Cody, Jessica and the 3rd nominee is Jason

Paul used the POV on Jason



During Thursday’s Live Show after Paul won the HOH competition Jessica revealed she had the power to keep her and Cody safe for the next “few” weeks. Since Jessica revealed this she though there’d be no way Paul would nominate her and Cody, but instead Paul and his sheep especially Jason were convinced it was a bluff. Needless to say Jessica was shocked when Paul actually nominated herself and Cody for eviction.

When the feeds returned around 7:20p, it was arguments, pans smashing, pan grabbing, showmance breakup madness. To fully experience crazy  you need to flashback via CBS ALL ACCESS.

7:27p Paul is holding court, repeating his version of a conversation that briefly took place directly after nominations.

Paul “clearly they’re emotional” [he’s the one who is currently very emotional, voice raised, hands waving, colorful language, etc..] “maybe it’s a reset week, if its a reset week, big fu_king whoop” [Paul has had 2 HOH’s and ZERO results, #justsaying]

Paul about Cody, “don’t try and tough guy around me, fu_king loser, fu_king sore baby cry ass loser. You sure you were in the military for 8 years buddy, get the fu_k out of here..” [yeah, one things for sure, Cody as a Marine isn’t afraid of Paul..]

Josh jumps on the Paul ranting train and starts spewing empty words, “you’re going home for sure Thursday, your personality sucks…blah, blah”

Meanwhile, Jessica tells Cody he took it to a personal level..”I’ve seen your character..I didn’t want you to be a villain on this show, because it is a show….(you can hear Josh yelling from the kitchen) Jess “am I going to have to go through this is real life too? Over what?..” Jessica walks out and we can hear Josh now fighting with Mark.

 Josh yells, “you wanna come for me, do it, I’ll fu_king shit on you! (Mark) Josh going on and on..

Mark suggests he tells Cody about his feelings to Cody directly, he calls Mark a follower, etc. Josh yelling, now Paul is back to his ranting.. as Paul rants he says “if you can’t put a lid on your emotions then you don’t deserve to be here” [says the man who is extra emotional currently]

Mark is remaining calm, which is proving to upset Josh further.

Jason steps in says, okay, it’s all been said. Kevin steps up attempting to calm Josh who has gone off for no apparent reason. Josh I should throw pickle juice on you right now and shit on you on national television [classy Josh, for someone who screams “respect” you have none right now]

Josh “whats the face for?”

Mark calmly says, “I’m just enjoying this so much”

Josh “you suck, you’re personality sucks, you’re bland as fu_k”

Meanwhile, Paul is giving Jessica advice with his agenda at the fore front, but using this Cody “outburst” to his advantage, telling Jess that Cody can’t be the tough guy, etc..

Jessica is attempting to explain that she was hoping Paul had picked up on Jessica’s hints to not nominate both her and Cody, because it’s his HOH and now “I have to use the hex…you’re not going to be the one who is happy with it”..

Back in the kitchen things escalate between Josh and Mark, when Josh starts banging those damn pans in Mark’s face, Mark jumps out of his seat and heads after Josh who backs away, Mark grabs the pans out of Josh’s hands, Josh doesn’t look so tough at that moment, Mark starts yelling…fu__kingggggg.. FISH

When feeds are back Cody and Mark are in the bedroom, apparently Paul had told Jessica to lower her voice earlier and that’s what set Cody off on Paul, he told Paul not to tell Jessica what to do, and apparently Paul didn’t appreciate it.

Mark, “you guys are safe this week?”

Cody, “yeah, but if I win the veto, I’ll pull her off, stay up and tell her not to use it, I ain’t winning his fu_ing game anyway and I don’t think she wants me around”. Mark says he and Elena aren’t good, Cody says it’s probably best if they ditch us dudes and roll together.

Mark tells Cody it was funny when he grabbed the pans from Josh and raised one “he shit himself”.. “Elena didn’t say a thing, Josh was just shitting on me and she didn’t say a thing, fu_k that, fu_k that Elena.”

Cody says that Paul is one of those last word guys, “I get it Paul you’re a character on a show and you’ve gotta get the last word” (true)..

