Natalie and Tiffany, Tiffany nominated Corey as the roadkill nominee

James and Natalie -Team Unicorn


Today will be the Veto Ceremony..

Tiffany, Natalie and Corey as the roadkill nominee (nominated by Tiffany as the roadkill winner) are nominated for eviction.

As the Veto winner, Corey does plan to use the POV on himself, and since he is the roadkill nominee, Tiffany will nominate the replacement nominee.

As of Friday, Da’Vonne and Tiffany were working together, but that is a thing of the past, gone but not yet forgotten. Tiffany has spent all weekend blowing up Day’s game to any and all that will listen, and believe me most listen but don’t fully believe Tiffany at this point. Tiffany proclaims “the beast has been unleashed” and right now that beast is hardcore after Da’Vonne, she plans to nominate her as a replacement, Day knows this, so spent most of the weekend laying somewhat low, making nice with the very showmances that she wants to break up so that she “can get her girls back” aka Zakiyah and Nicole. The showmances have gotten wind of this and other conversations and no longer trust Day.

Last night Nicole told Frank she wanted to “start over”, whether she really truly means this is a whole other story. They both ask each other, “do you promise to have my back”, Nicole tells Frank she’s leery of telling him anything because she knows he told people things that she only told him, so she’s not ready to name any names of the houseguests she’s gotten information from.

At this point the only “true” (in the Big Brother sense of the word) alliances I know of are James/Natalie, Paulie/Corey, Frank/Brigette, as for the showmances, Paulie/Corey plan to take the girls along, and cut them when needed… will the girls cut them first, that remains to be seen.

As for Michelle and Paul, they are expendable and at this point just voting numbers, which may get them fairly far in this game, so far neither have won any competitions.

As for Da’Vonne she has once again talked a bit to much, shared a bit to much, twisted some things a bit to much and will not win this season, but will likely make it to jury, maybe.

The target this week is currently still Tiffany, and in my opinion their best bet, Tiffany can win competitions. Tiffany can also twist the truth an use her tears, emotions, and martyr strategy, which worked for her sister Vanessa, but won’t get Tiffany all the way this season.

Frank is still the target for next week, but if he should win HOH or is nominated and wins the Veto, Day is the second choice, the houseguests have compared notes and realize Day is not to be trusted, she has been sharing way to much information that she vowed to keep to herself and it’s caught up to her, much like her first season.



Paul, is telling Corey that Frank is getting insecure about whether he can trust Paul.. Paul has been reassuring Frank that he’s on his side..”next week, guess what pots and pans, on the block, you’re pissed, one of yawls going home, you’re fucked, I don’t care”..

Paul says he’s going to rattle Frank and Bridgette with pots, pans, lights on, etc.. “pots and pans mother fu*ker” “I’m going to make him so mad”

Corey, I’m sleeping upstairs then.

Paul, Im going to make him so mad that he’s solely playing on emotion [I’m not sure how well that will work with Frank, his inner beast will be unleashed.. it may sound good on paper Paul..but yeh]

Paul, thats how you get in a fighters head, when I would fight I would laugh at them.. and then I might not win, I’ll still do the pots and pans, pots and pans are gonna happen.

Nicole, Evel Dick did pots and pans.

Paul, Evel Dick has nothing on Evel Paul.. #Oh


Paul leaves and Nicole tells Corey that Michelle is making her nervous. She tells Corey that she was talking casual to Michelle and she must have told went and told Paul because then Paul told me about the “whole Bridgette thing…that she apologized saying she didn’t do it, the whole shaking her head, rolling her eyes thing”..

Nic, so she ran upstairs and immediately told Paul everything I said..


2:29a Z, is referring to all the stuff that Tiffany is trying to stir up when she says, “I’m going to channel my energy elsewhere”


Corey and Nicole..



Corey and Nicole and “friends” on the wall.. getting a little hands on with each other.. take it for what is worth..

FLASHBACK to 8:56a Camera’s 3/4


Jul-18-2016 16-25-43



James, I hate this mic pack, “I like this netting (in his swim shorts) helps me hide my boner sometimes..”

Frank, “like some nice packed sausage”

Nic, helps you from showing your ________ is that what you just said?

James, yeah.

Nic, goodness.

James, hey its human, it happens, just like yawl bleed once in awhile.

Michelle, what does boys do?

James, we have erections sometimes.

Michelle, oh yeah.


James, you can’t help them, sometimes they just pop up.

Nic, do you guys just get em, how does that work?

Mich, sometimes if they’re cold, I think.

