Head of Household
Shelli and Becky dethroned

Shelli nominated Da’Vonne and Johnny Mac. Becky nominated Steve and Jason

Battle of the Block
Steve and Jason

POV Winner
Johnny Mac

POV Ceremony
Johnny Mac uses the veto on himself. Shelli nominates Meg as a replacement.

Have Nots
Jason, Meg, James and Steve


We begin our early am flashbacks with Dae, Jason and James outside. Dae is glad to know that they will be voting for her on Thursday and that they stayed together until ‘her’ end.

James says, yeah it was a good run. [I find it highly unlikely that James is going to throw a vote for Dae to stay and vote Meg out..]

Dae, I know me and you got to connect with the kids. We started as the first 3 in this thing it’s up to yawl to take it to the end.

James, we’re going to carry out the mission, you’ll see it.

Jason, who knows, you could be competing with Jace in two weeks.


Twin Twist Talk

James says she has a mole on her right foot.

Dae and Jason have been comparing notes all after/evening, one nice twin, one evil twin, one skinny face, one pie faced..

Jason, they are transferring important game information, they don’t have time to sit in the diary room and transfer every bit of information.

Dae, what is she wearing right now?

Jason, the same thing she had on this morning but the other one filled out those pants a whole differently.

Dae, the “thick” one every night puts on that damn bunny cap, and this one is more confident with her body.

Jason, cause this one is the bikini one.

Dae, nods yes.

Jason, cause the other one is not the bikini one.

Dae, thats the workout I need to lose weight.

Jason, well the bikini one does work out too…..I’m almost 100% positive.

Dae, the thin one is smarter, than the thick one.

3:16a Jeff joins them.

They ask where Meg is at, cause she knows what we’re talking about right now and she wanted to be here when we told you….Jason, we outsmarted the twist of this game.

Big Brother blocks the feeds when Jason goes inside to get Meg and reveal the twin twist to Jeff.

3:22a Jeff, omg there’s two of them.

They continue to compare notes..

Jeff, are we just being conspiracy theorists. Jeff do we have a Sharpie, we can put a mark on her #facepalm

Meg, you can’t say anything cause we might all be frikken crazy.

Dae is going over all the facial features that are different, the skinny one..

Meg, the skinny one??

3:24a Jason, there’s a skinny and a fat one. The skinny one is here today, the fat one was here last night, they switched when they called her to the diary room, I am positive…. The twist of Big Brother 5, they make it 5 weeks they both get to come in…

Dae, think about it, does she every remember stories that you tell her.

Jason, she didn’t know she played drunk Ellen last night, she didn’t know the bread story.. Jackie helped her with the Ellen.

Jackie has joined them.

Jason, the fat one is funny, she wears the bunny cap, the skinny one is here to be in SI (Sports Illustrated)…the fat one is actually friendly..

Jeff, the fat one’s trying to get down [eww]

Jason, he just wants to screw them, we need to get these bitches out, this is the twist..

Meg, laughing, we need different names, not the fat one and the skinny one, cause it is rude!! [thanks Meg!]

They talk about the voice, this one (Julia) has a deeper voice. This is the mean one.. Dae, this one is evil.

The note comparisons continue….


Dae, I’m telling you might think we’re crazy but we are investigating this all day!

3:28a Jeff, Audrey came up with the original conspiracy theory that there was a twin.

Meg, she did. She was like the Matthew thing.

Jason, its Big Brother 5 all over again, you and Shelli are the twins but there’s actually a secret pair of twins. “They could be god damn triplets, there might be a mid size one, mini cooper, sedan, suv.”

Jeff, if we let them get to jury do we get both of them [NO, after they make it through 5 evictions they play the game as individuals]

Jason, that’s one of the twists this year, I would put everything on it.

Jeff, omg, no wonder why she keeps begging me, just make sure I make it to jury [and he thought she wanted him in jury..ha]. We will have to get rid of Audrey though.

Jason, this one got lifted booty, the other one has booty that runs into her thighs, come on you should be looking at her ass all the time, compare the asses.

Jeff, I can’t cause Austin stares at me with his jealous eyes.

Jason, Austin could be dumb as shit, he just doesn’t see it. [Austin knows or has suspicions but unlike these HG’s he has kept it to himself this far..]

Jason continues, BB5 was my favorite season, why do you think I’m in here, and those twins fucked up the whole alliance they were in because they were always going to be true to themselves…..we need to get them out of here.

