America voted, and Scott has received the second Care Package of the season. Included in his care package were tighty whitey’s and jelly beans.

The card read:

“Congratulations Scott America has sent you the power to choose which type of veto everyone will be playing for this week. To be clear, you have not won the veto, with this power you can choose to put one of the following three options into play.

  1. DIAMOND VETO: the holder of this veto has the power to remove someone from the chopping block and also name the replacement nominee.
  2. DOUBLE VETO: The top two finishers in the competition will each win the power of veto. [Original explanation via BBOTT Website read Two vetoes will be awarded at the veto competition and will be in play..]
  3. BOOMERANG VETO: The winner of this veto will be able to use it twice in the same veto meeting. That meets the veto holder could remove two people from the chopping block at the veto meeting.

Prior to the veto competition you will be asked to announce which veto you want to play for, congratulations again on winning America’s package.”

From what we gathered the vote came down to either Scott or Shane according to many of the viewer poles that swirled around the internet the past couple days, mainly because this care package was not a game changer, and fans are waiting to give the more powerful care packages to their favorites in the upcoming weeks.

What will be interesting now is if Scott and other houseguests will assume that Scott is popular with America, I for one believe Scott will assume he has redeemed himself this past week. Instead, truth be known — at this point in the game fans aren’t that into Scott or his game play.

Goodluck Scott!