Back to the bathroom where Paul says to Jessica “Im not a kid, I know I’m safe in this house..” Paul continues to push his Cody is to emotional for this game narrative to Jess.

Paul tells Jessica she’s a target because of Cody..

Paul tells Jessica that her “ride or die” is the biggest target in the house..

Paul tells Matt and Raven to convince Jessica she’s only a target because of Cody..

Paul tells Elena that Cody and Mark are done..

[ARE YOU SEEING A THEME HERE? … Paul’s running the house and these houseguests with the exception of Jessica, Cody and Mark are letting him..]

Paul continues with his dramatic retells while his “dogs, sheep, minions” sit and give him all the support he requires…

9:05p Elena gives Mark the “I need some space talk” ..Flashback camera 3/4

Meanwhile Christmas joins Jessica in the bedroom to “console” aka get any and all information she can obtain and report to Paul, she’ll also need to make Cody sound like Jessica’s biggest mistake.. it doesn’t help when at some point in this convo Cody comes in and takes his stuff to the have-not room..Jessica falls for Christmas’ “sweet friendship” and tells Christmas exactly what the hex is… [this will be reported to Paul asap]

Cody tells Elena he hopes to secure Jessica’s safety this week and persuade her not to use the hex on him. He believes Jessica and Elena would be better off without him and Mark.

10:45p Jessica goes to Cody in the have-not room and they have a very one sided “conversation” with Jessica doing all the talking…

Jessica, “I need someone to balance me out, if I am angry I need them to be calm, and that’s what you’ll get from me..” She continues, saying she appreciated that he was defending her, “but the degree was to high”.. Flashback camera 3/4

Paul, Christmas, Raven, Matt, Alex agree they have no sympathy for Jessica but they agree to tell her whatever she wants to hear.


Fast forward to 12:45am…it’s a BB STORM WATCH…all night long. All houseguests getting up and down whenever there is a new “storm announcement” all throughout the night with the exception of Jessica and Cody, who don’t both with the clues for the Power of Veto competition… [which should be a huge CLUE to the houseguests]

Raven pissed at the latest BB storm watch update because they gave several temperatures to remember [but none of this really matters because Jessica is likely to use the hex and it won’t matter who the HOH is or who wins the POV, Jessica will nullify all of it!]

Paul chose Alex, Elena and Christmas as have-nots. He also said if he wins the veto, he will use it on Jason, which Jason is happy to accept because he believes Christmas and Elena would vote him out.


Paul won the Power of Veto. Houseguests are surprised Cody did so well in the POV, but lets be real, just because Cody didn’t get out of bed for the storm watches doesn’t mean he couldn’t hear them in the bedroom.

Paul tells Mark/Elena that Cody did just as well as Matt and Raven “somethings not adding up there”.. Paul asks what’s up with them (Cody/Jessica), he says I heard she’s pushing for Cody to stay. Paul tells them to lay down some logic with them, do some damage control, lay down facts, Christmas scoots in, Christmas can do some damage control.. [everyone has their marching orders, check.]

Elena will also have to serve 2 weeks as a have-not per veto results.


Paul tells Jason and Kevin that he’s considering using the veto on Jessica and putting Elena on the block in her place, because Paul believes the hex can only remove one person from the block. #Wrong Paul makes another attempt to convince Jessica not to use the hex, putting his spin on Cody. Mark tells Jessica he would never target her and would protect her like a little sister.

2:15p Jessica tells Cody she’s sorry if she let him down.. I’m sorry if you felt unsupported at any time, I’ve always had your back” Cody says she doesn’t need to apologize he knows she’s always supported him, she’s been nothing but amazing.

Jessica “what about us?”

Cody, “figure it out after the show”..

Jessica, I think Life will get easier outside of this, and I hope when were outside the house you still feel the same way.


