Elena and Jason Cody, Matt 3rd nominee.

Matt used the POV on Jason and Alex nominated Cody as a replacement.


In a nutshell, Mark won safety again, Matt lost the competition and is the 3rd nominee and Alex nominated Jason and Elena for eviction with Cody as the backdoor target if he doesn’t not win veto.

You can read all that happened in between, included a little tiff between Christmas and Mark in the post below.



VETO PLAYERS: Alex, Elena, Jason, Matt, plus Mark and Paul.

Since Cody wasn’t drawn Paul tells them “it’s done” they don’t even have to talk game all week. Paul questions whether they should get rid of Mark before Elena since Mark is better at comps [very convenient keeping Elena is good for Paul’s game, not the others though]

Kevin says that Mark wouldn’t target them, he would target Matt, Raven, etc. Paul says Christmas/Josh are good for their game [ehem, Paul’s game], so they need to keep them safe.

When Kevin leaves the HOH room they bring up the fact that Kevin is acting strange for the 100th time. Alex tells Jason that their final five will be them plus Paul, Josh, and Christmas, final four, them plus Josh and Paul. Alex also told Jason that they may want to stage a fight later in the game to show others that they aren’t as close as they used to be.

10:57a Cody and Kevin.

Cody, “all I can do is lay low now, we’ll see if they talk a billion times and change the plan”

Kevin, “you know the only mistake you made the whole time, my opinion is you took them (Mark/Elena) under your wing”

Cody, “I got to accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish in this game”

Kevin, “your the best male player here, physical”

Cody, “don’t say anything, cause I can’t have anybody use this personally against me in this game, but I have a daughter, a five year old daughter, I wanted to accomplish everything I can in this game, her to see me compete…..”

Kev, “does Jessica know?” Are you close to her?”

Cody, “yeah, yeah”

Kev, “do you see her a lot”

Cody, I get her during the summer months, I had to give up my summer with her to do this”..

Kev, “that’s why you asked me about the kids…..what’s her name?”

Cody, “Paisley”

Kevin asks if he was married to her mom, Cody starts to explain that his brother died when he was in Afghanistan, and when he game back………camera’s cut to all four on Josh on the HOH couch.. #Boo

Apparently Kevin can’t keep a secret so he tells Paul about his conversation with Cody. He tells Paul that Cody asked Kevin if he had a chance, Kevin says he told him no. Kevin, he’s doing the fucking dishes, making beds, cleaning the oven, “he asked me what went wrong, I said I’ll tell ya what went wrong…when you came in here you aligned with the wrong people”..

1:34p Kevin tells Paul Cody should have told people he had a daughter at the beginning. Paul says, “no fucking way?!?!” [that Cody has a 5 year old daughter]

Paul, “you think Jessica knows that?”

Kev, 100% he told me she does”.. I said, why didn’t you tell this in the beginning..

Paul, it would have helped him.

Kev, that’s what I said to him, he said they would hold it against them… [and they would have for sure used this against Cody during their harassment of him, Paul would have used this against him 100% through Josh..]

Paul, “does he still talk to the mom?”

Kev, “they’re on good terms she’s watching…a five year old that he only sees in the summer and he missed this summer because he’s that’s why he was upset sometimes”.. [I wonder if Paul is thinking, oh shit, I’m going to look like the bully this season for sure now..]

Paul, “why didn’t he express that?”

Kev, he said he didn’t want too, in case someone through that in his face”.. [they would have, they would have made fun of him as a dad, etc, 100%]

Paul, I feel like if he would have expressed it that things would have been so different.

Kev, I don’t know why anyone would want to hide that. [apparently Kevin hasn’t watched previous seasons, where houseguests have used those vary things against them..]

Paul, if anything it would explain some things.. Paul asked what else they talked about, Kevin says he’s been riding motorcycle since he was two. Kevin asks Paul not to say anything. Kevin says he’s going to tell Cody he should tell the others before he leaves.


  • Matt won the Veto
  • Mark won a trip to Colorado
  • Elena won $5k
  • Jason has “won” the ‘Extreme’ unitard
  • Paul and Christmas have to be tandem/tethered skydivers for 48hrs
  • Alex has to set up a campsite and cook hot dogs for all

The plan, Matt will not use the veto on himself because then there would be no replacement nominee as the 3rd nominee who lost the safety comp, so instead the plan is for Matt to use the veto on Jason and Alex will nominate Cody.

