Cody, Jessica and the 3rd nominee is Jason

Paul used the POV on Jason


Paul told Jason he wants him to stir the pot during the veto ceremony. Jason told Kevin he didn’t see why he should..[why, because Paul told you too, and it’s good for Paul’s game]


Paul used the veto on Jason.

12:07p Jason proudly says to Paul, “I gotta jab or two in”.. [apparently Jason did as Paul instructed and stirred the pot during the meeting. When will these sheep start playing their own damn game..]

12:29p Cody “the more you take away the spotlight on him, the more he (Paul) loses his mind”

Jess “he doesn’t like that”

Cody “internally is fu_king ripping him apart”

Jess “at first I was like, he’s a showman he’ll appreciate some showmanship but he doesn’t” Jess goes onto say that what Jason said (during veto ceremony) was said because Paul told him too #yep. Jess says that she will tell Paul that he needs to stop thinking she’s a moron…

Jess tells Cody if she wins HOH she would put up Alex and Raven up, hope Jason plays and he pulls Alex off, or Matt and Raven, if Matt wins she puts up Paul, all scenarios lead to Paul as the backdoor.. Cody thinks Jesss should stay out of the temptation competition so she doesn’t risk coming in last and being the 3rd nominee.

Cody and Jess briefly talk about their alliance name, she says “can we be Mr & Mrs Smith”, Cody says, “no but we can be Mr & Mrs Nixon” Jess, “that doesn’t work until there’s a ring on my finger bud”..

[and for all those who think Cody has no personality, he shows he actually does bantering with Jessica over catch-phrases..]

Raven asks to talk to Cody/Jess..Cody says yes of course, Jess just sits and stares at Raven. Raven, “please Jess, I want to talk to you, please”..[that is not Jessica’s happy face]

In the lounge..Raven explaining about a conversation that Jessica walked in on, she says they were talking about how the veto was made, “nothing is going on, please believe me”..

Jess, I haven’t told him about what I just saw so he has no idea what you’re talking about. Raven explains to Cody. Cody, “can I ask you a question? Why are you so against me in this game?”

Raven “look Cody I love you as a person, but the whole house is against you.”

Cody “so you’re just going with the whole house?”

Jess “I just have nothing to say to you right now.”

This convo continues, Raven keeps saying she loves them, loves Jessica, it’s not fair Jessica is caught in the middle, Cody replies, she’s not caught in the middle were a team. Raven asks for a hug, Jessica says, “every single person in this house has lied to me, what I just walked in on made you look involved”.. Raven explains again, “I have no power, I have no say this week”.. Jess asks to have the room, in other words, you can leave now Raven. Jess explains what actually happened in the room with Kevin, Jason, Raven, she watched them in the mirror signal that Jess was in the room, talked ceased.

Meanwhile Raven is giving a retell to Paul, Kevin, and Jason. Kevin says he’ll go talk to her, but they ask Paul’s permission, Paul says, I don’t know maybe we should just leave it alone, then he changes his mind and instructs Raven to go cry in the room and Jason to confront Cody/Jess, Paul “if he mouths off to you I’ll be standing right there” #UGH

12:58p Jason opens the door to the lounge and says “seriously Raven didn’t say anything, she’s crying and blaming it on you”… Paul standing there listening to see how well Jason does as he’s instructed #TheseSHEEPsuckAtBB

Cody calmly calls Jason on his crap and asks, “when have I ever gone against you? What have I ever done to you?” Jason stutters and have no response. Cody, “I never once, not even behind closed door unless someone’s feeding you bullshit ever said anything against you”..”and my actions have shown it, and what was up with that speech?”

Again, Jason stutters and stammers “you can’t trust this guy” and……

Cody “if you don’t want to be down in the hole with me I understand but when you make some speech like that like I’m some piece of shit and you throw it in Jess’s face too, my GF, there was no point in that, it didn’t prove anything”..

Jason says the only people he trusts in the house are the “people I sleep next to, Alex and Kevin” [yet he continues to follow Paul’s marching orders..]

Jessica uses an example if someone said his wife was great but he was a piece of shit, Holly (Jason’s wife) would probably punch them, Jason agrees. Jess continues, “why are you taking it to personal levels?”..Jason, “it wasn’t a personal attack”. Jess “you told him his personality sucks”.. Jason uses some lame excuse, “I asked myself if we were outside the house would we be buddies…I don’t think so” [wth does that matter in the game of Big Brother, he wouldn’t likely be friends with Paul either..]

