“Hello again houseguests, the Big Brother Over The Top game is in full swing, so far you’ve learned that America will be choosing a nominee each week, casting one eviction vote each week, and sending in game changing care packages all season long.

Well America’s involvement doesn’t stop there, when I mention the words, cold showers, and slop I’m sure you all know what that means [except maybe Justin, lol], that’s right, have-nots, and in a season that has more involvement from America than ever before I’m sure you can guess how the have-nots will be chosen, that’s right, by America.

Each week America will vote for the houseguests they want to be have-not, those chosen will have to endure cold showers, the dreaded have-not bedroom, and of course slop, that’s the bad news, the good news is that America can not make you a have not two weeks in a row. The first group of have-nots will be revealed tomorrow. That’s it for now, I’ll see you all again in the coming days, goodbye for now houseguests.”


Unknown guy “we’re feasting tonight”

Monte, “thats going to make everyone a’s gonna be a rotation” [uh not necessarily]

Danielle, “at least they can’t do the same people every single week”

Jason, “they can’t starve anyone to death, which is all that matters”

Kryssie, “they don’t have to show their cards…they can toy with everybody”

Jason, “damn we were thinking there wasn’t going to be any have-nots”