As the feeds came back Josh is going off about how he told everyone that Elena was a greedy, selfish, disloyal fuck for taking the $5k… [yeah ok Josh]

5:16p Cody walks into bedroom says, “so you’re crazy!”

Elena, “should I not have done that?”

Cody, “I mean, I think it’s gotta take what you can get when you can get it..I would have done the same thing”

Elena, “is taking the 5 grand going to make me a bigger target?

Cody, yeah, but I would have done the same thing”..

Elena, “am I crazy? Was that stupid? 5 thousand dollars”

Cody, “I love it”

Elena, “I kept thinking, would Alex would have taken it, yeah she would have.”

Cody, “every time they do something it’s always justified, every time you do something it’s wrong, and that’s just the fucking way it is, so they’re never going to have your back, you need to take what you can get when you can get it”..

Elena tells Cody, Matt won’t use the veto on her, he’ll use it on Jason. Cody, “he’s so dumb..he’s such a fucking piece of shit”.. Elena says, “that’s $5k I never would have come across and you’re already sending me home sooner than later.”

Kevin tells Elena she would have looked stupid if she didn’t take the $5k. Elena says, the veto was suppose to be used on her but now it’ll be used on Jason. Kevin says it doesn’t matter because she’s not going home. Elena says being a pawn makes her feel disposable.


Poor dumb Mark says, “I truly believe Jason and Alex have our back”..

Elena, “I dont!! I definitely do not!!”

Elena tells Mark that she made a thing with Raven because Raven told Elena her and Matt are nervous moving forward.

5:38p Mark, “the deal still stands if I win HOH you’ll spend a night up there?”

Elena, just win a damn HOH. They talk through nomination scenarios if they win HOH in the double eviction, which happens to be this week. Mark definitely wants to see Josh..

5:40p Elena, “we could go rogue and fuck some shit up, what about Alex and Paul?”

Mark, “I mean that’s not that bad of an idea..but we need to be sure were cool with Matt/Raven”..

Elena, Paul will not put you 0r me up but he what he will do is put make sure Jason (could have said Josh) or Alex does. Kevin’s not going to win an HOH.

Mark continues, says, Paul are so hooked on what Paul says or does. Elena it’d be a different dynamic. Mark, I need Josh out of this house.

Elena, “is this season a dud?”

[YES! Thus far, yes and twice on Tuesday]

6:05p Kevin, “be honest if you were the last one you would have taken the $5k, J? Paul?

Jason, “yeah.”

Paul, skates around the question and says, “I don’t know what kind of deal they had”..

Matt to Elena, “I said my goal was to make jury, and to help Raven get as far as a could” #DUDhouseguest


He has to scream “I’m so extreme” when prompted by BB.


They’ll be tethered together for 48hrs, they can only unhook to potty.


Alex has to carry all her camping gear with her at all times. She has to make hot dogs for everyone, and set up camp when she hears the bugle sound for 7 days.

9:29p Bugle sounds time to set up camp. Alex, “fuck”..”I am so angry”..

Alex continues to complain that Elena didn’t apologize for choosing to take the $5k instead of the camping punishment. Alex says she’s super salty. “what a kind girl (Elena)”.. [my gawd these houseguests just want everything given to them..]

In the next breathe Alex is complaining about Elena making small talk with her, Alex says she better not even try to apologize right now.. [which is it Alex, you want her to apologize or not.. get over yourself]

Salty Alex…everyone finds a reason to leave her alone..Cody helped her light the propane stove so she wouldn’t blow anything up.

Paul looking like Christmas horse pulling a cart..



Alex, “in honor of Elena’s birthday I promised I would not make her a have not, and because my promises are worth more than ANY DOLLAR amount, and I don’t want to embarrass myself on national TV [too late] by going against it, as promised you will not be a have not, happy early birthday, I hope you enjoy your week”

Elena, “thank you.” Paul goes for the temptation key

When Alex reads the card it says this weeks have-nots will be the first 4 out of the Hocus Focus competition this week [so all the dramatics Alex just spewed meant nothing, she didn’t get to choose]

Kevin, Paul, Mark and Jason you are have not’s for the week.

Paul and Christmas try fitting in the have-not bed together.

Mark asks Matt if Cody goes home on Thursday whats going to happen. Matt says he doesn’t know asks Mark what he thinks. Mark says the group upstairs scares him, he’s not going after him or Raven, the only chance for longevity in the game is to go after them upstairs. It’s 4 vs 6 right now, they’ll go after us first.

