1:52p Mark and Elena have been talking about what she’s been observing about some of the houseguests aka Kevin.

Jason enters to give Mark his WhistleNut shirt to were tonight, they ask him to sit. Mark says, I just want you to know if the votes come out weird it’s not me.

Jason says, we have to be careful about how we spread the votes”

Elena, what do you mean spread the votes?

Jason, …………………………………… (with an oh shit look on his face)

Elena, “ok, good talk”…….

Mark, what do you mean?

Jason, “is it hot in here”..

Mark, “stop don’t laugh, why would we spread votes?”

Jason, “we’re not spreading votes”

Elena, ok, cool, so were spreading votes [Mark should just vote to evict Raven]

Jason, “we’re not spreading votes”

Mark, “why would you say that then?”

Jason shakes head, no, no.

Elena, “I’m not gonna lie to you, I know somethings going on”..

Jason……………………….*awkward laugh*

Paul walks in to break up the conversation. Paul, “are you ironing shit?”..

Paul exits, Elena, “so back to spreading votes, should I just pack my shit?”

Jason, “well, you’re not going anywhere”

Elena says someone is going to vote me out.

Jason laughs, “see that’s the problem if we get to fucking around to much”

Mark, who???

Jason laughs, “I don’t know, I’m just going to retract it all”

Elena, “you can’t though”

Jason, “I know, I know where my vote is going to go now….I’m just going to vote to evict Jessica”

Mark, “you’re scaring me right now”

Jason, “I thought it was your fucking idea?”

Mark, “what?”

Elena, “to spread votes?”

Jason, “see that’s why I shouldn’t play this game, cause I literally …..just said that”

Paul walks back in.

Elena, “hey Paul is there a plan or idea in place to spread votes in any different way or is every single human being that is not on the block voting today aside from Cody is voting out Jessica”..

Paul, “option two”

Jason laughs, says that’s what I said and Elena calls out Jason in front of Paul says, “except you didn’t say that, you said who’s idea it is to spread votes”.. [I’d toss my vote to Elena, just for that call out]

Paul, “if there is an idea of such sorts, it is beyond me….if there is a rogue vote it is to purely stir the pot, I wouldn’t even listen to it….because it is horse shit at this point in the game…. at this point 1 rogue vote, it’s fucking stupid” [2 or 3 rogue votes would be fun!]

Paul tells Jason to “hang and steam the bitch (his shirt) for me”… Paul exits.

Elena, “sorry to call your shit out, but I’m on the block”

Jason, “you’re not going home, no problem, that’s never even been on option” [except it was an viable option]

Elena, “is there a plan to split the votes between Raven and Jessica”..

Jason………………”I don’t really know”

Elena, “I’m going to take that as a yes” Mark covers his eyes.

Jason laughs, “I’m a tool, I really am a tool, I am a literal tool, I, I, maybe I was just getting half the conversation”

Mark, “what conversations?”

Jason, “zero conversations, I think I made it all up in my know what’s going to happen right now, I’m voting out Jessica”..

Paul walks back in yet again. BB interrupts Paul, says, I said turn the music down. Josh enters, Jason is looking for his chance to exit, Jason says, “we’re voting out Raven”..

Josh, “mannnnnn shut the fuck up”..

Josh exits. Elena to Mark, somethings up.

Jason/Josh in the lounge, Jason retells their convo. Josh says, I hope you see how shady those two (Mark/Elena) are, they’re acting like that…

Jason “it’s cause I was fucking with her at the bottom of the steps”..

Jason tells Josh he thinks it might be Kevin who throws a vote to Raven, “it’s going to be 6-2 I think”..

Josh, I don’t think so..

2:05p Meanwhile Paul has made his way back to the bedroom to talk to Elena and Mark, Elena spills everything that Jason said to Paul.

Paul assures Elena isn’t going anywhere. Josh enters the bedroom and Paul sends him out. Mark asks if Paul plans to nominate them if he wins HOH, he assures them he will not.

Josh to Jason, “I don’t think I’m in on that protection thing”

Jason, “yeh but no one’s going to vote you out”..

BB tells Jason to exchange his mic. Alex scares the crap out of Jason.

Jason, “Goddammit Alex….I think I had a heart attack… I am the dumbest prick on the planet”

Alex, “why are you such a crybaby”

Jason, “you are satans pet, I’m telling you”..

Alex asks Jason what’s going on and he says that he and Kev were talking about what to do about that vote for Cody and she (Elena) came around the corner, and I was like, so I look like a fucking deer in the headlights”… he tells Alex what he said to Mark/Elena..

2:20p Firework sounds.

Camera men obsessed with Jessica’s hair extensions at the moment..

Jess to Cody “be careful, don’t even trust Mark and Elena”

Jess “I can’t believe this is it, this has been my reality for 60 days, it’s so weird”..