Episode 2 Begins with a Day 1 Recap..

…and then there’s Zach lounging on the kitchen counter.

3-25-15 2110

As usual, the houseguests aren’t finding slop very appetizing, but it’s all they’ve got!

3-25-15 2111 3-25-15 2112

No beds, no furniture, no clothing, just towels..

3-25-15 2113 3-25-15 2114

SindywithanS and Risha chatting in the bathroom, Sindy covering her bases and being nice to Risha just in case she stays.. Risha and the “girls” just hanging around..

3-25-15 2115

Cruel and I #LOVEIT Big Brother!

3-25-15 2116

Arisa informs the houseguests that they can earn all the items from the vault including the furniture, food and clothing by cracking a 5 digit code.

They’ll need to hold each ball in the air for 5 hours straight, one at a time, then pop the balloon to retrieve one of the numbers to the code inside.

3-25-15 2117

As they begin balloon #2 Kevin is called to the DR.. Big Brother has an offer for Kevin. Kevin will earn $1k if he deliberately causes the balloon to touch the ground.

3-25-15 2122

Kevin grabs an earring off the table and wraps it in his towel..

3-25-15 2123 3-25-15 2124

POP! “what just happened”..

3-25-15 2125

Zach and Jordan “JP” team up.. and we have our first alliance..

3-25-15 2126 3-25-15 2127

Meanwhile, apparently Risha finds tops to restricting?? …as she goes topless in the hot tub..

Kevin: “those boobs are huge”..

Ashleigh in the DR: “you go girl, if I had boobs like that I would do that, hers make mine look like grapes”

3-25-15 21293-25-15 2128

Kevins balloon popping sabotage hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Brittnee and Sarah!

3-25-15 2130

30 hours later they finally finish their task and retrieve the last number of the 5 digit code. Now all they have to do is use the correct combination to open the vault..

Johnny starts working the code combinations..

3-25-15 2131 3-25-15 2132

Johnny feels defeated and asks someone else to sub in, and we have our first tears..

3-25-15 2133

Zach and Jordan take over the code cracking… they crack the code and access is granted!

But wait…it’s not that simple. The houseguests have been given instructions and 45 minutes to move EVERYTHING into the proper place, they’ll not only have furniture and clothing Big Brother will also provide a dinner!

3-25-15 2135 3-25-15 2136 3-25-15 21373-25-15 2138

Eat, drink and be merry, for now…

3-25-15 2139

…and then its yoga time with Graig..and the rather large OxiClean sign in the background!

3-25-15 2140

Meanwhile, there’s one cranky cougar upstairs in the bathroom with Sindy, Risha says Pilar has NO game…

3-25-15 2141

Arisa gathers the houseguests in the living room and asks Pilar and Risha to enter the vault.

She instructs them to grab their key and open their safe deposit box.. Pilar can’t seem to find hers even though Arisa says, “it’s right in front of you”.. and it has a rather large name plate attached to it!

3-25-15 2144 3-25-15 2145

Arisa informs the houseguests that for the past 24 hours Canada has been voting on the HG they would like to evict..

3-25-15 2146 3-25-15 2147

Canada has voted to evict Risha from the Big Brother house!

3-25-15 21483-25-15 2149

Arisa informs Risha there may be a way she can re-enter the house.

Risha is headed back into sequester where the first 5 evicted will have a chance to compete, the winner will re-enter the Big Brother house! #ReturnTicket

3-25-15 2150

Next the first HOH endurance competition of the season..

“Wall to Wall”..

The first 8 houseguests to fall will be competing in the first have, have-not competition!

3-25-15 2155