“I’m so stressed out America. Why does Scott have his blinders on for Shane so hard? Like Shane is so much more easily manipulated, when Danielle is not—what is the problem? What do you have to say to these people? They’re both (Alex and Scott) here to play hard, good, that’s fine, but damn… Scott wants to be in a group, but if he ain’t willing to make any compromises then why the fu*k would I wanna work with you?

This isn’t the biggest compromise in the world but like it shows how malleable you are, and if I’m supposed to be malleable to my game and supposed to betray the people I actually love..and you’re not malleable at all, why would I want to??

I’m stressed…..send me signs America. Not banners, I ain’t saying that. Send me a sign with your next nominee or something. Let me know what you feedsters want, cause I’m tired, and trying to steer these people in the correct directions. Correct directions for me, maybe not for them, for me.

I don’t wanna have to do my people grimy. Not if Scott just thinks he’s going to be King Tut…Scott just looking for some damn TV time, he wants to be the star of the damn eviction show, you’re already the star of the week, doesn’t matter them girls are solid, and if Scott doesn’t take the clear cut answer that Daneielle’s a better player, what can you tell these people, if they don’t see it like, again, give them the keys to the castle and they ain’t gonna open the door. There’s really gonna be 3 boys in this house and like 900 girls, I’m always team ladies, but come on now..

Why am I going to bother protecting the two best people on that side, at comps and stuff, if they ain’t willing to compromise with me.

What is Justin doing? Too much. Better than doing nothing but still a little bit too much. Lord Jesus there’s a fire in my head, and in my stomach. I want to give you America what you want too, you want Danielle out? Good, that works for me, I wanna give ya’ll that.

Why these people doing—whatever. Shane’s nothing without her, she’s everything without Shane. She gonna be more focused on the game than she has been, she’s best (I believe he means been) distracted, clearly…And without him to distract her, she’s just gonna be a fu*king wrecking ball. She’s still gonna stay pissing off these girls but that doesn’t mean, you know how fickle this place is…this shit changes in an hour.

And I know I probably look like the rat fink of the universe, running in between, but I’m just trying to fu*king play. Clearly, siding with my side last time and going down with the ship didn’t mean nothing cause he’s here again and still poor. This is not the best game decision for me this week..And I’ve luckily been good two weeks in a row, maybe it’s time I finally take a real hit, not a hit for my side but a hit for long term game, but it’s dumb, it’s just dumb….”

He heads inside to the bathroom, “someones eyelash is on the floor”. Pees, brushes teeth

“Goodmotherfu*king Night!”

[This “alliance” with Jason, Justin, Scott and Alex is just a train wreck in the making.. I don’t see it working out, and it’s apparent Jason doesn’t either… ]