First let me say, I love, love, love Big Brother Over The Top, it’s a live feeders dream come true! It’s all that we’ve asked for over the past 18 seasons of Big Brother.

  • No nap rules ✔️
  • Live Head of Household competition ✔️
  • Live Power of Veto competition ✔️
  • Live Swimsuit photoshoot ✔️
  • Live Diary Room sessions ✔️
  • Live Have-not reveal ✔️
  • No feed outages other than production going over rules for competitions ✔️
  • Fans vote for the have-nots ✔️
  • Fans nominate a houseguest ✔️
  • Fans vote to evict a houseguest ✔️
  • Fans vote to give care packages ✔️
  • Fans watch the POV players chosen ✔️

….and the list goes on because basically the feeds are on 24/7 and whatever they do, we can watch, raw, unscripted in all it’s glory! #LoveBBOTT

I’m actually seriously concerned that the Summertime seasons of Big Brother are now tainted for me. All the scripting, all the feed outages, it’s going to be difficult to go back to the old ways.

The live diary rooms were amazing, we got a raw, unscripted look into exactly what the houseguests were thinking, who they were truly aligned with, or think they’re aligned with.. who they liked, who they didn’t and much more!

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Big Brother has given them a list of questions to respond to, and a set amount of time to answer them.


Most loyal to Danielle and Monte, likes Danielle, she’s an amazing person, she’s very beautiful inside and out, I like Monte, I actually like Jason, I like everyone except Cornbread, Cornbread has been stepping on peoples toes. I also don’t like Monte’s little princesses, “I want to nip that in the butt”. (Whitney, Morgan and Alex)

Monte and I shook on our loyalty, “I’m basically trying to tell him what to do without getting blood on my hands”. My strategy is constantly changing. My strategy right now, Cornbread is going, I want to put up Shelby and/or Kryssie. I want to win HOH week 3 or 4.

“I have my hand in both cookie jars”.. Loves hanging and cuddling with Danielle. were like a Bonnie and Clyde situation. Think Monte and Morgan will be a showmance.



Strategy was to dumb herself down and be super friendly with everyone and gain knowledge as possible, I feel like I’m connecting with the house. Aligned with Kryssie, Jason and Danielle and most loyal too. “They’re like my tribe”..

I like everyone in the house, well thats a lie, let me keep it 1000.. I like most the people in the house. “Not feeling Shelby, Shelby can kick a rock.” She’s a floater, to many shenanigans, playing to hard, I don’t trust her.

I feel like me and Danielle did some shit today. Originally everyone wanted Kryssie out today, we worked that today, planted baby seeds, Kryssie’s gonna keep it real.

Target for me, Shelby.

High point, when Jason won the Power of Veto.



I’m most loyal with Jason, “he kept it real since the beginning..we click clack”. I’ll never lose love for Danielle, she’s just a beautiful goddess. I love Scott, Jason, KrysTY..KrysTY hella cool. “Whitney, she washed my clothes for me today…I got hella love for that, for folding my drawers…that’s love”.

I’m really not feeling Shelby, she’s creating a lot of bad blood, she’s just really fake..she hops on anyones bandwagon.

I’m singing, I go in phone booth and pretend I’m talking to someone from home, try to order poorboy’s..

If I become target, I be coming for Shelby and Monte, even though Monte didn’t put me up I think he wanted too. Shelby don’t keep it 100.

High point: Staying up all night I consider myself a vampire, I’m nocturnal, every night I stay up is an adventure, I’m so random, I don’t know what I’m going to say, I’m just raw and uncut baby.



My strategy was to find that one person that I could relate to the most and was the most trustworthy and take me further in the game. I think it’s worked out well this week. Aligned with Monte, Morgan, Alex, and Shane out of all of them the one Im most loyal to is Monte, he is so trustworthy, I trust him with my life, that could be my downfall.

I like everyone, the person I like most is probably Morgan, our personalties are similar, I can talk to her. As of now the person I dislike the most is Danielle, I think she is running the other side of the house that I’m not aligned with and her showmance with Shane who is supposedly on my side, takes a tole on our alliance. She’s a little self-centered more than my liking. No crushes, last thing on my mind. Number 1 target would be Jason and Danielle. Jason because he’s already America’s sweetheart.

High point: Being aligned with Monte. I’d give anything to win this upcoming HOH competition.



Coming into the house my strategy was to establish that I was a leader, and also pick out good allies. I really think I got a shot to go a long way in this game.