James, or when you got to pee in the morning

Frank, yeah, when you really got a take a pee.

Nic, and then where you’re attracted to something? [LOL]

#NervousBoner #BackyardBonerTalk




Nicole, I need more coffee…as she walks aways, “I never thought I would talk to Frank, now Frank and I are BFF’s practically”..


Frank, you guys started this line of questioning..


James, what?
Michelle, is it like that?
Frank, yes and no.
Michelle, when you’re cold though.

James, you could be sitting out here like looking at the wall and it just starts to happen, and you’re kinda like shit, and you try to make them go away sometimes actually.


Michelle, I’m surprised I haven’t seen one yet..


Frank, and obviously if you start thinking of something sexual..

Nicole, that’s so bizarre.

Frank, it can be awkward in certain situations.

Michelle, do you ever get them at the doctor with the nurse?

Nicole, people do when you have to shave around for surgery.

Michelle, do you do that? Is it awkward?

Nicole, yeah, very awkward.

Frank, usually when I wake up I stay in bed for a little while, because of it.

Day joins them…

James, dang you looking all fancy.

Day, well you know, not gonna get caught looking ugly.


Frank, you take good care of your feet Day, I was thinking the other day, I don’t see any dry skin on the bottom of her feet.

Day, thank you.

10:55a Feeds go down for the Veto Ceremony!


11:47a The Live Feeds are back and the houseguests are headed outside..

Tiffany, she (Da’Vonne) fucking whipped it (her hair) on me dude…and she’s like you’re hair ain’t long enough.. bitch.

Frank, yeh, well hers ain’t real.

Tiffany, exactly.

Tiffany to Frank, “she’s like, oh we beautiful up here..stupid..ok Day, really, look at you look at me” “look at you, look at me honey-bods, really!”

[I do hate how houseguests say they don’t like personal attacks, yet dish them out, that goes for ANY houseguest, it’s ugly game play.. #Boo #BadForm]


Tiffany finds Bridgette and continues… “did you hear the shade?” She whipped her hair on me, like hard…then she said, you’re hairs not long enough bitch..then she went to Natalie, oh your beautiful, we look good up here, she’s already starting the shade.. serious, look at that bitch.

Bridgette, just don’t sink to anyones level. #TooLate

Tiffany, oh I know.

Bridgette says something about, her daughters going to watch this.

Tiff says okay. [in other words, Bridge doesn’t want to hear anymore]

Nicole is walking through and Tiffany asks, did you see the shade she threw me.

Nic, yeah, I couldn’t hear what she was saying..

Tiff, first she whipped her hair and his me, fucking snapped her hair, and I sat up and she said hairs not long enough bitch.

Nic, no wayyy

Tiff, yeah, and then when we were up there she was like we look so beautiful up here Natalie, don’t we, trying to say I’m like whatever, like really Day, ok.

Nic, oh my gosh, I did not know, I couldn’t hear anything.

Tiff to Nic, “she’s scary bro, she’s scary, I’m scared, but I’m not really, but I’m just saying”

Nicole walks away.. she turns and says, thank you for not putting me up, I appreciate it.

Tiff, Nicole!! I told you the fucking truth about everything. I literally told you everything, she’s scary.

Nic, that wasn’t nice of her.

Tiff, its a frikken game, really. I’m scared.

Nic, don’t be scared, you’re tough.


Tiff, I don’t know what to do with myself, I’m nervous Frank.

[Tiffany is neither nervous or afraid of Da’Vonne.. its all strategy]

Frank, no you’re not.

Tiff, I am, a little bit, she’s mean.

Frank, well let her be mean, if she wants to be mean people are gonna be like fuck.

Tiff, she knows I’m going to crumble, but I hate mean people.

Frank, I know. Just laugh at it, be like alright.

Tiff, okay, okay.

Frank, or sit there and take it like a whipping post.

Tiff, ok, it just makes her look bad.

Frank, yeah, exactly.


Meanwhile Day is in the backyard..

Michelle asks, what did you say to her?

Day, I turned to her and said “pissed”..oh yawl thought I said bitch??

Michelle, no

Paul, she’s like, did you see how she whipped her hair on me and Franks like I know I saw it..

Z, oh lord, oh lord.

Day laughs. She tried to whip her hair back to me I said it’s not long enough. I know she’s made because she’s been telling me since she walked in this house, “I want to learn to be sassy like you, I want to learn how to do the stuff that you do”.. thats why I purposely sat next to her and I flung my hair, lesson one!