3:02p Paul tells Matt/Raven “Elena literally keeps fucking up” Paul gives Matt his marching orders, “use the veto on Jason, she (Alex) said she wants to leave her (Elena) up there to squirm, as long as Cody’s up there the votes are there”… Paul changes topics real quick (Christmas is going potty) says, “Kevin’s being super fucking weird”.. *flush*

..And then Matt being the brilliant game player that he is not, tells Paul that Mark said that he was “worried about everybody up there” including Paul.

Paul, “he said my name?”

Matt, “yes”


6:33p Cody joins Alex/Jason in the HOH, says, “if he pulls you (Jason) off I go home this week. Alex plays dumb, “did you talk to everyone? I don’t vote dude, were just doing what keeps us safe”..

Cody, is there anyone else you can put up?

Alex, it would have been Mark, but boy won the safety.

Cody, “I just don’t know why you guys wouldn’t trust me to go forward with you” [I don’t either]

Alex, “oh we trust you, we just don’t have numbers behind it”..

Cody says, what happens if I go home and one of them win HOH and you guys go up..

Alex, we’re just playing it out and following their game, cause right now were not on anyones radar..”

Jason, “that’d be bad”..

Cody, cause if you do the safe route this week, it screws you the next week [true] Cody says he and Jess tried to play it safe too the week she was HOH and that didn’t work out. Alex says cause she wasn’t nice to us.. #LOL

Alex, “basically were not on the pick list right now, we’re just numbers and we win things”..she basically says we just need everyone else to take out others until we can “do the things we want to do, right now no ones looking at us but if we start fucking around they’ll throw and me and him up”..

Cody, “you don’t think people are looking at you guys, you guys are the two strongest players in the fucking game right now”

Alex, “Jason hasn’t won one thing except the POV that I threw him” Alex continues, says they trust him, Cody says they’d be fighting all the way to the top.

Alex basically says they need to stay with the numbers.

Cody, how many more weeks are you going to be able to do that, and when are you going to pull the trigger?

Alex, until after this double.

Cody, at least if you keep me I’m still at the bottom of the barrel. Regardless if it raises any red flags for you, I’m still the bottom of the barrel.

Alex tells Cody that they were working to get Cody to jury because he needed money, and Jess didn’t. Cody says he isn’t working with Mark/Elena they’ve been the most disloyal to him. [I give it to Cody, he’s trying, he’s in fact giving some valid points, but Alex is worried about jury votes, doesn’t want to look like an asshole..

6:41p Cody tells Jason, I just want you to think back when you asked me to save you and I did, I saved you.

Jason, I can’t stop thinking about it and I… Alex interrupts and speaks for Jason, we thought about it if Jason doesn’t vote for you it’ll cause chaos.. [these houseguests just suck, just take a deal besides a Paul deal and you guys might have a chance to actually win the game..]

Cody says he understands that they would have to fight and they would be at the bottom, Jason says he wants to do it, but he’d be “toast”.. Cody says, you have a day to think about it, “just reach deep down into your souls”..

Alex asks Cody who he would take out first, Cody says, “honestly I would take out Paul, but we wouldn’t have numbers for the vote..we would have to figure out a way he couldn’t control anybody anymore..”

Talk turns to Raven, Matt is pretty much the only person in the house who actually likes Raven, otherwise she’s just an annoying number to the rest. They all agree she tried to come off as a “sweet girl”…then calls Jess a “a bitch and a cunt 100 times”..

Cody, “who is this fucking girl?!”

Jason, “I am not a fan”…”I wish it were different Cody”..

Cody is not suggesting Jason stay on the block, he’s just asking if Alex will nominate someone other than him.  Alex says we can’t put up one of the showman’s because then they’d come after them.

Cody, “what have Matt and Raven done?”

Jason/Cody/ Alex agree, “nothing”..[honestly they should consider this deal, put up Raven as “pawn” vote out Raven and go for it..that would be fun. It could be Alex/Jason/Cody/Mark/Elena/Kevin vs Paul/Matt/Josh, Christmas playing the middle]

7:06p Matt comes enters HOH, Cody says thanks for letting me use your bathroom.

7:20p Jason tests Kevin’s have-not bed, then asks, “so what’s he saying?” Jason retells convo. He tells Kevin he and Alex thought they might be able to keep him “back in the day” but not now.

Kevin, “you really want to get mad…the fucker has a 5 year old daughter”

Jason, “no he doesn’t?”