Paul lays out the conversation that he and Jessica had to Christmas, Mark, Matt, Raven in order for Jessica to not use the hex she wants 2 things: safety, and she wants Alex out, Matt quickly says Cody’s been the only one protecting her, Raven gives her 2 cents.. of course they all reply “done”.. [yeah okay]

Later that night Jessica and Elena talk about how Paul is orchestrating every move the houseguests make, his game is the only thing standing between them and the $500k…Jessica says the entire game would change if someone would pull the trigger and get Paul out [100% correct, the sheep would scatter, eating their own along the way and it would actually be glorious to watch..]


This day was so crazy it needed it’s own post! Click on the link below for all the details.



1:54p Jessica, “if these guys didn’t suck so much at this game we would have been home already”..Jessica tries to get Cody to read her lips, she said “they said in the DR…” FISH

2:18p Jess to Mark, “please tell me that you and Elena don’t buy whatever Paul is feeding you out there”..

Mark I don’t speak for Elena. Jess, do you think she is? Mark, nods no. Jess, no, that’s all I can about.

Compared to yesterday, nothing much happened today.

Mark did tell Jess and Cody that he’s with them 1000% and would never send them home if he were to in HOH, he said if they can pull off two HOH’s back to back they could start to swing the numbers [this is where these sheepdogs should at minimum play nice with the other houseguests, because it could happen, and Paul can’t and won’t carry them all forever #JustSaying]

Paul and Elena in the hammock. Paul, there are a few people that have had my back from the beginning, you have, Josh has, people can say what they want about him but he’s never done me wrong, I’d like to think Christmas has, (uh she was a hinky vote on Paul’s first worthless HOH), I’d lie to think Raven and Matt.. Alex comes out they ask Alex what’s going on in the house.

Alex tried to sit next to me in the kitchen which was weird.

Paul, I think they’re just trying to rally against me. #HUH


Slow day in the Big Brother house. It’s tell your best life stories Wednesday.

Let me introduce you to a houseguest named Matt. The only thing he’s “done” so far in this game is Raven.

He tells Raven he feels good about HOH unless it’s endurance, but they agree if it’s a “luck” comp they have a good chance.. #HAHA

Raven, “it just blows my mind that she would give up going to jury, possibly, for a bully”.. [Raven/Matt just in BB19 for summer camp #yawn]

Matt, if they don’t win HOH their best bet is if I win HOH.. cause I’d be the house would be a nicer play without Cody in it.

Matt, in terms of playing the game, Cody definitely doesn’t deserve to be here, he’s played a horrible game #UH..[last time I checked Cody has actually won competitions, including won his way back into the house, and Raven and Matt have done………….. ???]

Raven, “this is my opinion, he’s gotten into people face more than once, that is unacceptable.” #IJustCantWithTheseTwo

2:45p Mark, “my main goal on Thursday is to win HOH so I can put up Jess and Cody, so I can try and clear my name, do you think when they leave this house, I’ll be clear?” #Facepalm

Jason, “I dont know, right now I don’t know WTF is going on”…he continues, “I don’t know what Paul thinks, I think you’re in trouble, a little”


The houseguests received a practice version of tomorrow HOH competition. Each houseguest gets 10 practice shots.

4:15p Jess, never a dull moment, this game just knows how to keep people on their toes. I was going to go into this HOH and give it everything I had, and I was hoping that strength and determination would give me the result that I want, now knowing that this is a chance HOH, going home is so much more real now”..

Cody, yep, yeah it blows. Jess, competitions like this don’t prove anything, it’s literally just luck of the draw. You and I have put more blood, sweat and tears into this more than anybody else.

Cody, were going to give it a good week…we’ll stay positive, we’ll stay with each other, we’ll make the most of our time.

Jess, its just frustrating, we have earned our spot here, and we’ve fought so hard and one of us doesn’t make it to jury. [There’s still the temptation challenge and the veto..] Jess says her speech tomorrow will assure that she is the target going into next week, “and I’m okay with that”..


Matt, there’s no downside to Jess not using her hex. They continue to debate if Jess uses the hex or doesn’t use the hex. Nothing we haven’t heard before. Matt, If Jessica thought there was a 5% chance she could win this game she wouldn’t use the hex. Paul, so do we agree that everybody being in the safety competition is the way to go. Christmas, not me. [Christmas continues to scoot through Big Brother 19]