I’m in a position of power, hard to tell who exactly is on my side and who’s kinda brown nosing. I’d say I’m aligned with Shane, Morgan and Whitney, I’ve got their back, most loyal to bromance, Shane and Morgan and Whitney. I like everybody, best friend Shane, attractiveness Morgan. Don’t like Justin, he’s hilarious, but I’m not buying it though, he was one of the main brown nosers, he doesn’t know when to shut up [pot meet kettle??]

Secrets: me Shane and Cornbread and Scott we had a thing were we don’t screw each other up, my promise to Morgan and Whitney to not backstab them. People don’t see that me and Scott work together.

High point: HOH, I became the first HOH, I’m forever in the record books. I made it mandatory for everyone to meet with me in the HOH #UGH

Definitely don’t want Justin or Jason to win HOH.

Rate your HOH: 8 out of 10, execution 6.5 out of 10 I could have done some things a little bit better.



Heyyyyyy…..#1 I came in with lots of strategies last year and none of them seem to really do me any good. Nobody ever really wants me in their alliance for some reason, I don’t know, I’m the rabid personality, the only people that want to align with me are the other rabid personalities. I’m not really aligned with anyone. I’m probably most loyal to Danielle, and Kyrssie has been there for me this week, she is also a time bomb, loyalty changes in 5 minutes.

I basically don’t really like nobody, cause last time I liked way to many people, people are growing on me but all these people are really fake. “I’m just trying to play along with these idiots”.. They all need to go home so I can win, so BYE!

I’m saying I’m going to go down with the ship, but I’m the tug boat and I don’t really want to grab anybody’s ship yet.

High point: coming back here, I never thought I would ever be in the house ever again. Big Brother is not only my obsession but my passion, its probably unhealthy how much I like this show and this experience. I never thought I’d be so blessed to get it again. High point was walking in, then I saw OMG all these people are trash… high point was winning that veto and saying ya’ll can suck it.

I need to win HOH this week, I would love to take some hardcore shots. I’m ready..last time Jason Roy played this time @TheJayRoy is’s zero fu*ks given.



Coming into the house I didn’t want to work with my sister, now here we are working together. I thought I would align with guys, I am working with Monte, but Im working with Alex, Whitney and Shelby. Hopefully in the next couple weeks we don’t murder each other.

Don’t know how I feel about the whole girl thing. I trust Monte a lot, I hope Monte is not using me, but I feel Monte is trustworthy almost to a fault. I want to break up bromance between him and Shane.

I consider Monte, this is not a showmance, I am happily taken. I like Shelby, Whitney, me and Neeley I feel like we connected, even though were not working together directly, I do not like Danielle, I do not trust her, she’s rubbing a lot of people the wrong way, but she talks about herself a lot. Justin love him, comic relief, he’s smarter than people think. If I get HOH Justin and Danielle sorry.

NO crushes. Me and Monte, NO, strictly friends I consider him a brother. I might have to say bye to my sister, I’m going to do whatever I can to further myself.

High point: Sleeping in the HOH room so I didn’t have to hear Cornbread snore, bless you Monte for letting me sleep in the HOH room. Not being on the block.

Yes, 100% want to win HOH this week. I need it, I want it. I need to get Justin out, I need to get Danielle out, I need to break up her and Shane.



Came into the house wanting to win as many competitions as possible. Been in alliance with Cornbread, Monte and Shane, don’t play on keeping Cornbread around much longer.

Been working a little with Jason, I try to work with Jason before competitions. Most loyal to Alex. I like everybody, Alex, Shane, Monte and Jason, top 4 right now. Cornbread’s been getting on my nerves.

Hoping to stay the course. Hoping to win that HOH. Prove my loyalty to those I formed relationships with.

High point: The all male alliance I was aligned with the first night.

Want to win upcoming HOH, Monte might be in hot water after this week, I want to prove where my loyalty lies, I am capable of winning competitions, I don’t want to be seen as an easy out.

I have my eye on Justin, I think he’s the biggest threat, he has a lot going on upstairs. I know he’s going after Monte, I’m worried about that, my other biggest target is Danielle, she flipped this house in a matter of 3 hours, she’s making Shane lose focus.

I like Shelby, I think nobody else in the house trusts her, I think she would heed my advice, she has no idea how much smack people talk about her behind her back. I hope fact that she’s so disliked will keep her around.



Heyyyyy everybody, its me Shelby, Im not sure how this works I promise I’ll get better.

Strategy lay low, throw competitions. But I got bored so I started scheming first thing. I also said I was going to have a showmance but nobody is interested in me, sooooo that’s not gonna happen either.