Kevin, “that’s what he told me”

Jason, “then he’s a piece of shit and I’ll vote that mother fucker out”

Kevin, “he told me..her name is Paisley” then gives Jason all the details about his brother dying in a motorcycle accident, etc

Jason, “thats fucking bullshit” [I do not understand why Jason is pissed because Cody didn’t want anyone using this against him in the game as they would have..]

Kevin questions whether Cody made it up to get sympathy [he didn’t]

Jason, “he’s an asshole”..

Later Paul tells Christmas he can’t win this game but he’ll try to go as far as he can with those he chooses, since no one will vote for him in jury since he’s played before. He says he’s “coming to terms” with it [Paul working those jury votes as he speaks]

Alex tells Paul/Christmas that Cody was suggesting that they put Raven on the block and get her out, “he thinks that would be the biggest power move ever..” not Raven, get Matt out.. she tells Paul that Cody said no one can win this game except Paul because “he’s got all you guys under his thumb and he’s controlling all of you”..

Alex continues her version of the retell..

Paul, “can I please go call him out”

Alex, “no”

Alex, “he (Cody) said our season is going to be a dud” [I concur]

Paul, “because of him” [uh, nice try Paul]


12:12p The feeds are back from the Veto ceremony. As planned, Matt used the veto on Jason and Alex nominated Cody for eviction.

12:23p Jason tells Kevin that everyone (Paul/Christmas) is wondering why he wasn’t happy about Cody being nominated. Jason says he told them, “it’s because he genuinely doesn’t like to see someone hurting”..

Kevin, “I think they’re just making shit up”..

Jason, “I think you’re right”..”or they’re trying to see how much I defend you”..

Kevin, “I was shaving”..

Jason retells the Kevin conversation to Paul/Christmas. Paul questions why Jason said his name. Paul says, “I’m going to put his (Kevin) ass in fucking check”.. [yeah okay] #yawn

They discuss tossing a hinky vote to Elena.

12:30p Kevin enters the HOH, “I ain’t never fed him, I ain’t never kissed his ass, let someone who did that vote for em, and I ain’t gonna do it now”

Awkward silence.

Jason, uh, alright

Kevin, “let him leave here 7-0 that means no one liked him” [well Kevin votes don’t have anything to do with “like”..]

Paul goes on a disgusting rant about Cody, “sucking my cock, etc, etc, etc then says, “I’m over it, sack of shit”

1:38p Mark’s purple key opens the box and he gets a have-not pass for the week.

The afternoon was spent with he said she said, but Paul said is always the final word. Paul is setting up Kevin, but Mark is currently his priority after Cody, so it’s not shocking that we suddenly have drama break out over, beds, pillows and where Mark is going to sleep now that he’s no longer a have-not.


Alex, “these are all my fucking pillows”.. Alex, “Mark you dismantled my bed without fucking asking me, I would let you but you didn’t fucking ask”..

Mark, “you were HOH”

Alex, “you should have asked me, thats fucked up, they’re all on your fucking bed” [atually we just watched her take things from a few beds]

Alex, “you took m y comforter, you took my pillows, you didn’t ask”

Mark, “are you kidding me right now?”

Alex, “this shit happens to me all the fucking time”

Mark, “where are you sleeping right now” *as he walks away* “so they’re YOU’RE pillows”

Alex, “YES, THEY WERE ON MY BED, HOW HARD IS IT TO ASK SOMEONE!” Alex follows after Mark yelling at him, she yells, don’t you think that’s fucked up he takes my stuff, like you own this place.

Mark, listen to what you’re saying, I messed up your bed..


Mark, there’s 4 have-nots sleeping on spikes.

Alex, you did this to me.

Mark, Alex you said it wasn’t me

Alex, now I’m starting to think it was.

Mark walked outside as Alex says, “Jesus fucking Christ”..

Alex walks away, Jason, so you staged that.

Alex, yeah. “I’m fine”

Later Paul told Alex that he has Christmas and Josh on lock down, Alex said she has Jason on lock down [reminder Alex has said she wouldn’t mind coming in 2nd to Paul a few weeks ago..] Paul tells Alex he would take her to final two over Josh for the same reason he took Nicole, Alex has made good game moves.

Paul tells Elena that he heard Mark wants to keep Cody this week and since that’s been said the line has been drawn in the sand.


