Elena, Jason, and Matt as the 3rd nominee

10:03a Kevin to Paul, “who’s she going to put up?”

Paul, she’s probably going to put up Mark and Elena (because that’s who Paul told her to put up)

Kevin, “tell me once again your theory on keeping Matt and Raven so long?”

Paul, “Matt and Raven are to sissy to do anything crazy, they will fucking do anything”

Kevin, okay, if Matt wins next week who we he put up?

Paul, probably Mark and Elena.

Paul tells Kevin “he’s (Matt) playing the kind of game where he doesn’t have to win anything, he’s trying to be like Derrick or one of those fucks who just got to the end without winning something”

They discuss Cody throwing the temptation competition. Paul says he has a 1-6 chance with Veto comp vs 1-10 chance to win temp comp. Paul says “if he was really intelligent he would do that” (throw the temp comp)

10:21a Christmas, all I’m asking is that we look at all the opportunities that what we have.

Paul, Kevin, Christmas, Jason, Alex discuss scenarios.. Alex basically repeats what Paul told her last night. #yawn

Paul says Matt wants to be that guy who craftily made his way to the end.. #lol

10:28a Puppycam..

11:36a Feeds back and nothing has changed. Temptation Competition has yet to be played.

But in other news, Raven is sick.

11:48p Mark and Josh going back and forth playfully in the lounge over Elena.

12:07p Jedi training in the HOH, plus talk of not letting Cody throw the Tempt Comp.. Matt agrees he’ll throw it.

Matt says he thinks they could “ping pong to final five”.. (Alex/Jason/Paul/Matt/Raven)


Mark has won safety again!

Kevin, “Mark fu*ked things up”

Paul, “no he didn’t, she can just put up Elena & someone else”..

Kevin keeps asking, who’s going up, to many that cross his path. Cody alone in the have-not room. Elena congratulates Mark, and Kevin congratulates Jason for doing so well in the comp.

Jason asks Paul what he wants to do.

Paul, here’s what I’m thinking, if she puts you up it won’t freak out Mark and Elena, so if she’s putting up one of her own.. if she puts me up, I really don’t mind [yes he does], I just wonder about the perception of it.

Jason, I don’t give a shit either.

Paul, “do you understand what I’m saying?

Jason, I know, that’s fine if she puts me up then, that’s fine. [my gawd these HG’s suck at game play, you don’t nominate your #1 just for “looks” or to be “fair” their BB logic is beyond me]

Paul convinces Jason that it’ll make Elena feel better if Jason, Alex’s #1 is on the block. #HeadtoDesk

Elena to Cody, “if you get picked to play veto and win would you take me off?”

Cody, “yeh absolutely, fuck it”

Elena, “ok that makes me feel a little bit better”

4:40p Elena and Christmas doing their makeup.

Christmas, “I am cranky today”

4:43p Cody and Elena in the have-not room talking through scenarios..

Cody tells Elena “last week to hedge their bet with me, Kevin came up to me, he said, Kevin, Jason, Alex and Paul are all working together, they want me to join their alliance and I’d be safe for like 5 fucking weeks…I was like oh yeh like cool Kevin, and they said they were going after Mark first and then you”..

Elena, “so like if you won HOH you would just put us up?”

Cody, “that’s what he wanted”.. I was going to fucking throw either him (Kev) and Paul up “that side has been the most disloyal to me from the start”

Cody, “Paul has a deal with everyone in this house and they don’t care, they don’t care at all the guys coming out squeaky clean, I don’t know why people keep him around, but…”

Elena, “and then the house is just Paul standing their at the end with $500k”

Cody, “yep”. [pretty much] nobody wants to draw a line in the sand cause they don’t want to be targets, but they’re already targets”..

Elena says that Paul told them if they get houseguests choice pick Paul, Elena says she told Paul, “oh I’m picking Cody”..

Cody laughs, says no way, you said that?

Elena, mhmm they thought I was joking..


5:02p Mark, “Christmas can I ask you something?”

Christmas, “you can ask me whatever you like” [but Mark has no idea that Christmas has already declared she was cranky, and she doesn’t sound all to happy atm..]

Mark, “is that what you told Alex at the top of the stairs?”

Xmas, “it is what I told Alex at the top of the stairs..doesnt that bother you?”

Mark, as he’s walking away “a little bit”..

A few minutes later they meet up in the kitchen, Christmas is saying she heard Mark/Elena “talking game” with Cody [geez heaven forbid people talk game in a game..] Mark says he asked Cody whether or not he through the competition, Christmas says that’s game. Everyone else is filing out of the HOH room and entering the kitchen, Christmas starts to escalate the convo. Mark asks why she had to whisper things to Alex when he was just in the HOH with all of them. Kevin interjects come on guys were having a good day here, lets all get along. Mark once again clarifies what was said with Cody. Christmas is just playing word games and being petty, it’s all meaningless. #Blah

5:08p Mark continues to attempt to clarify why she would only whisper to the HOH (Alex) and not just tell everyone.

Xmas, “you are being a bully right now’.. [hahahaha…..lolllll…. stop it Xmas, be real. The conversation is pointless and going no where fast. In fact not very smart of Xmas, since Mark is safe and there’s a good chance she can’t compete in this next HOH and Mark most certainly can..]


7:12p Feeds are back and Matt has used his Veto on Jason, and Alex nominated Cody as the replacement nominee. The target Cody.

Christmas and Mark talk out their earlier disagreement, she says she thinks they just got caught up in the heat of the moment. It was just a misunderstanding.

Later Paul tells Alex Kevin’s going to be a problem if he doesn’t stop messing around. [Paul’s just setting up Kevin for the future, although Kevin has been quite paranoid and to trusting of Jason, Jason relays everything said to Paul..]

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