Hello houseguests, how is everyone doing? By now I’m sure you have all gotten used to the messages I’ve sent you over the past week, but you should know, that right now we are LIVE. I can see all of you and America is watching too.

Now, lets get down to business, every Thursday I’ll be talking to you, just like this, live asking questions about, the past week, and the week ahead, and the first question goes to Monte…

JC. Now Monte, you ultimately wound up nominating 3 houseguests for eviction last week, however it was America’s nominee Cornbread who was evicted last night leaving all 3 of your nominees in the house *Julie laughs* [I die..haha] lucky you.

M. I was sweating watching that HOH comp last night, I’ll tell ya that much.

JC. I bet, so how do you feel this morning?

M. I feel good, I’m just happy to be here, a great group of people, you know, just trying to take it easy……………………..


JC. Alex, congratulations on becoming the new head of household. Now Alex, unlike Monte you’ll be able to make your nominations knowing that America will also place a 3rd houseguests on the block, and knowing they will also cast one vote for eviction. Will this affect how you make your nominations?

A. I mean absolutely, this season the head of household does not have as much power because of America’s vote, so you have to think everything through, and guess what could happen, you have to really strategic about it now, it’s a lot different, so yes, a lot more thought is going into play.


JC. This takes our motto, expect the unexpected to a whole new level, doesn’t it. Neeley, you were the runner up in last nights HOH competition, nicely done, how difficult was that competition?

N. Wheww, it was hard girl, a diva was sweatin’, and shaking, ooo it was hard.


JC. Well, you know a lot of money is on the line, were not going to things easy on you guys, it’s Big Brother, you’re not sissy’s come on.
Kryssie, you survived the last eviction, be honest, how stressful was it to be on the block?

K. I was so afraid that I was going to be the first person to do the nervous puke on the new couch, I was terrified. No matter what type of connections you make, you never know where it’s all going to shake out and with America doing this too……..I wasn’t okay until my name was not called.


JC. Sorry to say I’m kind of happy to hear that, it means the game is working. Danielle, same question for you, how nerve-racking and stressful was it to be on the block?

D. It’s always nerve-racking to be on the block whether it’s week one of its the last week. It’s never a place you want to be, so being on the block was definitely an experience, not an experience I look forward to being in again, so.


JC. It makes you stronger, look at it that way, it makes you stronger. Jason, you are the only returner in the game this season, has that been difficult for you?

J. It has been, but ya know it’s nice to be here again in a whole other different experience, and with a whole new cast, but it is difficult, obviously we’ve seen I was under the thumb last week being the only returnee, but yeah, I’m excited to be here but I miss all my BB 17 peoples *waves*.


JC. Justin, I want to turn to you, how well did you know the game of Big Brother before you moved into the house, be honest?

J. To be honest wit you I did not know a damn thing, but uh, ya know what I’m saying……I’m just taking it as it goes and, ya know, I know I have to be conscious of everything that’s going on, and I’m very aware, I’m ready, and I’m excited to see what’s gonna happen next.

JC. Alright, you’ve been in the house for a week now Justin, so what has been the most surprising part of this game for you?

J. Well, it’s just been, just really, ya know, interesting to see how everybody knows strategies and stuff, so, I have to say one of the most surprising things probably is, uhhh, another day at keeping it going, ya dig, that’s a surprise.


JC. Shelby, how would you say everyones getting along in the house so far?

S. Um, I think, well, *giggles* you picked the perfect person to ask, I mean were definitely starting to see the groups starting to form, I’m definitely starting to hear what’s being said about me at night, but, um, but yeah were here to play a game so you can’t take anything personally, and yeah, that’s yeah, did I answer the question?


JC. Yeah, that’s the right approach, it’s a game. Friendships are going to be formed, bromances, showmances, who knows, but ultimately it’s a game right.
Shane, you’ve been with your housemates 24/7 for the last  week, do you think you know them pretty week, do you think you know them pretty well or do you think there’s still secrets to uncover?

S. Uhhh, I think I know them pretty well, but like I said, it is Big Brother expect the unexpected, but for now everyone seems pretty genuine, and um, yeah I guess we’ll see as the days go by….this weeks a new week and everything changing, so we’ll see.


JC. Morgan, you know a lot of former houseguests have said that the game really kicks in once the first eviction takes place, has the game changed since Cornbread left last night?

M. You know, it has completely changed, I think it was a big wakeup call for everyone, like the first week were all friends, we know were playing a game but were still getting to know each other, have fun, but once that person walks out of the door you kinda realize it’s a game now, everything completely change, especially with America’s voting.


JC. Whitney, hi there. You’re a fan of Big Brother, how different is playing the game verses watching it at home?

W. Oh my gosh, it’s so different, and I’ve said that this whole entire time, like at home you’re like why are you doing that you need to vote this person out, but in here it’s sooooo much different, you have to take so many things into consideration that you would never think about at home.


JC. See it’s like the old saying, never judge someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Scott, you’re also a big Big Brother fan, how does the fact that America will pick the winner change the way you originally planned on playing this game?

S. Oh its really nerve-racking because everyone always has their perceptions inside the house of how likable they are, but you always find out once you’re outside the house, things aren’t always as they seem, and America has very different perceptions on what’s going on in here. I’m just excited to see how this season rolls out and see how America receives all of us, I hope they’re having a good time watching us though.


JC. I think they are. Well, as you all know America can not nominate the same houseguest two weeks in a row, but their last nominee went home, which means no one but Alex is safe this week.
Alex, as the new head of household you will soon have a very, very important decision to make, as you choose whom to keep safe, and which two houseguests to nominate for eviction, but Alex, keep in mind America will be making a 3rd nomination.
That’s all for now houseguests, but I’ll be dropping in with another message soon enough, goodbye everyone.