More often than not showmances are unlikely to work out after the show for several reasons, then again some showmances continue to thrive outside the Big Brother house.

Rachel and Brendon had their baby girl 6 months ago, Jeff and Jordan are awaiting their baby boys arrival any time now, and Danielle Donato and Dominic were also married and loving life together.

Big Brother 18 definitely had it’s share of showmances, one of them, James Huling and Natalie Negrott. James aka Captain Camo and Natalie a sweet cheerleader, an unlikely match? Maybe, but they were pretty cute together while in the Big Brother house. Fans questioned if it was just game play on Natalie’s end or was it actually a love match..

Well, James and Natalie have reunited and officially announced that they are indeed boyfriend and girlfriend in a live Periscope over this past weekend, the title “Road tripping to meet Natalie’s family” someone asked if they had a make out sesh yet, Natalie says “we plead the 5th on that one”. They’re on their way to meet Natalie’s fathers side of the family in Massechusetts and then to Pennsylvania to meet James family and Natalie’s mom.

Natalie, “yes we are dating, yes we are official” *thumbs up*


They open it up to Q & A.

Natalie, we do keep in touch with some of the houseguests, the ones I was best friends with in the show I’m best friends with out of the show.. she continues saying they did some charity work the previous day and she did meet Meg, “that was cool”.

A fan says, ya’ll need to get married. Natalie, “we’ll see, we’ll see”. Natalie continues saying we are both very positive, people can say whatever they want to say about anyone “I’m not going to hate on anyone, cause I’m to happy with my life”.

Natalie “yes I would do All Stars if they asked me to do it”

Natalie “shout out to Canada”

James “what’s up Canada”

They say they’ll be coming to Canada soon, they’ll announce the dates!

Q. What do you like most about James?

A. Natalie “James completes everything I ever wanted in a guy, he makes me feel secure, he makes me feel confident, he makes me feel beautiful, he encourages me to do whatever I want, and he makes me feel really confident and good about myself, so I trust him, I just love everything about him”.

James and Natalie picking apples on their road trip..


You can catch up with the entirety of their Road Tripping Periscope here.

There you have it #Jatalie fans, it’s official! Congratulations James and Natalie!