Jeff, one of them secretly hates Austin and one doesn’t, seriously, one is willing to go against Austin completely and is grossed out by him and the other….the one with the beanie secretly hates Austin.

Jason, thats why this one lay around with her booty hole open for the hammock cam all night talking to Austin. The other one only hang out with Austin cause she trying to get skinny like her sister.

Jeff, I like the thick one a lot more.

Jason, we do too. Jeff’s thinking he can do them both at jury.

3:36a Dae, “I’m not crazy there are two of this girl”..

Jason, they don’t switch every day, they switch every few days #truth

Jackie, omg, I want this to be so true now.

Jason, it is true.

Jason and Dae think the memory wall photo is a composite of both twins, I think they’re incorrect, it’s Liz.

Dae, fucking Audrey got her mouth closed, they both have secrets.

3:39a Jason tells them that Audrey told him she was flown out here for a 10 minute meeting, her being transgender was going to be a secret, but then they said, no its bad for the American culture, and transgender community.

Jason, we have to vote them out, we can’t just go in the diary room, cause whoever is going to be like, oh so you think so…they don’t confirm nothing for us. Jason continues to call Liz the “fat one”..

Meg, they are not, neither one of them are fat.

Jason, Audrey needs to go, but Liz is a high priority, because if you don’t get the twist out of this game were all going to regret it later..


3:44am Steve joins them

They tell Steve to sit down, and that he has to keep his mouth shut, they think they figured out one of the twists season..

Jason, and you as a Big Brother historian, you know how these go, we have twins in this house

They ask Steve if he knows who it is? He says he heard them say kitty hat…Jason goes over all the differences..

They head inside to look at the memory wall..


Jeff heads up to the HOH to wake Shelli and Clay, he tells them everything that’s been said..

Jeff, “theres one that flirts with me and wants to get it”.. uh

Clay says that Jason said he overheard something he wasn’t suppose to and the theme this season is “lies and twists”

Shelli, why would they do this again, cause it’s awesome! You know what else I’ve noticed, every time we paint our fingernails, she paints them the same color.

Clay, I want to know why Austin hasn’t figured this out.

Jeff, cause he’s a fucking idiot! [he has]

Shelli, this is so amazing. I think this is cool.

Jeff leaves, Shelli and Clay compare notes…Shelli is excited.

Clay, Audrey might stay this week if this is true.

Shelli, that’s fine.

Clay, yeah I know.


4:00a Everyone currently awake runs into check out the memory wall, Shelli and Clay jump out of bed and join them.. they are going over Liz’ memory wall photo, and laughing..


Shelli, that’s why she’s laid low.

Jason, she’s just trying to survive until her sister fat Beth comes in.

Shelli, you guys don’t be saying that.

Jason, we need to find better words to describe them.

Shelli, “yawl don’t call them the skinny one and the fat one, they’re both skinny, there’s not a fat one”..


4:09a Dae tells them to get them out next.

They make plans to “podcast” her tomorrow. They can’t tell Austin and Vanessa..

4:14a Dae comes out of the DR, “keep talking about it, were suppose to speculate about it”..

Someone asks, What does that mean?

Dae, “keep talking about it, I’m going to get buzzed, keep talking about it”..

Jason says, next time she goes in the diary room, someone needs to be sitting on the couch waiting.

This talk continues……




10:49a Dae and Vanessa.

Dae, I don’t know where you stand, I know you’re close to Shelli, I think Shelli wants me out of here, but I’m not ready to go and I feel like before you and Shelli had a bond me and you had a bond and I told you I’d never put you up, and you said the same to me.

Vanessa, and I meant it.

Dae, I need your vote, there are people in this house who have betrayed me, and I’m pissed about it.

Vanessa, I need more time to talk to you about it. I think you have a chance………FISH


11:30a Vanessa and Austin in the hammock.

They’re talking about Liz and how they’re so glad she didn’t go up.

Vanessa, she’s the one person we can trust. She’s going to win some comps, she’s tough athletically.

Austin, she’s like Janelle.

Vanessa, she’s smart.

Austin, she’s actually smart. I think she’s great.

Vanessa, I think I can get Jason. We have the gay thing.

Austin, me and him do too.

Vanessa, you’re not gay.

Austin, no, but I could be if I need to be, that was one of the things that I said when I came in here, is that I don’t believe in gay and straight.

