How is everyone doing? I see everyone is wearing their #SpiritDay purple, good job, on behalf of everyone at CBS I want to thank you for joining us and taking a stand against bullying and showing your support of the LGBT community, so thank you very much. Now to the game..

Julie. Danielle, this was an emotional week for you, you were America’s nominee, and for the first time this summer America’s nominee did not get voted out, how does that feel?

D. It’s a bittersweet moment for me because it’s my third week on the block, and unfortunately I was on the block next to two people I adored, so, while I’m happy to still be here, and even though America nominated me….I’m happy that my houseguests decided to keep me safe, I’m also so devastated to see Shane leave.


Julie. Understandable. Morgan, now this question actually comes from one of our viewers. How do you think America feels about the house not voting out their nominee?

M. Can you repeat the question. Ya know I think America sees that were also playing a game too, America puts up a nominee but we all have to play our own game, and it’s getting interesting that just because America nominates somebody doesn’t necessarily mean that person has to go home every week, so, I think they’re realizing some things might be changing. #uh


Julie. Okay. Scott, Shane had some harsh words for you and for Alex last night when he addressed the house before the eviction, you had the tie breaking vote, did his words influence your decision?

S. Not really, I was already pretty sure what I was gonna do, I didn’t really take it to personally because being a big Big Brother fan being called a puppet master is actually a compliment, so uh, I’m not sure if he was trying to wound me with that I just let it strengthen me.


Julie. There you go. Justin, it was a tense eviction last night to say the least, what was the mood of the house after Shane left?

J. Well, I actually felt pretty down, ya know it was crazy, I felt like there was a lot of tension in the house, and I think when Paul bust through the door it really loosened everybody up, and it because exciting again, but it was very bittersweet I have to agree with Danielle.


Julie. Shelby, for two weeks in a row the eviction votes have been split down the middle, why do you think the house is so divided?

S. Um, I think, I don’t know why you’d address that to me, um…

Julie. Because I know you can handle it.

S. Um, I think we all have an idea of who’s going to go home every week, I think we’re trying to be a little bit more interesting this season and not send everybody out unanimously, so, I think when we know who’s going home we want to give our friends some votes, um and not let them go out the door with zero votes to stay.


Julie. Good answer, see I knew you could handle it Shelby. Neeley, one of our viewers wants to know what went through your mind when the doorbell rang last night and when Paul walked through the front door?

N. Ohhh..it was nice to see some fresh testosterone, it was so nice, he was just handsome, full of energy, cute and…I was just real happy to see a nice fresh man in the house, it was wonderful.


Julie. No offense to the current men in the house though right.  Alex, in last weeks veto competition you took a punishment that gave you a disadvantage in last nights HOH comp, you could have taken a less severe punishment, so my question, why choose something that could put your game at risk?

A. You know when I had the option to take the sand trap punishment, compared to the HOH punishment I was still HOH at that time and I didn’t want to be out of the loop, I wanted to be with everyone, talking to people and seeing what was happening, and with the HOH punishment last night I knew going into it I was going to be at a disadvantage but honestly I didn’t want to win anyways, ya know, it is what it is and I’m happy I chose that to do.


Julie. Whitney, I’m not going to ask about the lap dance, don’t worry.

W. I thought you were.

Julie. No, what I’m going to ask you is, what do you think your parents are thinking? Not about the lap dance, although you can go there, what do you think your parents are thinking as they watch you play this game from home?

W. Ya know honestly I think that my parents are very shocked as to how I’m being, how I can control my emotions in the game because at home like I cry on a daily basis, I’m very emotional, and I’ve yet to hit that point I this house where I felt completely defeated [she hasn’t been on the block yet], um so coming in here they were like don’t let people be mean to you, try to keep it together, and I feel like I’ve kept it together tremendously, so I think they are very proud of me, and I’m proud of myself for not completely breaking down yet, but I think they’re so proud of my game, and I think I’ve surprised them, and most importantly I’ve surprised myself.


Julie. Very nice, thank you. Jason, one viewer wants to know, why aren’t you having as much fun this season, what’s going on?

J. I think that we are having fun this season, it’s a different group, everyone knows I love my BB17 crew, we had a lot of fun my year and were not at that place yet, were still in the early days of this game, so don’t think that were not going to have fun Julie, cause we are having fun, but it’s more serious this time around, I had to much fun last time and I got evicted so ya know we’re playing it differently.


Julie. There ya go, I think that’s the answer. Kryssie, congratulations, you are the new HOH, what’s the best part of winning HOH this week?

K. Ok, Im sure everybody saw me cry over the letter from my boyfriend it was definitely that, and the pictures and just proving to myself that I could win a comp, I did really awful in the last veto, and I was really mad at myself cause I had like a home version of that game as a kid, the fact that I bombed that so hard in the first round really kind of messed with my spirits, so its nice to know that I can win a comp, and to know that I’m not going to have to sit on that couch this week, I was getting to comfortable.


Julie. There you go. Well, well done lady.

Everyone, we are down to ten houseguests left in the game and I have some big news for everyone.

As you know, three of you will make it to finale night, but on Big Brother Over The Top there will not be a final HOH crowned that night, there will not be an eviction that night, and there will not be a final two. That’s because America will be voting for the winner among those three finalists.

I’ll leave you with that, goodbye houseguests!