1:17p Jason’s retell begins with Alex. Josh comes in and wants to know what he did to Raven (she’s fake crying at Paul’s orders). Jason says, nothing. Exit Josh.

Meanwhile Jessica is talking to fake tears Raven. #Icanteven

Back in the storage room Jason is giving an inaccurate retell of his conversation to Kevin and Paul.

1:21p Cody is sitting at kitchen counter, Josh walks in drinks water and says, “I have a question Cody” Cody gets up and walks away. Josh, why do you walk away, “I’m trying to have a conversation, a real man would have a discussion, not run”.. #JoshHardlyActsLikeARealMAN

Cody telling Jess that Paul walked by him and said so you wanna pick on a girl now, why is Raven crying [uh because Paul told her to cry, that’s why].

Cody, “they just want air time and I’m not going to give it to them.”

Jess, “Paul’s unifying the troops”..

Cody, “to do what? Like Kevin said, it’s just a bunch of noise.”

1:28p Matt joins Cody/Jess in the lounge. Jess tells Matt that she wants to see people play their own game, not someone else’s game. She tells Matt that she doubts that speech by Jason was his idea, she believes it was someone else who told him to do it and it “bothers me”.. “I don’t like to see people bullied, that’s not how I play, it’s hurting me on a personal level and I’m getting defensive about it”..

Matt agrees he doesn’t like that type of play. “I empathize with your guys situation, I don’t envy you..”

Raven comes to get Matt out of the room she says, “what was that?” They head to the bedroom where everyones waiting. Matt says, they said they just felt they were being attacked personally [they were] ..Paul quickly interjects, “they weren’t being attacked personally, nobody said anything to them”..they all talk over Matt who is trying to explain that he understands how they feel, but they aren’t having it.. Matt, “everybody needs to relax..I’m not defending them I’m just telling you how she feels”..

Paul says, “I’m not pumping the brakes on my game play…it’s a social game, and if Cody wants to be a dick and stand up and say I have nothing to say because he’s so unconfident and doesn’t really give a shit about the game, then I’ll make him say something” [yeah okay Paul]

Matt says, that’s not what were discussing.

Paul doesn’t care, it’s his agenda, his narrative, his way or the highway, and these houseguests just carry on for him…

Paul, “Raven was crying”. Matt questions why. Raven continues the sham. Paul continues his rant upstairs in HOH with Matt/Raven/Christmas..basically their plan is to attack Cody until he cracks.

Josh starts another one of his psychotic rants. He says, “you just sit their with your miserable face all day, like you’re boring me to death, give me something, put on a tutu, a pair of socks, some excitement, some color….” [Josh looking like a dumbass, Cody was trained to ignore]

Cody and Jess start making out instead of listening to Josh.

Josh “oh my gawd, they’re grab assing again, I’m pretty sure America is tired of your guys grab ass, at this point were over it Cody, were done” [I can think of something I’m actually tired of..] Josh, “I’m not a bully, but when you poke me, I’m going to turn into a bully” [oh geez, Im sure Cody is shaking in his boots, not.]

Josh, “you deal with hell or you pull a Meghan, Pull a Meghan Cody’..

Jason tells Mark, “it’s not cool man, like it makes me feel uncomfortable” (Josh’s ranting)

Mark “it’s not a good look”..

Later Jason tells Josh he’s not a fan of 10 people ganging up on 1.

4:10p Paul/Jess in the lounge. Jessica explains exactly what happened. Paul, then why did chaos ensue? (because Paul prompted it too) Paul denies “egging” anyone (Jason) on to say anything to Cody [*cough bullshit*]…

Paul says out of respect he did not say anything to Cody at the Veto ceremony (he just instructed Jason too #Fact) Paul goes on to say he has no power in the house, he can’t control people, blah, blah, blah…lie, lie, lie… Basically Jessica calling out Paul’s BS in this game.. she says you’re playing a psychological game and as a fan I appreciate it..I think you are playing a great game bravo to you”.. and here it is folks..

Jessica “I think that you have power over people because you are a veteran this game and they seek approval by you and I think that you use that..”

[BINGO!! She just summed up Paul’s game in a nutshell!]

Paul of course disagrees, says, I give them advice, but do what you want.. [hahaha..]

Jessica, “I disagree.” ..As long as everybody’s eyes are on us, you’re good..