Aligned with me Morgan, Alex and Whitney. I also liking Scott and I’m trying to work with Jason. Favorite is Jason, he better hang out with me when this is over, I like Scott but I know he has some secrets, I like my girls, that’s it. I don’t like anybody who watches Harry Potter and doesn’t read Harry Potter..uh Danielle, and also she’s prettier than me. Kryssie was pissing me off but were good now.

I don’t have any secrets, I’m fu*king winging it. “Justin already told me his penis is to large for me and would kill me so that’s not gonna work.”

High point: my safety necklace glowing, not getting nominated and Jason winning veto.



I am not aligning with my sister, cause I was so paranoid, the only person that kind of caught on was Justin but he hasn’t said anything in a couple days. I was going to find the weird people and do my own thing, I ended up aligning with my sister, I’m willing to screw her over later if I need to.

I had a good thing going with Southern people, that disintegrated. I feel loyal to my sister because I know she’s not lying to me. I thought I trusted Scott. I didn’t want to trust my sister, but Morgan is all I have.

I get along well with sister, we get each other because we know each other, I like Whitney, I vibe with her, Scott is awesome, we nerd out, my people for the moment.

I don’t like Danielle, our personalites clash, everytime I speak she speaks over me. Danielle and Shane are running the house. I don’t understand why people don’t see it, they are a power couple, if I get HOH I am breaking that up.

High point: as a fan, being in the house, I feel blessed, grateful, whole experience has been a high for me.

I have to win this upcoming HOH, I am in trouble this week, I feel I’m being targeted, because I’m a super fan, I’m trying to be chill, I know Shelby is a target, I have to win and change this game.



I was hoping for a body builder to bond with. Jason is my ride or die, first thing I said to him is I’m so glad you’re here, I loved his energy. I like anybody and everybody who is letting me think I’m safe. I’m wild about Danielle, Im wild about Neeley, I love Jason, where would we be without Justin!

I don’t like anybody and everybody who made it possible for me to be where I am.

I have a gross sun allergy thats why Im always wearing sweaters, I am covered in tattoos, I’m always to hot in here. I think Shelby is trash, sorry girl we all see right through you. Cornbread has given up.

High point: showing up, I’ve been scared every since I found out I was chosen. I have guilt about those who didn’t make it over me. When Jason walked through the door, I didn’t know what I needed until he came in.

I had a rough first week, homesick, internal clock is messed up, has my ‘cycle’ messed up hormonally. Plan to be personable and let them know I want to be here. I’m not done yet, I want to appear that I give a crap and want to be here. I will smile at Shelby if that allows me to stay. Cornbread is not playing. I have to stay true to the game and to myself. Don’t scare people to much.



Cornbread is LOUD!!

Strategy I aligned with Monte, Scott and Shane, that has stayed true, we added a little bit more people to it. Being put on the block has made me know that i need to bring more into my alliance.

Aligned with Scott, most loyal to Scott, if I don’t win this, he needs to win this.

I’m kinda working a little bit with Jason, Jason has a lot of knowledge in this game, he’s a strong competitor, need to keep him in my back pocket in case of emergency situation.

I’m pretty much a nominee right now, I hate that America put me up there, I feel like they put me up there because they like me. I’m transparent, I’m trying to be sincere.

So pretty much Cornbread out!



Hi America!

Strategy coming in find someone I genuinely have a connection with. My two biggest would be Jason and Shane, strategy hasn’t changed much. Strong, forward game.

Aligned with Jason, Shane, Justin, Neeley and Kryssie, I have a better connection with. Most loyal to Shane and Jason, everything I think of I’m keeping them in mind, we seem to be on same page.

I don’t dislike anyone, I favor the night crew, the late night jamboree, Justin is the biggest character I have ever met, he keeps us entertained.

I have a crush on Shane I think that’s obvious, I adore Jason.

High point: honest high point was when Jason won the veto, I was so excited, I ran from the house and jumped on him, I love that kid, I absolutely adore him, I was truly happy he took himself off the block. Personally and game wise I love Jason.

I want to win HOH, I want to keep  my side of the house safe. I don’t want to see anybody I care about on the block.  Snacks, I want more snacks, I love food, no snoring and a nice bathroom.

Plan to stay, putting focus on someone else. The house seems to be leaning towards Cornbread, luckily I was up against someone America voting for to be on the block. I’ve utilized Shane to convince Monte. If Cornbread doesn’t go home I’ll be very surprised, if I go home I’ll be even more surprised.