Nicole Franzel, winner of Big Brother 18 and Corey Brooks were cuddle buddies aka a showmance for the greater portion of BB18 — fans nicknamed them #Nicorey. Normally Big Brother showmances are seen as a threat and picked off rather quickly, Nicole as a veteran should have been seen as a double threat. Nevertheless they strategized and competed their way to the top four, which any superfan would have to admit — is impressive.

Nicole lives in Ubly, Michigan, while Corey lives in Dallas, Texas. This past weekend Nicole and Corey reunited in Dallas, and it looks like they had a great time together.


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In their first Periscope Corey asks Nicole, “what’s been your favorite thing about Dallas so far”, in which she replies, “if you think Corey is cool, his friends are wayyyy cooler”..


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They continue on about their weekend adventures, they went to the fair, ate plenty of fried foods, and hit the clubs. Nicole thanks their fans, says while they were out and about they received so much love and support, also thank you’s to all the fan pages, and for the gifts they both received.



Nicole says she’ll embrace the nickname #Nicobra too, she says she’s still unsure how she earned that name because she “played the game”, but she’ll take it!

Although Nicole and Corey don’t officially announce they are currently dating —Nicole plans to take Corey to Mexico in December and Corey plans to take Nicole to Atlanta in the near future, as well as Los Angeles for a Halloween Party.

..And in case you’re curious — Nicole says she’s saving her Big Brother winnings for her future, a house, for kids, her family. Nicole says she does plan to return to nursing but for the time being is not currently working, to which Corey’s friend quickly replies during their Periscope broadcast, “I can get you a job here in Dallas”.

For the time being Nicole and Corey plan to spend plenty of time together, and fans will have to wait and see what comes next.

You can watch their Periscope “Nicorey Reunited: Dallas Edition” in its entirety here.


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