Vanessa, really?

Austin, they were like would you ever hook up with guy, I’m not going to say no, but right now I’m not interested in guys, it’s about relationships.

Vanessa, love is love.

Austin tells Vanessa he has a masters in literature. She says she could tell he was educated.


Meanwhile in the living room

Jason and Dae whispering..

Dae, it’s like a web, in order to get to Vanessa I have to go through Shelli, in order to get to Austin I gotta go through Liz.

Jason, well Vanessa is out on the hammock with Austin, clearly game talking.

Dae, hopefully its about me, cause I talked to her this morning.


12:05p Dae and Jason.

Dae, what we can try to control is how to get these votes, side note, once I do secure these votes and I stay in here, we need to plan ahead, cause you going to be in this position at one point.

Jason, exactly.

Dae, I feel like I can get Steve, he’s playing the hell out of this game so much its stressing him out. I think I can get Vanessa, Liz, Austin. John and James are my plan B. I need all my plan A’s to come through.

Jason, right, I have a feeling your plan B is just icing on the cake at that point.

Dae, timing is whats going to get me these votes. Two days, I have to hope these people don’t spill the ‘T’ (twist) to Liz, if that gets out and I’m attached to that she’s for sure going to send my ass out.


12:11p BB: Shelli please report to the head of household bedroom.

12:51p Steve, Liz, Austin in the living room.

Steve, why does everyone wear their sunglasses inside.

Austin, cause we were outside.

Liz, it’s bright in here.


Liz, “you’re a ray of frikken sunshine Steve”..

Steve “I know <3”


Austin, Vanessa is sick as hell, might be food poisening.

HOH Photo Time

Johnny Mac “I don’t do selfies”..


Steve “…and that’s the closest I’ve come to kissing a girl since…”


Vanessa has food poisoning, she says she has the record for the most trips to the bathroom in an hour..she’s trying to lie still because of the nausea..


Group shot..





Steve “..that’s the most action I’ve gotten in years..”


Not a lot going on, some napping, others just hanging out in the backyard..

4:21p Shelli thinks Steve has a dual personality, Steve and Stevie.

4:27p Shelli, she’s(Dae) been very smart not to blow up, she’s been very gracious.

Audrey, I feel like she has it, but who’s going to fuck over Meg.

Shelli, did you vote for Jace?

Audrey, I thought James did it, but he couldn’t vote. (she never answers)


5:33p Audrey, I think people are going to be surprised when they watch it back, there are some people with some amazing poker faces, amazing!

Johnny, I guess I’m not good at reading it. Since he’s gone, what did you think about Jace? I liked Jace as a guy.

Audrey, I liked Jace too I thought he was entertaining.

Johnny, like I would never hang out with him, he’s to much for me, but I think he’s a good guy.

Audrey, at his core he’s a good guy.


5:38p Dae, all I can do is ask for vote, I don’t want to campaign against Meg, I don’t want to be that person. [although technically asking for votes is campaigning..]

Vanessa, you don’t have to campaign against her, find the motivation as to why they should keep you as opposed to her.

Dae, what would be your benefit if I left?

Vanessa, theres not, I already told you, for me theres no benefit.

Dae, would you not vote for me because you think it would stick out?

Vanessa, I guess it would depend on which 3 are picked to not vote.

Dae, so you are fully confident that you could vote for me.

Vanessa, yeah, I don’t think our house is very “house vote”

Dae, do you think I could persuade Liz and Austin to vote for me? Cause I know Liz said she would vote for me because I gave her safety last week and I’m just praying she sticks to that

Vanessa, you could offer, maybe you and Jason keep them safe until jury.

Dae, okay.

Vanessa, thats a good deal. Now you make it worth peoples while, you have to offer something…. bring something to the table. That’d be my advice, please don’t tell anyone that came from me, I’m being very straight… literally she hasn’t asked me for a vote, not once, if you don’t ask you can’t get.


Dae, if I stay and we team up, where is your head, who would you target if me or you win HOH next week?

Vanessa, I don’t have a specific person to target, but I have people I trust more than others. I would have to depend on what happens this week, the game is hard to make long term goals.

Dae, if I work with you would you be mad if my goal was to get her out of here?

Vanessa, no, because I’m not aligned with her.

Dae, cause if me and you are going to work together I don’t want to do anything thats going to step on your toes or cross you, if she’s beneficial for your game I’ll leave her alone. [um]

6:14p Vanessa in HOH with Shelli and Clay.

