Once again Michelle tosses a comment out there starting a huge blow up between Paulie and Da’Vonne. Once again I feel myself saying, this is a game, this is a game, this is a game with one 500k winner!

Paulie says that Da’Vonne and Bridgette haven’t been very nice to Zakiyah since she and Paulie talked it out and are back together. [hey, they are two adults, and whatever they choose is their business, in my opinion Zakiyah shouldn’t be treated any differently for her choices, Da’Vonne and Bridgette are her friends they should respectfully give their advice/concerns and then let it go, ultimately it’s Zakiyah’s decision..#JustSaying]

As for the fight between Paulie and Da’Vonne, I’m not saying who’s right, who’s wrong, but I am saying they are both very passionate about their opinions.

Da’Vonne has said several times throughout her first season and this season that she wants to be a good example for her little girl because one day she will watch her mommy on the show, so when Paulie says that Da’Vonne isn’t acting very classy and questions the example she is making for her daughter, Da’Vonne loses it and the BB handler has to step in. [ok once again my opinion, during this conversation/argument Paulie wasn’t “talking down” to Da’Vonne by defending his actions with Zakiyah and the choices they’ve made throughout this whole experience, Da’Vonne went to far with her temper though, both should have taken a step back, and let it go until both could talk rationally. Sure it made for good TV and many fans loved it, I am not one who loved it..]

In the next segment Da’Vonne says she’s had a few days to think about it and knows she took it to far, so for now she just doesn’t interact with Zakiyah or Paulie.

I hope they will forgive, forget and have #Friendship, because they shared an experience that is once in a lifetime, despite their passions and opinions. 🙂


The feeds are back after the Head of Household Part 1 Competition that we didn’t get to see on the live feeds..

Nicole is in the shower, saying she didn’t stand a chance in that comp.

Paul heads to the storage room to grab the chicken and says “fu8k all of you, fu8k all of you, FU8K ALL OF YOU”..

Nicole heads to the Tokyo room where Paul is waiting.

Nic, he acted like he through it?

Paul, he didn’t throw me anything.


Paul, “he through that to me?!?! Fu8k you!”


Paul, “through that to me my ass”

Nic, I think he wants me and you to battle and in the end take him, that’s what he thinks..because he thinks I’m mean to you.

They hug and Paul says, “you know we won right?! We’re going to beat him in the mental comp.

Nic, I hope so.

Paul, if you don’t take me I will hate you for the rest of my life..

Nic, you know I couldn’t hang from that thing, that was hard for me..


Paul shhhhhhhhushes Nic, I told you 3 days ago this is my plan. “Let’s finish the plan and win this game”..”and keep him in the middle where he belongs”..

Nic, “yeah, lets do this”..


Nic, I was not good at that wall comp I was swinging like a monkey.

Paul, he wouldn’t take me, what a dick.. [everybody is playing everybody, I actually have no idea who is going to take who at this point]


Paul and Nicole Jedi training..


Paul and James playing cards..

James, we’re 6 days away from waking up to 500k.

Paul, I’ve never been that close to anything, I think we deserve it man we got shafted hard, we were on the outs of a lot of shit too..

James, it all turned out well, thank God.

Paul everyones going to shit their pants when they see us up there.

James, it’ll be good TV.

Paul, one more comp either you win it or I win it. I’ve been around more houseguests this season.

James, when I talk to her it just seems like she’s missing Corey. I love the girl to death but as soon as she left..

Paul, you changed dude.


Paul, what do you think this next comp will be.

James, names..

Paul, names?

James, like messiah, we’ll be like messiah oh that was Jozea…and Paulie could be like the best pie maker in the house..



Paul, Nicole, James are laughing about how they’ll look in the HOH part 1 comp.