Paul leaves after getting somewhat schooled by Jessica, she tells Cody that everyone is blaming Cody for the Raven altercation when Cody wasn’t even in the room. Cody says, whatever I’ll take the blame. Jessica whispers something to Cody. Cody says he’s gotten everything he ever wanted in this game, he’ll be fine whatever happens, “I’m happy, it’s awesome, whatever you want I will do for you”..

4:44p Josh enters the lounge where Jess/Cody were discussing the things that are stressing her out in that house.. they welcome him to come in, he sits, Jess says, Josh what are you about to do..

Josh says he understands they’re falling in lo0ve and he “loves love” but do they really think it deserves fu-king everybody’s game when Cody didn’t have respect enough to give a speech [who cares, who really cares] ..

Cody, “Josh do you want to understand something, I don’t have a fan base, I don’t need a fan if you think I’m playing to some kind of fan base”..

Josh says now he’s pissed because he doesn’t have jury security.

Jess, “if you want security go out and get it yourself babe..” #Yes #Giggles

Paul and Christmas are eavesdropping..

Josh attempts to rattle Cody, Jess says, don’t go there, Josh continues “Cody your personality sucks”.. Cody walks out to find Paul and Christmas in the hallway..

Jessica laughing at Josh, “Josh what are you doing? What are you trying to accomplish right now?”

Josh, “I’m not trying to accomplish anything.”

Jess, “Talk to me, what do you need Josh” *she can’t keep a straight face*

Josh badly attempting to make Cody look bad, says Cody doesn’t let Jess talk, controls her, blah, blah, all just noise coming out of Josh’s mouth yet again… Jess calls Josh out on lying directly to her face and asks him to “please leave me alone right now, please”..

Meanwhile Paul has pumped up the sheep to do his work and Alex is confronting Cody, while everyone stands there and watches.. [these houseguests literally suck at this game so bad, it’s hard to even watch]..Alex actually has the nerve to tell Cody that Jessica is lying to him… [hahaha..] Cody keeping calm says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Basically Alex finds out that Jessica made a deal with Paul and his sheep to get Alex out next and she wouldn’t use the hex.

Cody walks out, Alex says, anyone else want to own up..”thanks guys”

Paul rallies the troops, pacing the room, tells everyone to confront Cody for his bullying ways… #UGH

Paul sarcastically says, since you guys are all my dogs why don’t we go sniff something out, cause I’m just the mind controller [Paul OVERPLAYING HIS CARDS NOW..]

Josh starts with posts and pans, Paul yells for Cody/Jessica to answer some questions. Jess, what do you want to know? Alex, why me? Jess, because you nominated me. Alex, we saved you. Jessica says because Dom had a meltdown. #True Alex, if we wanted you gone you would have been gone [nope because Jess could have used hex]

Alex screaming, Jess, “I don’t owe you anything for putting me on the block..”

Paul getting schooled by Jessica yet again when she explains the facts that Cody did not know Jess made the deal when she was making it with Paul and sheep, but he found out later when she told him AFTER she made the deal to get Alex out.

What a bunch of dumbass sheep. Raven a real “tough girl” with all her sheep by her side. Paul high fives Raven and kisses her for her outburst, [APPROVAL RECEIVED] then Paul instructs Josh and others to get out there [but oh no Paul doesn’t tell his dog sheep to do anything, they do it all on their own, yeah and I’ve got a bridge to sell ya]

Jess/Cody head to the hammock and you can hear screams from the house. Jess, “Why are they still screaming like were in there? Cody, cause they’re nuts.

Back in the kitchen Alex is now going off on Mark..

5:12p Josh heads to the backyard with the pans, while Paul dances around to the sounds of Josh. Paul yells to Jessica, you begged us all to be nice to Cody but since the deals off we don’t have to be nice to shit. Josh mimics Paul “we don’t have to be nice…because Cody doesn’t have to be nice, he’s such a big man he uses words like disgusting”.. #JoshIsAnIdiot

#RavenIsBatShitCrazy Now she’s flipping COdy/Jess off screaming “woof woof woof, motherfu_king woof”

Paul pacing the backyard “but I’m playing a psychological game and you guys are all my dogs”

Cody, “now I’m excited for you to use the hex, they really want jury that bad”..

Jess, it’s fu_king $8k get a job”..

