INTRODUCING THE 16 FRESH FACES OF BIG BROTHER SEASON 19! [Thank goodness the pre-season rumors were false, no returnees!..]

Christmas Abbott

Age: 33
Hometown: Lynchburg, VA
Current city: Raleigh, NC
Occupation: Fitness superstar

Three adjectives that describe you: Committed, happy, and influential.

Favorite activities: Working out or playing a sport, cooking, and working.

Matthew Clines

Age: 33
Hometown: Arlington, VA
Current city: Arlington, VA
Occupation: Renovation consultant

Three adjectives that describe you: Fun, competitive, and silly.

Favorite activities: Watching panda videos or, really, any funny animal videos—I like animals!—and eating, sleeping, and lifting weights.

Dominique Cooper

Age: 30
Hometown: Tuskegee, AL
Current city: Woodbridge, VA
Occupation: Government engineer

Three adjectives that describe you: Uber-optimistic, energetic, and determined.

Favorite activities: Eating and trying out different restaurants, attending happy hours, running, creative writing, speaking, and reading as many books as my attention span will allow.

Elena Davies

Age: 26
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Current city: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Radio personality

Three adjectives that describe you: Funny, abrasive, and charming.

Favorite activities: Instagram, listening to live music, napping, tailgating, and shaking my booty.

Jason Dent

Age: 37
Hometown: Humeston, IA
Current city: Humeston, IA
Occupation: Rodeo clown

Three adjectives that describe you: Charismatic, ambitious, and athletic.

Favorite activity: Rodeo

Jessica Graf

Age: 26
Hometown: Cranston, RI
Current city: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: VIP concierge

Three adjectives that describe you: Honest, loud, and loyal.

Favorite activities: Going out to eat long meals with great people.

Cameron Heard

Age: 24
Hometown: North Aurora, IL
Current city: Woodridge, IL
Occupation: Microbiologist

Three adjectives that describe you: Persistent, driven, and smart.

Favorite activities: Ride my bike, solve Rubik’s Cubes, play some online chess, snowboard, and scuba dive. I want to try mountain biking sometime in the near future, as well.

Mark Jansen

Age: 26
Hometown: Grand Island, NY
Current city: Grand Island, NY
Occupation: Personal trainer

Three adjectives that describe you: Fun, strong, and thoughtful.

Favorite activities: Lifting weights, hiking, watching movies, and relaxing on a beach.

Megan Lowder

Age: 28
Hometown: Cathedral City, CA
Current city: Phoenix, AZ
Occupation: Dog walker

Three adjectives that describe you: Cunning, smart, and beautiful because I’m confident like that.

Favorite activities: I play a lot of video games. I know this is not a dating site, so I don’t think I need to make up a bunch of crap about how I love hiking.

I’m currently working on my racing license so I can do rallycross. I’ve had to put a lot of that on hold due to moving out of California, but as soon as I find a place that doesn’t want $5,000 to teach me, I’m doing it.

Josh Martinez

Age: 23
Hometown: Miami, FL
Current city: Homestead, FL
Occupation: Haircare sales

Three adjectives that describe you: Ambitious, courageous, and passionate.

Favorite activities: I enjoy playing sports, going to the gym, reading, hiking, traveling, meeting new people, being an adrenaline junkie, and having new experiences.

Cody Nickson

Age: 32
Hometown: Lake Mills, IA
Current city: Plano, TX
Occupation: Construction sales rep

Three adjectives that describe you: Confident, charming, and sweet

Favorite activities: Surfing is my No. 1 activity. I started surfing when I was stationed in North Carolina and now I take surfing trips to North Carolina or California when I get the chance.

I also took a trip to Hawaii to surf. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, too.

Alex Ow

Age: 28
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Current city: Camarillo, CA
Occupation: Eco-friendly marketing rep

Three adjectives that describe you: Center of attention, hyper, and adorable.

Favorite activities: I love knitting, crocheting, baking, going to the gym, going out with friends, hanging out with my family, watching Netflix, hiking, dating, and being lazy. My spirit animal is a sloth. LOL.

Jillian Parker

Age: 24
Hometown: Celebration, FL
Current city: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: Timeshare sales rep

Three adjectives that describe you: Bubbly, funny, and truthful.

Favorite activities: Currently, I love to go to this place called the Glowzone by my house, which is full of rock climbing, ropes courses, and an American Ninja Warrior course.

Ramses Soto

Age: 21
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Current city: Grand Rapids, MI
Occupation: Cosplay artist

Three adjectives that describe you: Friendly, quirky, and energetic.

Favorite activities: I am very creative and love to create art. That’s why I love to do cosplay. Cosplay allows me to be artistic and a nerd, at the same time, because I’m designing and creating a costume or prop out of unconventional materials.

I also sew some wearable artwork pieces for a local photographer and modeling agency. They use my art pieces for editorial photo shoots.

I love to read comics. I like to do face masks and drink wine while watching Netflix or Big Brother.

Kevin Schlehuber

Age: 55
Hometown: Boston, MA
Current city: Boston, MA
Occupation: Stay-at-home dad

Three adjectives that describe you: Caring, humorous, and charismatic.

Favorite activities: Hanging out with my family, watching movies, going to the beach, exercising, and playing pool or darts with the kids.

Raven Walton

Age: 23
Hometown: DeValls Bluff, AR
Current city: DeValls Bluff, AR
Occupation: Dance teacher

Three adjectives that describe you: Quirky, bubbly, and outgoing.

Favorite activities: Road tripping with my best friends! They are always up for some new adventure.

I enjoy reading a good book in a coffee shop. I always look forward to dance competition season, too. I love my students; they are the best.

I also love fashion! Shopping is what I am best at. I live for a good pair of heels. I literally dance everywhere I go. There is never a dull moment with me. I am always making my friends do choreography with me.