because they think they are finals with Paul]  he said if they win they are going to put you up, he says, I’ve never wanted to go against Alex, he said if I win, I’ll put up Josh and Christmas”..

Alex, says no, that’s stupid.

Jason, why?

Alex, he’s faking you idiot, he tried to put me on the block, “you are so stupid”..

[my gawd Jason stop playing Alex’s game now!]

Apparently Jason gives in to Alex calling him an idiot, and it looks like he will continue to do as she says. Jason may call Alex his Big Brother “wife” but this is a game, and his actually wife would smack him upside his head at this moment, Jason is one of the next targets..]

5:57p Mark talks to Alex. Mark tells Alex what he said to Christmas. He says he’s never lied to her,  “the benefit of keeping me is, I have nobody, I’m not aligned with anybody, Matt and Raven, if they win, I’m assuming they’re going after you and Kevin and Jason, I don’t know for sure but if you guys keep me safe I would be with you guys and we’d go after the other 3”..

Alex, “an then we’d go for a free for all?”.. [yes Alex that’s how it works] she continues, I wish I could help, I hate the way it’s going down, you’ve never been my target, etc

Later Mark asked Alex what her main reason was to vote him out and she replied, it’s what the house wants”. He responded by telling her that when he suggested that Raven be the next target to Christmas, she dismissed him right way, which led him to believe that Alex or Jason could be next [they are!] Once again Alex said it’s in her and Jason’s best interest to be quiet and do what the house wants [she actually believes Paul wants a F2 with her..]

11:14p Alex retold this conversation to Paul, told Paul that Mark said that Paul has flip flopped in this game, to which Paul said he wanted to call Mark out [yeah ok..Paul is flip flopping in between 3 duos by his own admission, so there’s that, Alex is clueless]


Pau, Kevin, Jason and Alex talking about Raven and Matt’s bullshit.

Jason, “she doesn’t play”.

They agree they think Raven is used her multitude of illnesses as part of her strategy. Jason says, if he finds out its all bullshit “first time in history I’m going to punch a girl”..

Meanwhile in the HOH Raven/Matt are discussing wanted to get rid of Jason next. [Jason should go with his instinct to get rid of Matt this week, his game instinct is better than Alex’s but she always calls him an idiot and shuts him down..]

4:31p Josh, “I wanna gun for HOH and take a shot at  Alex and Jason but I don’t know if it’s smart so early”

Christmas, “I know..I was talking to Paul last night…we’d have to take out Jason first, it’s not stupid, it’s actually pretty good. “Paul doesn’t trust where Matt and Raven are right now” [yes he does] “that will force Alex to come to us” [taking out Jason]

Paul beating a dead horse in a room full of his minions in regards to Cody, to Mark. Paul lies throughout the conversation about deals he made with Cody. Paul claims he called Cody out, uh, yeah ok Paul, what Paul really meant is that Paul sent his sheep to do his “work”..

Paul asks why would Mark stand up for Cody.. [Cody for AFP!] Paul should be thinking jury management at this moment, but nope. Mark will tell Cody this since it’ll be fresh on his mind when he joins jury.

Paul, “He said and did things that crossed the boundaries of this game which is why I wanted him out”.. #IJustCantWithPaul

Mark and Kevin are eating cereal and talking about random topics, Paul and his sheep-dogs are watching the spy-tv, Alex calls Kevin a piece of shit for even talking to Kevin.

Paul says, they’re whispering, but they aren’t. Josh runs downstairs to see what they’re talking about, which is just random topics in between cereal munching. Josh will tell the others they were sketchy, so predictable.

Kevin gets questioned later about what Mark campaigned to him about, Kevin says he doesn’t even think he’s campaigning anymore.

Apparently it’s okay for Paul to play chess ALONE with Mark, no one questions what was being talking about or if it’s shady. [these houseguests are the worst at this game]



Mark, I think you might be bisexual because every time you try to get sexual with Elena she says, Byeeee…Zinggggg

Alex, I see you’ve been forced to carry around a ton of dead weight or as I like to call it, Jason..Zinggg

Poor Raven, you’ve got the clown-i-tard, this is the worst punishment ever, oh wait, that’s just your face..Zingggg Raven in the DR, “I don’t get it?” [we do]

Joshhhhh, my heart goes out to you, you’ve shed so many tears this summer, to bad you can’t shed any weighttttt…Zinggg

Paullll, last season you taught me so much, like how to have friendship, how to be pissed, and how to lose half a million dollars..Zinggg

Matt, congrats on making it so far in the game, especially since the only thing you’ve done is, Raven…..Zingggg

Matt in the DR, “Zingbot makes a good point that’s the only thing I’ve done well”

Kevin, I hear you like to use saran wrap to preserve your youth, newsflash, too freaking late..Zinggg

Alex, what do you call someone with bleach blonde hair, likes to wear cat ears, and handle lots of whiners? A………………. [they bleeped it]

Christmassss, you have such a good heart, I can guarantee, you will find no coal in your stocking this holiday season, however you will find, 10 shattered bones, 9 weeks in a cast, 8 surgeries, 7 more X-rays, 6 years of rehab, 5 titanium screws, 4 hospitals, 3 pain pills, 2 crutches and a guilty rodeo clown..Zingggg

[Zingbot this is #FakeNews, Christmas was on more than 3 pain meds]