Mark and Elena 3rd nominee is Jessica. Raven is the replacement nominee.

Mark used the veto on himself, to many of those who aren’t on the blocks horror.


Click on the link below to read everything that happened prior to the marathon Temptation competition.


The feeds were down for just under 10 hours for the competition, here are some of the post comp highlights.

Kevin asks who Josh is putting up, he says Mark and Elena and to please have his back.

8:26p Josh tells Paul he’s putting up Elena/Mark to which Paul says, with Jess is the f-ing target,  Josh’s reply “I’m not sure”. Paul 100% that’s the right move [of course it’s the right move for Paul’s game, he and Elena have some sort of cozy/cuddle/petting thing going on and she’s been spending a lot of time with Paul lately]

Josh’s face when Paul is explaining the reasons why Josh needs to do all that Paul “suggests”..Josh explains all the reasons he wants Elena out, Paul “it’s the wrong move.”

8:37p Paul to Josh, “I’m trying to correct your behavior..” Paul says he’s going to lie and tell Mark and Elena that he offered himself as a pawn and Josh said no.

8:45p Josh out loud to himself “I slept on it, I prayed on it…Elena has to go”..Josh tells us what he really thinks about Elena saying she wants to take him to final two…

8:52p Josh “I think Elena is drop dead gorgeous but I ain’t stupid, I’m playing a game”

Enter Elena: Elena to Josh “you want to put me up as a pawn, cool, you told me like a million times yesterday I was good, but Im not, so”..

Elena takes her jacket off while talking to Josh #distraction #nobra

9:09p Kitty/Puppy cam, time for nominations. Josh will nom Mark/Elena, Jess is 3rd nom as planned (she intended to lose) #WorldPeace


No have-nots this week.

This sums up the day, players were picked for the veto, competitors were, Josh, Mark, Elena, Jessica, Cody and Alex.

Prior to veto players being drawn, Josh asked Christmas NOT to use her “Ring of Replacement” (she could choose any player at any time in the game to replace in any Veto competition and she would compete instead of her choice).

Paul told Christmas to use the temptation.

Christmas does what Paul says and uses it to replace Cody with herself in the Veto competition.. #SMH [IMO this should have been used when Christmas actually needed it to save herself from possible eviction but she let Paul convince her to WASTE her power, #NoGame]

So instead, Josh, Mark, Elena, Jessica, Alex and Christmas will be competing in the POV.


Mark wins veto! ..and he plans to use it on himself, even though Josh and others attempt to convince him not to [because this means one of their own has to go up! #Good]

Christmas tells Josh she’ll go up as a pawn because she doesn’t know anyone who would vote her out anyway, there were some that would have a couple weeks ago #JustSaying Anyway, Josh tells her that he was thinking about nominating Raven.

Jessica is crying, says, “are you going to be okay?”

Cody, “I am going to be angry, and I’m going to rip through this place, even if I don’t win HOH, there’s one more safety comp, I’ll do the safety I can stay safe the next week, win the next HOH, if I can stay safe two more weeks and torment these guys cause that’s all I care about, I want to take out as many people from the running for $500k as possible, starting with Matt and Raven on onto Christmas, Paul, Josh, Alex, they were all part of that fu*king circus the other day..”


10:33a BB: Lower the outside awnings.

Cody to Kevin, “Is there anyway to save Jess?”

Kev, “aw shit I don’t know, Im trying..she’s the top two female players here” ..”I’ll look into it and let you know later, I’m not voting her off, you’re not voting her off, there’s two, all you need is two more, but even if you get 4 he’s gonna vote her off cause only 8 of us vote, so you need 5″..

Cody, “if you could convince him, I’ll be a fucking weapon for anybody that helps me out, ya know”

Kev, “yeah”

Kev, if she comes out with a 6-2 vote, it’s me and you that tried to save her, so everyone who’s kissing your ass voted her out..

Cody, I know.

Kev, just remember that.

Cody, I will, 1000%.

11:22a Jason and Kevin working out. Kev, “It’s not a bad idea man to keep him (Cody) close to us..then lets say”

Jason, “you don’t want to start promising a bunch of shit”

Kev, “I didn’t promise him nothing”. They talk about sending Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena out, Jason is should go Matt, Elena, Raven, then Mark. Kev, ok.

