Big Brother Canada is on hiatus for the coming broadcast year,” said a representative for Global TV, the channel that broadcasts the show. “Further details will be announced at a later date. Global remains the broadcaster for Big Brother.”

Big Brother Canada has had 5 successful seasons, season 5 recently ending Spring 2017. There is no definitive reason has been given as to why the successful reality tv show has gone on hiatus..

Host Arisa Cox initially broke the news via Twitter, and an immediate Twitter storm followed.

Fans were so upset they began a petition, by Rob Cesternino, titled.

“Use Your Power of Veto to Save Big Brother Canada”

Big Brother Canada has been put on hiatus according to reports, including this from a spokesperson from Global TV.  After an exciting season like BBCAN5, we can’t let Big Brother Canada go down without a fight.

Technically, Big Brother Canada has not been canceled, it’s just simply not returning to the air unless something drastically changes.  This petition is a WAKE UP (CANADA) call that there are fans around the world who want to see more Big Brother Canada in the coming years.

If you’ve enjoyed the work done by Erin Brock, Arisa Cox, Trevor Boris and the entire Big Brother Canada team at Insight Productions, show your support and sign this petition to help Big Brother come down off the block.

The last shockwave is going to come from us, the fans, when we use our Secret Veto to #SaveBBCAN

As of this post the petition needed just under 3000 additional supporters to reach the goal of 15,000 signatures.