5:24p Paul, “hey guys do I psychological manipulate any of you?” [keep overplaying it Paul, these sheep will start to question it sooner or later]

Paul was told in the DR that they can’t provoke violence or self eviction, but Paul tells his sheep that they can still drive him crazy. [won’t work]

Paul, when its 2 people against 9 Josh you think were doing this for no reason. Josh, I know were not but I don’t know that they (fans) see in them [Paul should be asking himself the same thing, but he’s been to arrogant to realize it] “good thing I like dogs cause I treat my dogs very good, guess what I’m making puppy chow later so you guys can have a little treat”..

Jessica to Cody, “technically I only called Josh a dog but I can extend that to others as well”..”I feel bad for my mom, she didn’t sign up for this, she doesn’t need this stress”.. Cody “don’t think about that”..

5:44p Jess, “do you want to walk together?” Cody, “you mean out of the show…I’ll do whatever you want to do I think we’ll be fine regardless”..Jess, we wouldn’t get paid. Cody, Jessica you are my payment.

Cody, but it will so awesome of you to use the hex, I want you to rob someone (Paul) of everything. Jess, yeah. Jess says this game is testing her positively and negatively in what she’s capable of.. Cody says if she wants to walk they can walk together. She says, walking won’t effect my job but staying might (because she might lose it)

Raven starts yelling about Jess telling her how big Cody’s dick was, and Cody/Jess start laughing.. as do the rest of us…

Jessica “it’s so easy to be a bully with the masses..”

5:53p Inside Paul is giving his approval to Raven and her rants.

6:54p Paul instructs his sheepdogs “lets keep fu_king with them”..they’re literally following Paul from room to room listening to all his words/instructions

Paul “let’s mentally fu_k them”..


Cody/Jess still in the hammock when a fan with a bullhorn yells”

“America loves Jess, Paul is a bully”

With the exception of Paul, Elena and Mark who are currently in the HOH, I believe they all heard what was yelled over the wall.

We get fish. If these houseguests can add 2 + 2 they will realize America gave Jess the Halting Hex for a reason and they might want to reevaluate their game play to adapt.

Jess, what just happened? What if that was my sign from God.

Cody, what did that sign tell ya?

Jess, I don’t know, I didn’t hear it.

Indoor lockdown.

7:31p Paul not looking to happy in HOH, Mark asks what was said, but we get FISH..Josh says, “I can see how people love Jess, I can see how people would really like Jess, but I can’t reason how people would like Cody, I can’t..

Josh says, Jess is playing the victim role.

Paul, she’s always playing the victim role. But I’ll stand for what I believe [which is that America may not love Paul’s game play as much as Paul does, but he won’t admit that to the sheepdogs] Paul tries to make it sound like it’s production TV edits, but Paul knows better, he knows those of us who watch the live feeds know exactly what’s being said and done.

Josh and Mark had yet another conversation where they supposedly squashed everything, it won’t last for Josh, but it was another attempt by Mark.

Fast forward to 9:21p Paul enters the lounge where Elena and Mark are talking.

Paul, “if I’m being portrayed as a bully because they are victimizing themselves under my HOH and they’re like America’s sweethearts, that’s a little bit upsetting because …I genuinely don’t feel for a bully which Cody is [I need the receipts because with the exception of a couple times Cody is always seemingly very calm].. and you can’t have a conversation with someone like that because he does not conversate….I tried but now he wants to threaten me with his demeanor” #HAHA [nice try Paul, fans don’t see it the same way but maybe Mark/Elena can be persuaded]

9:35p Jess is just out of the DR, Cody greets her says he made some popcorn. They head to the storage room Cody kisses her and says, I love you, Jess, I love you too.

Jess, honestly the only thing she (production) could have done better was to come in there and give me a hug, I don’t know who that woman was but I’m a big fan, super sweet, its nice to have someone just be nice”..

Cody, thank you Lord for this experience, thank you for Jessica in my life.

Jess, I need to push myself, I can’t give up.

Cody, you’ve got the strongest teammate.

Jess, Raven finally outed herself for the person she really is, I have two hearts, I feel everything, she’s been playing fake for weeks..

11:16p Jess to Elena, “thank you for not flipping on me”

Elena, “I told you I don’t feel good about actively going against you and it puts me in a really tough position because I genuinely like you guys”..

Jess, “I don’t want you to become involved in this”

Elena, I won’t participate, I just don’t feel good about it.

Cody, there’s only so much you can beat two people down before people start feeling bad for those people… it’s just over and over.. #True

Wow, what a day!