12:33p Alex, Christmas, Jason, Kevin. Alex, as much as I want Elena out I still think Jessica is a better move, but I’m going to do whatever he (Josh) wants”

Christmas, I know, I agree with you, I’m like super torn between the two.

Jason, if Josh wants to vote her out, I say we lie and tell him yeah and vote her ass out anyway.

Alex, “no, I don’t want to lie”

Jason, “I guarantee I’m voting her off”

Christmas, “we have to understand Elena will turn, Mark, Matt, Raven”

Alex, “thats why I think we may have to leave Cody and take someone else out…I hope we can get out Jessica, then next week double eviction, Cody/Elena or Mark or Matt.”

Christmas, “if we keep Jessica this week, get out Elena, make a deal with Cody and then get out Matt”..

12:40p Jason heads up to HOH. Josh says, you need to listen, I’m seeing the big picture. “Here me out, it’s just an idea I have”.. he says, Jess and Cody are and will always be targets in the house, Mark goes on to explain all the reasons why he doesn’t trust Elena, she’s playing a game, she’s disloyal, she’s with Mark..

Jason tells him “you’re getting paranoid”. Josh denies, Jess and Cody are always going to be bigger targets for OUR game..I know where Jess/Cody stand.

Josh tells Jason he thinks he’s going to use Raven as a replacement nominee if Mark uses the veto because he thinks he can trust Matt to vote with them to get out who Josh wants.

Jason says, okay, okay, you sold me (on Elena) [I think Jason is just feeding Josh BS]

Josh, it’s not about selling you, I’m looking out for our game, Jess and Cody can be a number for you, me and Alex in jury. Elena can’t know.

Christmas enters, you have to chill on the Elena thing. Josh, why? You don’t want to get the house riled up right now.

Josh, I just made my points to him (Jason), I’m not trying to rile up the house. Paul has a really good relationship with her. Jason, does he really? Josh, Christmas agree. Christmas tells Josh he can’t talk about it right now, it’s to early. Jason leaves.

Christmas tells Josh people have multiple masks in this house, and she doesn’t know how they do it, she continues, I believe Alex would be on board, Kevin would be on board.

Josh and Jason.

Christmas, Jason 5 minutes ago downstairs, as soon as you left, said, there’s no fucking way, up here he says he’s in, I don’t know whether he fucking would or not.

Josh says he explained all the reasons why they need to target Elena, and thinks he swayed him..[not so sure]

Christmas “Elena has Paul in her pocket”..

Christmas tells Josh she’s been working an angle he doesn’t know about. She trying to talk to Jess a little bit here and there, and I think I can be your conduit between Jess/Cody, this is what we can do… this is top secret, I have Kevin’s ear, Kevin and I are close..Kevin is a smart man…Paul at this point has floated from one side to another, to much, he’s got every..

Josh, right, he’s protecting it to his benefit, and it’s pissing me off.

Christmas, “but you have to pick a side, it’s whoever can give Paul what he needs at that time…this is not Paul’s house, this is Big Brothers house, at some point you have to pick an alliance”..

They agree it seems like he’s picking Elena’s side, they have private conversations. Christmas, “Paul is her new Mark”..

1:06p Christmas ask Josh what specific deal do they want to make with Jess/Cody. Josh/Christmas agree “this is going to flip the house”. Christmas, “but it’s Big Brother”…

Matt/Raven enter to break up the convo.

Matt tells Raven she should go up as a pawn, it’s the safest {lol} Raven tells Josh he can use her as a pawn. Later Jess warns Elena who is being fake with her. Paul tells Elena that sooner or later everyone is going to turn on him, he says he’s come to the realization that he won’t win this game because he’s has played before.

Josh tells Christmas that Kevin said Cody said he’s going after Matt/Raven, she warns him to be careful what you tell Kevin because it gets back to Paul. They agree if they save Jess, she won’t come after them and after this week everyone has made jury so they can cause some chaos [yay, it’s what we’ve been hoping, dreaming, waiting for]



Mark used the Veto on himself and Josh nominated Raven as a replacement.

Raven/Matt in the HOH room when Josh enters, Josh hugs Raven, she says, “you owe me” #Uh [he owes you nothing honey]

Apparently being nominated makes Raven horny, Josh leaves and she starts swallowing Matt’s tongue, says/points “there’s a bed right there”..

..And in other news of the classy women series, Paul is using tongs to get Elena’s nipples hard, she says,”Can you just do that everyday, get my nipples hard”

Raven, “I swear to God if I have two votes against me I’m going to murder Mark”..