Cody, out loud says he’s missing Jessica, says Elena took the $5k from Alex and thinks that Jess will get a kick out of that. Cody and Kevin talk about the attitudes of the houseguests. Kevin tells Paul that Cody seems lonely, Paul says it’s his own fault.  Jason voices his concerns about Christmas, Alex says, he can’t go against Paul or he’ll ruin his game.

1:50p Mark vs Josh yet again.. #Yawn.

1:5op Alex starts an argument with Cody over him eating the cereal she likes. Everyone has their 2cents to add as usual #Yawn.

Jason, “I’m going to flip you off every fucking time I see you Cody” #realmatureJ

Alex, “I let him have my cereal and he ate the entire box..the entire fucking box”


Alex, “you couldn’t save me 1 bowl of my own fucking cereal that I let you have”..”WHAT THE FUCK, I’M THE ONLY PERSON BEING NICE TO YOU”.. #Uh

Cody says exactly what I’m thinking about this season thus far “I don’t care, I don’t care”..  “I don’t want anybody to be nice to me, I don’t want anybody to like me..I prefer that you all fucking hate me” [good job working those jury votes Alex..]

2:14p Josh vs Elena, Josh says Elena is a liar, and she and Mark are flip-floppers. #Yawn.

2:35p Christmas vs Elena. Christmas calls out Elena in front of Mark. During the Christmas vs Elena, Alex breaks in, becomes, Alex vs Elena.

[lets be honest, Big Brother fans love a great 1 vs 1 organic/real fight…these fake, staged, 8,9 vs 1 fights are crap, especially when 99% of the time provoked by Paul who just stands by and watches, or is conveniently in another room, then later in private gives them his approval and continues to provoke for another future fight..]

[For someone who is so worried about looking like an asshole on TV, Alex looks like an asshole with all these pointless fights..]

3:02p After most of the house just berated Elena for 20 minutes or so, she heads outside to sit with  Cody and the sheep go wild… then Paul laughs, everyone says “poor Mark” and they give him hugs all around, because Elena has been oh so mean to Mark… #UGH

Paul tells Alex, Jason, Josh that now Mark feels more comfortable that Elena is a bigger target and he won’t try as hard for the HOH, he says he’ll keep making Mark feel comfortable, and go after him, not Elena.

4:56p Mark and Elena compare notes. [if a few more houseguests actually compared notes, they would figure out Paul’s bullshit, but yeah doubtful that will happen..]

They agree they all just want to have a clear target so it makes it easy for them. Elena says they are the new Jessica and Cody..

Paul continues to toss Kevin’s name out there, saying he’s acting weird..[he’s setting up Kevin to take a fall real soon..]

Paul and Josh. Paul, “I campaigned my dick off to keep Christmas in this house, and I campaigned my dick off to keep you in this house”..

Josh, I know

Paul, “I blamed the $25k on Ramses”

Josh, “I know who it was”

Paul, “so do I, how do you know?”

Josh, “he (Kevin) told me”

Paul, “I’m going to drop that bomb sooner or later though, better fucking believe I am”

Josh, ……………..

Paul, “you better back my ass up”

Josh, “nooo, nooo, fool he’s a jury vote, you don’t give a fuck about that, neither do I”

Paul, “I never gave a fuck”

8:57p Paul continues his Kevin set up. Tells Alex he’s pretty sure Jason knew about “it”..

Instead of just saying out loud that Kevin won the $25k Paul is using hand signals #SMH

Paul, “that’s a bomb that were going to drop later”

Alex tells Paul that she thinks Kevin was one of the votes for Ramses.

9:30p Alex tells Jason about the $25k, Jason asks why would he Paul tell you that today.

Jason, “how is Kevin coming for anyone?”

Alex, “I’m not 100% sold on it”

They continue.. Jason finally says, “it’s irrelevant”..they both agree, it doesn’t matter now.

9:937p Alex, “Kevin wants to be like Derrick and not do his own dirty work” [uh, like Paul]

10:20p Paul is working to convince Alex/Jason that Kevin is trying to get rid of Josh because Josh knows about the $25k [which makes no sense but that doesn’t matter this season, because if Paul says it it must be true..]

10:48p Alex, Jason, Christmas, Paul talking about all the things Kevin has done/said..Paul says he’s going to work on planting seeds of doubt about Kevin to Mark.

11:25p Mark and Elena on the hammock. Mark says he thinks they might still have a chance in this game. Elena, “in what fucking universe!?”