Z claps.

Day, Frank wanted me to react a certain way, they’re waiting on me to explode, I’m not going to give them that satisfaction. Like I said, I trust you guys, if that happens, I would be hurt, but I don’t think that would ever happen.


#Shade101 #HairFlippingMadness

Jul-18-2016 15-06-24

Natalie hungry and Paul is going to help her make slop.  Tiffany says, don’t leave me right now, I’m going to get shade thrown my way, so much shade, did you hear what she said when she was up there?

Nat, no..Tiffany retells the #HairFlippingMadness yet again..[I for one can’t wait until everyone in the house has heard this story..I refuse to type it again..]

[what I don’t get is Natalie was right there with them and didn’t hear this name calling, since apparently Day was talking directly to Nat..]

Nat, I need to eat.

Tiff, I’m just nervous. I don’t like confrontation ya know.


Tiffany asks Frank if he thinks that Big Brother will give Day a penalty nomination for flipping her hair in her face.. #YesShesSerious #BBFirst

Frank says he doesn’t think it’ll work. She says its worth a try.


She heads to the DR to get Big Brother to review the tapes for a physical altercation because Day flipped her hair in her face hard… #OhBoy


12:12p Day is called to the DR
12:23p Day is out of the DR and heads back outside, Tiffany is on the lounge.

In this corner is Tiffany, and in that corner is Da’Vonne..


This is how you do cold showers in the Big Brother house, hot day, in the sun, cold water somehow wouldn’t seem so bad..


Paulie tanning and Natalie in the pool, they’re talking about relationships, break ups and girls insecurities..


Natalie tanning those buns..


Zakiyah icing the fruit pizza..


Cuddle time, Tiffany is also laying down in the room, they’re talking about the fruit pizza..


Paulie and Day in the hammock comparing Tiffany notes/conversations they’ve had.. the way that Tiffany tries to spin things.. Paulie tells Day that Tiffany swore she’s not like her sister Vanessa, she doesn’t play like her, etc.. Basically Paulie told Day he wasn’t buying what she was selling..


5:55p Paulie says I told her that one thing that didn’t make sense is you were saved by a number of votes this week, I was like, “I’ll never admit it but you know the number that wanted to save you was more than 5” you had the numbers to be safe even if Frank wanted to come after you, so I said, I don’t understand why you blew up and threw everybody under the bus on Thursday night after the HOH competition. She was like cause all these girls fucked me over, like Nicole’s a fucking bitch, I can’t fucking trust her, like Day the fucking ring leader, and Z and Michelle, fuck those girls they’re so mean, they’re so catty …

Paulie, I said, you think you’re working with Frank, I’ve been working with Frank since the beginning. I was like your game play is way to much like your sisters as much as you want to say its not. [I have to agree, it’s exactly like her sisters game, one minute she wants to self-evict, the next she’s making a new alliance, the next she’s in tears, the next minute she has no friends in this house and everyone is mean, it’s her sisters game.. once again I will say I was sincerely hoping that Tiffany would have her own unique game play, so I’m sad about that..]


6:15p Nicole, I 100% believe that she (Day) told him to put Corey up #ShesRight

Z, you think?

Nicole, I’d bet my stipend on it, she’s asked me so many times about him, you don’t ask about someone unless you’re worried. Tiffany never knew that Day asked me about him, why would she come up with that. It makes complete sense to me, and the fact that Day says she feels like the 5th wheel with us.

Z, yeah.



Frank and Michelle comparing notes..

Frank, I bought into her bullshit when she told me Tiffany was coming after me #SheWas

Michelle, I’m not disagreeing that she needs to go home, if its next week, you got my vote. I’ll put her up if I win.

Frank, I want to do it this week though. Can you be with me this week?

Michelle, I can’t, I can’t have Tiffany in this house.

Frank, why she’s not as bad right now.

Michelle, I dont trust her, she hasn’t said a word to me.

Frank, I know because I told her to wait, she wants to talk to you…just get my back this week Michelle.

Michelle, I’ll think about it.

Frank, you should have my back.

Michelle, I do have your back. Im playing for my game though, Tiffany is a bigger threat than Day is.

Frank, I don’t think so though. Another week in here listening to Day.

Michelle, thats how I feel about Tiffany.


7:00p Frank working hard to get those votes to evict Da’Vonne.. currently talking to Paulie, who won’t be swayed. He believes Tiffany will be coming for him next week if she were to stay, and Day won’t #HesRight

Frank just isn’t going to get Paulie to switch his vote at this point.