Cody, “don’t doubt our future, don’t worry about it, be excited about it” Jess, “I am excited about it, very, very excited about it”

Cody, I selfishly want you to stay, just because I don’t want to be without you..

Jess, trust me if there was a way I would do it. [there is, talk to Josh, make a deal, he wants Elena out anyway]

Cody, I wanted to save you in this game.

Jess, and I saved you.

Cody, 3 times, and the last time you sacrificed yourself….I never thought I’d meet a girl who I could be strong for and would be strong for me too..

1:39p A baby starts crying over the intercoms, followed by “can someone shut that baby up!” ..the houseguests speculate what it might be.

Paul, thanks for scaring the fucking shit out of us Big Brother, you fucking weirdos. Apparently it upset Raven so much she might vomit, “my anxiety is for real now” [guess it’s been fake prior? #herwords]

1:45p Jess tells Elena, “I think they were fucking with us cause we were going at it” (the crying baby) Jess tells Elena Cody said, “I can’t ‘finish’ after that”….

1:58p A dog starts barks, after Paul told Jason/Kevin not to tell anyone if something pops up on the screen.

2:01p Paul to Jason/Kevin “if this is some bullshit twist where she (Jess) can pull herself off the block..I’m just going to walk out and say this is some bullshit”..

Paul asks Josh if he can count on his to evict Jessica if it comes down to a tie vote, Josh said he wants Jessica out and will watch Elena. Kevin said Cody talked about winning HOH and nominating Matt and Mark. No one knows what Raven would do if she won HOH. Paul said he’s only been doing “damage control” with Elena and if they can’t get Cody out next week, Elena would be fine to go [not sure I believe Paul would target Elena].


11:01a Jess to Cody, the next time you get Kevin alone can you ask him if plans to evict Raven or Elena?… he told me he’s not voting to evict me..I want it to be towards Raven”..

Cody, I already talked to Jason, I asked him, I said, let’s make this square vote to evict Raven..

FIGHT #282

1:11p Couch people talking about Jessica. Josh says, go ask Jess why she’s so mad, there was apparently a discussion about whether Josh could spell “drought”.. Paul says, ask her how to spell “evicted”…

Next thing you know, Josh is running inside with Paul, Christmas, and Elena..Cody and Jess are sitting in the kitchen.

Josh goes inside to antagonize Jess/Cody.. she says, “oh go fuck yourself, moron, you’re so dumb” he asks her if she can spell evicted and cackles, says, get it?

Josh, I wanted to play nice, but she wants to be a smartass..

Cody makes an attempt to calm her, but Jess was already having a bad day..

1:15p Camera 3/4 Josh back for more.

Jess, “I’m warning you, today’s not the day, today’s not the day”..

Cody, “you’re a fucking piece of shit”

Josh, “I didn’t even put you on the block” #Truth

Jess, “Josh get away from me”…

It escalates from here.

Cody, “you’re the dumbest fucking person we’ve ever met”

Josh, nice.

Cody, “you fucking waddle around her with your fat fucking body, acting like you’re fucking tough but you know its only because we can’t do fucking shit in here, you wanna try this fucking shit on the outside, go for it, I fucking dare you”

Josh, “ok, you guys are making it real personal”

Jess, “I’m not in the mood today, I’m literally not in the mood today, so just don’t speak to me, don’t address me, get away from me”…”I’ve got two days left baby, bring it on”..

Jess, I didn’t say you were stupid but I’ll say it now, you’re stupid, go away.. Josh, how am I stupid….Jess, do you listen to yourself on a daily basis, because unfortunately I do…

Josh, okay, you’re going to watch back and you’re going to feel stupid [yes she will, because Josh was attempting to keep Jess safe and get rid of Elena, all this apparent antagonizing of Jess/Cody was to save face, but she likely sealed her fate with this, to bad, she and Cody could have been in jury together. But things could change, but likely won’t..#BadGamePlayJess]

Jess denies that she’ll feel stupid..

Josh, “yes you will, cause I tried, and I’ll leave it at that”

Jess, “okay goodbye”

Josh, “bye, you guys are going to feel so stupid when you watch back [yes they will]

Jess sarcastically says, “oh know, evict me, I’m terrified, there’s nothing left for me in the outside world”

Cody, “wait till you see the things I say about you (I believe he means in the DR) I don’t give a fuck about you…I’m going to destroy you in the outside world, I’m going to let the whole world know how big of a piece of shit you are”

Josh, “they’re watching, so you don’t have the power to do that”

Cody, “great, great, I don’t give a fuck!”

