Nicole and Corey

Paul is not expected to use the veto


Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

When the feeds returned last night, Paul was feeding the fish, James was in the diary room and Nicole and Corey were hanging out in bed, looking sad.

We find out that Paul had indeed nominated Nicole and Corey for eviction, leaving James as the sole vote to evict in tonight’s eviction. Of course Nicole and Corey had their chance at veto, but neither won the veto, instead we find out that Paul had won the Power of Veto too!


Corey to James, “we understand that one of us have to go”..

James, if he (Paul) throws me a lifeline (by not nominating James) then I’m going to have to repay the favor, I’m pretty positive he’s not going to use the veto. [note: it’s best for James game that Corey is evicted, but James will use the ole I have to do what the HOH wants ploy to work his jury votes..and work on his plan to most likely take Nicole to final 2, that’s his best bet..]

James, you understand my situation, I have to pick somebody..”it’s not easy”


Nicole, if we came up with one of us to go, that’s what you’d decide?
James, yeah, that would be a lot easier..

Corey, I knew he was going to do that, [have them decide who goes]
Nicole, that’s like disgusting..that’s like hunger games..

Nicole to Corey, Paul probably wants you gone…you’re the strongest competition in here and you wouldn’t take him..

Nicole, I’m going to let what’s going to happen happen, it is what it is..

Nicole, I feel very bad.
Corey, dont, just let me go.
Nicole, I don’t want to just let you go.

HOH w/James

James has made his way up to the HOH where Paul is resting. James begins his retell of his conversation with Nicole and Corey, but reassures Paul he’s doing whatever Paul wants, he thanks him for saving him (not nominating him) and knows if Paul does use the veto, James is going to the jury house.


James tells Paul they’re pressing him for an answer as to who James is going to vote out.


As I’m half listening to James talk to Paul, I’m realizing that Nicole knows exactly what’s going on, although she is somewhat pretending to not know what’s going to happen with the breaking up of Nicorey… she knows Corey is the target, she knows she has to let him go, and she’s already planning her next move, and this is all confirmed when James heads downstairs and tells her that Paul wants to talk to her (Corey is in the DR)..

HOH w/Nicole

Paul to Nicole, I planted the seed (with James), I am saving your ass!

Apparently during the blackout Paul and Nicole made a final two agreement. [note: this is the part of the season where the final 3 all have a final 2 with one another]

Paul says Nicole deserves final 2 with him vs James.. They shake on a final two! Nicole tells Paul it’s hard not telling Corey everything, she’s told him everything all season. Paul assures her that it’s a game, would she rather go home? Nicole says of course not, it’s just hard..


Paul we need to sell this to James, he’s not stupid..

Paul to Nicole, you’re an idiot if you turn this down [Paul taking her to F2..not his decision, yet..] #ButHesRight


HOH w/Corey

Paul tells Corey he loves Nicole and Corey, he respects their them, etc, etc, etc……

Paul using LOTS & LOTS of words to say in not so many words that he won’t be using the veto and James will vote to evict Corey.


Corey heads back to the DR and Paul tells Nicole that he told Corey he wishes things were different, but……….

Nicole, I just feel bad, I’m just trying to think of something to say tomorrow…thank you for talking to him.

Paul, ..I love you two.. you guys are fu*king awesome..

Nicole, he wanted to know so he could sleep and enjoy his last day. I would want to know too if it was me.

Paul tells Nicole that after (eviction) Nicole needs to act pissed at him (Paul).


Corey is just out of the DR and Paul and Corey hug it out..


Corey climbs in bed, “what’s up Nicole”

Nic, I just feel so bad.

Corey, don’t.

Nic, I can tell you cried.

Corey, it was my goodbye, it sucked. You know, leaving you, it just wasn’t easy.


Nicole asks Corey, “what do I do from here? If Paul tries to work with me” #ShesGotThatTakenCareOfAlready

Nicole says she asked Paul if he was going to use the veto, she says he said he’s not going to use it.. “he’s like Nicole, stop asking me, he’s like Corey’s a strong competitor I have to have him go”..

10:49p Nic, I don’t want you to think I’m doing anything behind your back because I’m not doing anything behind your back at all ….he wants me to work with him type thing.

Corey, that’s fine.

Nic, he doesn’t want me to tell you that.

Corey, what do you mean work with him?

Nic, not work with him, but take him to final two. Is that smart?

Corey, no!

Nic, so take James for sure?

Corey, yes. Are you serious.

Nic, I want you to help me.

Corey, it’s so obvious Nicole, just win that endurance comp, or let one of them take you.. just give your best

10:51p Nic, Ohh Corey, we haven’t been apart for 92’s so crazy, it’s gonna be weird, it’s gonna be weird without you, it’s gonna suck, it’s gonna reallyyy suckkk…

Nicole tells Corey she is bad at speeches if she does make final 2, she gets flustered and blacks out, he tells her to relax, clear her mind and be herself..”just act like you’re having a conversation”..





James, Paul and Corey hanging out in the living room, just random chat..current topic tattoos and where you place them..

Nicole is in the bathroom styling her hair.



Nicole’s telling them that she knew she wanted to work with Corey early on. Paul says, “fu*k me and James” *jokingly*..

Nicole says, Frank wanted to be my ride or die.

Paul, really?

Nicole, I had options I feel like, I just knew that *points to Corey* “Corey I just looked in his eyes and saw genuine trust, do you know what I mean”..


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