Paul tells Jason he’ll try to calm Kevin by telling him that they (Paul/Kevin) need to stick together [isn’t that convenient for Paul]

Paul on “the stage” performing for Josh, Christmas and Jason.

11:45p Paul giving them all his approval, how he wants to help “certain people to go further in the game”

Paul, “Big Brothers hard”

Paul says, he’s cracked, so much weight on his shoulders, he claims “certain things have got to me”.. [yeah, not buying what he’s selling but they are] he continues…

Paul, “people turn to me for tangible reasons and it’s like fuck, I can’t let them down…I’ll be your shield, I’ll take the blame, I don’t give a fuck”..

Paul, “I love Big Brother it’s why I came back a second time, I didn’t just do it for me”.. he says he did it for his fans.. #Uh [Paul was actually fun to watch last year, this year, yeah, not so much..]

Paul, “that’s a lot of fucking pressure” #LOL (to perform for his fans)

Christmas agrees it’s hard because fans won’t get all of the context..[oh honey, those of us who watch feeds get all the “context”..]

While Christmas is telling her point of view Paul is not paying attention whatsoever, he’s primping, thinking, is it my time to talk again…

Paul, “there’s a lot of weight on my’s just difficult”


Paul, “I don’t want to sound like an arrogant asshole or fucking prick” #TOOLATE

11:56p Jason and Paul in have-not after Paul’s performance. Jason, “don’t sell yourself short dude, you have every right to win this fucking thing..I literally think you’ve got as good a chance than anybody else”..

Paul, “no dude”

Jason, “I really feel that way”

Paul, “I dont”

Jason, “you got twice the size of balls as everybody else”

Paul, “twice the size of balls is twice the size of target on your back”

Jason, “you’ve literally been spitting the truth and helping every mother fucker in here”

Paul, but there are some that don’t like that.

Jason, Cody was saying, “if you don’t get Paul out he’s gonna win, this is the only chance you’ve got to get him out or he’s gonna run this mother fucker, he’ll win it all. I was like, yeah you’re probably right..but I’d rather lose to that mother fucker (points at Paul) than be in with you, you fucking dirt ball”


Houseguests are up and Paul is on the move making his rounds, checking in on the sheep..Matt tells Paul it’s “crazy” how once one person is out there’s another target.. [#facepalm.. is he really this clueless..]

The houseguests were given a practice competition, shuffle board. Each houseguest will get 8 practice shots.

After practice, Cody tells Mark/Elena that he will attempt to take the focus off them with his eviction speech. Elena tells Mark she thinks Cody will attempt to put the focus on Jason and Alex.

12:55p Paul and Elena. Paul, are you two cool?

Elena, me and Mark, nods yes, “we’re fine”. While Elena is trying to explain what Alex told her, Paul interrupts and says, did any of these people say anything about me? She says, not that I know of. There’s nothing anybody in this house can say anything that I haven’t already said to Mark.

Paul, do you think people are trying to split you two and then make me have a distaste for him?

Elena, I have no idea. It upsets me when people laugh and make fun of Josh behind his back, and when I bring up the point that he’s flipping the dialogue or changing what was said between us or misinterpreting and twisting my words and he’s just going fucking ham on me, people are like mhmm, yeah.

Paul, “I’ve just been observing, I’ve just been watching people”

Elena, “me too, not that it matters because apparently I’m going home next week if not this week”.

Paul, “you’re not going home this week or next week”..

Elena, “”according to Alex I am and apparently she’s been saying that before the veto competition.

1:12p Paul is retelling his convo with Mark, Mark had told Paul if he wins HOH he wants to make a statement.

Matt, “guess what dickhead (Mark) you’re not HOH, next week, even if you do win, so, you’re going home, fuck you” [um, does Matt understand how the HOH works..#BigTalk #noGame]

Camper Alex is making hot dogs for the houseguests.

Josh and Paul in the have-not room.

Paul, if he’s (Kevin) not the cool guy or center of attention he gets pissed..”

[uh, I think Paul is referring to himself]

Paul tells Josh he needs to keep it up, it makes Kevin more paranoid.

Josh, “I feel bad”

Paul, “fool you stupid!? Why do you feel bad, he’s trying to get you out of this fucking game..”

Paul moves on toss Kevin under the bus to Matt/Raven. what I need you guys to do is keep laughing at my jokes, over-exaggerate, cause he’s (Kevin) going to blow up, he was probably always the cool guy and when he’s not the center of attention he gets pissed..Matt/Raven agree to laugh at Paul’s dumb jokes.


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