They continue……..

Josh says, Cody single handedly ruined your whole game.

Jess, the only reason people keep you in this house is because you’re a moron and can’t think for yourself.

Josh, wow, if I can’t think for myself, when you watch back, you’re going to feel real stupid….you’re going to watch it and you’re going to regret it #yep

Meanwhile Mark attempts to kiss Elena, she backs away, he kisses her forehead, then takes his position while Josh fights with Jess/Cody..

Back to the kitchen, Josh tells Cody “you can’t obtain a conversation” both Cody/Jess call him on his grammar.. Josh continues, telling them he runs a success businesss.. Josh, “get the fuck out of here, you’re going home on Thursday”..

Jess, “thank God, I don’t have to listen to your moronic speech anymore”

Josh, “watch back boo boo, you joke”..

1:22p Josh to Cody, “your face is disgusting, looking at you is disgusting, your demeanor sucks…you fucking suck as a person”

Josh starts clapping you’re going home, Jess starts beating a wooden spoon on the counter… weeeeeeeee

Josh yells, I sent you home.

Jess yells, I put my fucking self on the block, you didn’t do it.

Josh, I sent you home, on my HOH [to be fair, she’s right, she’s sending herself home, Josh isn’t sending her home. Josh is always big talk when he has an audience, and right now everyone is watching..]

Josh starts yelling, no more airtime, no more airtime, NO MORE AIRTIME boo boo.. I tried to play nice… #LOL When?

[ALL these houseguests suck, we have 49 days in and there’s no houseguest work routing for, maybe Kevin? Castings first mistake was putting Paul in this game, he has been a cancer, spreading throughout. The houseguests on their own might have been interesting to see who actually formed alliances without the need for Paul’s approval.. Fans try to tell Big Brother each season, DO NOT bring back returnees.. ]

1:26p Josh heads upstairs, yelling “karma came and bit you in the ass boo boo”


Josh sits and cries, Matt, “what are you crying about buddy”..

[in my humble opinion, this should have been played differently, Josh should have told Jess from day 1 secretly that his target was another houseguest, and that they could keep each other safe for X amount of weeks in return for her safety, but she would have to act like she was going home, then Josh could have gotten his way and gotten Elena out, and safety for a week or two, would have been win for Josh/Jess/Cody.. ]

Josh tells Matt, “I’ve never been attacked like that in my life”.. [oh geez, Josh has spent weeks attacking people with pots/pans, yelling, etc.. all of it usually provoked by Paul]

Josh says he knew from his moms letter that Cody was dragging him.. actually fans we’re/are dragging Josh for following Paul’s orders, plus the pots/pans/yelling/fights…

1:30p And enter Paul…. to further aggravate the situation. Paul, no one deserves to call you a fat ass, a fat fuck or anything that, fuck that fool [was this suppose to make Josh feel better? #Fail] “you stood your ground like a man, you didn’t say one petty thing, you didn’t call anybody ugly (yes he did), you didn’t call anybody anything, but they used words like wobble your ass, fat fuck, truffle shuffle, now America can see who the real fucking bullies are [LOL, nice try Paul]

Enter Raven..

1:32p Paul to Josh, if I hear you say one more time that you respect Jess/Cody, I’ll fucking slap you myself”

Ok now Paul going off on rant, keeps listing all the “words” fat fuck, truffle shuffle, etc etc….says his sister became anorexic because she was bullied like that, let’s not forget Paul has called houseguests, cunts, bitches, whores, sluts, so there’s that..

Paul, “where was fucking Mark standing up for bullying”.. [uh NO ONE STOOD UP FOR JOSH] …Alex sitting at the counter, Christmas looming, Jason cooking, Raven/Matt watching from balcony, Kevin walked through the fight…

Below is a screen cap of Paul “standing” up for Josh..

Paul continues…Paul, “that’s what a bully is, that’s what a bully is”.. Paul continues to rile up Josh and the others as Paul likes to do… #ICant

Mark walks in Josh says, “get the fuck out of my room”..

Mark, “what did I do?”

Josh, “get out”

The retells/drama will continue all day long..

2:23p After all the tears have dried, Josh decides to go at it again with the pots/pans.