Vanessa asks where they stand.

Shelli, I feel good, how about you?

Vanessa, we have to think about comps, HOH, but beyond that I feel great about us. But I will tell you this, I do not want Dae to know at all that I’m working with you guys, and she has no clue, just so you know, because she came to me, and I do feel bad, I wouldn’t want anyone to go home with no votes, like I understand why she’s asking for a vote…. but she said, I see you’re close with Shelli now, but I want you to know I feel like you were close with me first, and I was like, thinking to myself, wait, what..I just want you to know that she has asked for a vote from me and I’m letting her think it’s a possibility, I told her it depends on the 3 that can’t vote…I didn’t guarantee her anything.

Shelli, I think she would veto Clay and Audrey [and Jackie according to Dae early this morning]

Clay, did she say who won it?

Vanessa, no she says she has no idea [ICYDK, Dae won the power]

Shelli, I think she will veto Clay and Audrey, I think she got it.

Clay, I think so too.


Vanessa, my loyalties are with the group ‘Sleeper Cell’, the moves you’ve made this week were very much in line with the agreement we had this whole time which just strengthens our trust, I just want you to know how much I look out for you. Just know you can trust me, another person to count on, I’m very loyal to our group, I don’t want to re-align, long term relationships have more weight than newer formed relationships… my trust with her(Audrey) took a hit, I’m cautious there, I don’t mind working with her.

Shelli, we’ve never expressed mistrust in you.

Vanessa, Meg hasn’t even asked me for her vote. I tried to talk to her several times.

Shelli, if you won HOH who would be your target?

Vanessa, honestly, I don’t…the easy one if Dae does is to go for Jason, that would be easy, I don’t really have a personal reason to do that, but I don’t have any reason not to. I’ve never talked game with him ever. Anyone who I’ve not talked game with I’m going to assume is against me.

All three agree they can’t get a read on Jackie, none of them have really had a conversation with her.

Vanessa, in terms of Sleeper Cell, you feel good.

Shelli, yeah.

Clay, yeah.

Talk continues, current topic Audrey..

Shelli and Clay both say that Audrey has told them she thinks they would have a better chance with Austin, Vanessa and Liz.

Vanessa, honestly I think she really trusts me, I earned that trust.

Shelli, she does.

Vanessa, I am really happy with this group, I couldn’t have chosen a better group to work with.

6:35p Vanessa, I think she’s America’s player, that is my #1 theory.

Shelli, you know there are people who think you’re America’s player.

Vanessa, I don’t know why anyone would think that, I will swear on my grandmothers grave that I am not America’s Player, straight up, and you know I wouldn’t lie like that, I wish I were, I wish I had the opportunity to make $5k

Shelli, you know who started saying that, Jason and Dae because, Jason was like that girl gets called to the diary room more than anyone.

Vanessa, it’s medication, that’s why I’m in there for 5 seconds. I want to talk to you guys about levels of loyalties within our Sleeper Cell, I’m in a tough spot, Austin has Liz, Audrey kind of had you guys before, it’d be dangerous to take her to final 3, anyone who takes her to final 2, I hope everyone knows that, she would have made the ultimate come back in Big Brother history, second of all her story is unbelievably compelling….I would love to be yawl’s third. Just know that I would I am trustworthy, and I am looking out for you.

Shelli, Vanessa and Clay compare notes on James, Vanessa says James has lied straight to her face, you have to go with facts..they agree they can’t fully trust James.

Vanessa, maybe you need to have a fake fight. I want you guys to go deep in this game. It’s extremely hard for a pair to go deep in the game. Clay, James already started saying that.

Shelli, see.

Clay, I know.

Vanessa, you gotta tone it down, spend a significant time with the other houseguests, and you can’t sleep together all the time. You have the rest of your lives to do whatever. #StrategicSnuggling.

Vanessa, you of all people could really hurt my feelings cause I really have your back, I’m telling you, I really do.


Vanessa, I am never going to vote to keep her here, I can’t, that would be counter to my allegiance here, I will be kind and I’m never going to clue her in that were working together, cause that would be terrible for us, so I’m going to let her believe what she needs to believe, cause that’s smart and I have to do that, and it makes me feel kind of feel bad, but at the same time I tell her to fight, she should fight, do her thing, the same things I would tell anyone, and I told Jace”… #ThreesCompany

7:19p Audrey, I just had a really long talk with Johnny Mac, I swear we were out there for two hours.