Josh asks Cody/Jess if they’re ready for the “concert” for the next few days.

Cody, “I’ll tell you what Josh I’ll pull that pan out of your fucking hand”

Josh, “are you ready?” *bangs pans*

Cody jumps up walks towards Josh. Josh, “if you hit me”….FISH..

Matt tells Paul when Josh follows people around banging pots/pans all the time “that’s harassment”.. Paul agrees [Paul instigates most of this behavior by Josh]

Mark tells Paul that Josh has made several personal attacks on Cody, and he told him to STFU..

Mark, “this is pathetic the way this game has gotten, especially with this guy (Josh) he’s in the middle of everything….if you really get hurt by somebody, you don’t keep antagonizing them, you leave them the fuck alone”

3:19p Josh to Paul/Elena “they (production) told me to stop with the pots/pans” [thank you production!]

3:20p Josh’s retell of the fight.. production told Josh to stop provoking a fight with Jess/Cody. [it is in the BB rules]

Paul tells Jason/Alex that don’t say you’re going to beat the shit out of someone outside this game [didn’t happen, that was part of the retells]

3:36p Paul, “I’m getting a distaste for the game ..cause I’m not here to live in fucking hostility and fucking violence”

4:54p Kevin/Jason/Alex. Kevin, let me forget about helping him, “he wants to act like the fuck him, but you gotta backdoor him, you don’t want to give him a chance to POV”.. They agree they put Matt/Raven up with the intention of backdooring Cody.


More sounds have been played, the houseguests continue to practice. Josh is done with Matt and Raven’s mess in his HOH room “they don’t clean up shit”..

..and this is Raven’s hair today.

3:03p Paul joins Matt/Raven in the lounge, Raven asks Paul who they should put up as a pawn. Paul says Alex will probably volunteer. Matt says it’s to early [yes it is, Matt or Raven would actually have to win HOH first..]

3:37p Josh alone in HOH. “Being HOH this week has made everything clear for me” [lol..oh Josh, everyone’s your friend when you’re HOH..]

Josh, “Christmas or Paul are my ride or die in this game [LOL] I know Paul is annoyed with Christmas and Christmas knows Paul is playing a great game….I’m going to move forward with Whistle Nut, Kevin, Alex, Christmas and Paul, those are my six that I want to fight in this game with”..

Mark and Jason playing chess and whisper chatting. Both agree you can only take so much harrassment before you break, they were going to vote to keep Jessica before the blow up yesterday with Josh/Jess/Cody.. they talk about Paul provoking Josh and the fight yesterday.

Mark, “how do you and Alex feel about Paul?”

Jason, “I think he has good interests in mind, fuck I don’t know.” “I think he helps everyone…I’m a fan of that mother-fucker” #SMH

Jason, “I feel like that son-of-a-bitch (Paul) knows whats coming all the time” [uh, he has played before] What are you thinking?

Mark, “what I think is, that everyone thinks this is how you play Big Brother..and that he’s telling everyone what to do”.. him coming after me yesterday was bullshit. Mark says he doesn’t know what Kevin thinks but he knows Alex knows how to play the game and she sees what Paul’s doing.

They both agree that there is one voice (Paul) telling everyone that Cody makes them uncomfortable, Mark says, I don’t feel uncomfortable, Jason agrees.

Jason, “Paul is threatened by him (Cody) because he doesn’t listen to Paul”..

Mark points out if they took Paul out of the house they wouldn’t have anywhere to go, “they would be like lost puppies, cause all they do is look at him and follow”.. if we take him out the game would be a lot easier.

3:53p Jason, you’d have to backdoor him, but how do you do that, he was on the block all year last year.

Mark, he’s going to skate through cause nobody wants to upset him. “It’s pathetic..whatever he says goes”.. “just thoughts”..

4:01p More sounds..hammering, a wolf whistle and hey baby looking good.

5:03p Jessica, “all I want out of this experience is to appreciate things in my life more”..

Jess, I think I will, to be sure that you and I are solid and I just want to be happy, whether or not we have a following after this, it’ll be nice but I don’t want anything negative to come from it” [oh honey, there are some rabid fans out there, you’ll have fans, and you’ll have haters, but just do you]

Cody, I will always be a positive force in your life.

Jess, “lets make a deal, lets give 7 days after the finale, 7 days to talk about anything we need to talk about show wise, then we drop it and move on” Cody agrees.