Vanessa, did you learn anything cause I swear I can figure that boy out.

Audrey, yeah. I figured out the people that he trusts, I guess he has Steve, I guess they’ve been together for awhile. He has an unspoken understanding with Becky, he really trusts Jeff, he really trusts you, ride or die, but he had one concern, you (Vanessa) being emotional.

Vanessa, oh when I had my thing, when the feeds turned on?

Audrey, no I think he meant the thing with me and Dae, I think he thinks you acted impulsively.

Vanessa, ok, I can own that.

Audrey, this is important, he said Dae approached him and she has 5 votes, and that she needs him, he said she didn’t say who they were.

Vanessa, she might be counting me [she is]

Audrey says she told Johnny to see who they are and if she says, make sure you check with those people.

Shelli, she probably did get the last laugh and she probably is going to veto your vote.

Audrey, yeah.

Vanessa, she actually asked me point blank what I thought about you. I skated around it and didn’t give her anything. #truth

Audrey, I think he really believes in his heart if I go, he’s next. I really like Johnny, I would be mind blown if he played me, because he shared a lot of information too.


7:31p Vanessa tells Audrey she thinks she needs to really win HOH this week. If it comes down to them, she will give it to her.

8 O’clock hour, nappers are waking, houseguests are grazing..

8:33p Jason and Clay discussing the last laugh twist.

Jason, they’ll probably set up the order like they did last time, but nobody knows until the live show, then they’ll say so and so, so and so, so and so, you’re not going in, and they’ll just skip them in the order.

Jason, when do they (last laugh winner, Da’Vonne) have to go and lock it in by? Wednesday night?

Clay, Wednesday night, no, Thursday at noon.

[this means Dae as the winner of the last laugh has to lock in her 3 veto votes by Thursday at noon..]

Jason says his only guess was Audrey, because she got dressed up today.


Steve reveals the #TwinTwist to Vanessa. Steve “I didn’t tell you anything”.. Vanessa “I find it very funny”


Dae to Steve in storage room “how do you feel about voting for me?” Steve, “I don’t know, I will talk to you later”..

Dae, “can I ask why you don’t know”..

Steve, “cause I’m nervous about where we stand”..


Steve, can we talk tomorrow?

Dae, okay.

9:43p General chatter and backyard games…

Dae, you can’t go crazy (says the lady with a knife in her hand), you have to remain calm, ok..

Liz, okay.

Dae, people are saying that something is going on with you, like a group of people, I think its funny.. true or false I don’t know..a group of people are saying you are a twin and they’re trying to say that periodically you guys switch in and out…

Liz, yeah…whatt


Dae, now the point is, the people that are saying this, I have turned on these people because they have crossed me, if they feel like that about you, they’re afraid of you, at this point I feel like you need me and I need you…

Liz, yeah…

Dae, I need you to convince Austin to keep me in this house, I need your vote, I need for us to make it at least to jury…

Liz, yes..

Dae, that’s all I can promise us is jury.

Liz, omg, I can believe people are saying that, whatt..

Dae, they’ve been saying you’ve been low and I guess your sister her personality is bubbly..

Liz, yeah, yeah..

Dae, so get bubbly.

Liz, yeah, okay, okay..

Dae, I need to trust you with that, that you will not tell anyone.

Liz, I’m not going to say anything

Dae, because if that comes back it fucks me

Liz, I’m going to talk to Austin for sure, you know that you have my vote but I haven’t really, I don’t know where he’s at..

Dae, please try to talk to him and figure it out because, thats the ammunition I need to get them.

Liz, yeah, thats fucking crazy, we need to get them, who the fuck is saying that.


Dae, we can’t talk about that right now, but we will talk about it, but I need you guys to vote for me to stay in this house.

Liz, you already know, I want you here of sure

Dae, you and me started something, it got crushed when Audrey got involved, I still to this day don’t know how that conversation got out in the open.

Liz, I think someone must have heard through the door, I know I did not say shit, Austin didnt

Dae, she told me Steve came back to her and told her.

Liz, you know that you have my help, you gave me that fast forward, you have me 100%, I will never forget that, what you did for me.

Dae continues to work over Liz/Julia, a little BB blackmail of sorts, but hey, if Liz is buying it, her bad..

Goodnight, again! xo