Nicole and Derrick


Amber and Donny have won the BOTB and dethroned Nicole. Derrick is the sole Head of Household.

NOTE: Winners of the Battle of the Block can not be used as a renomination, they’re safe for the week.


Nicole nominated Amber and Donny. Derrick nominated Caleb [who volunteered] and Jocasta. Donny won the POV and used the POV on Jocasta.

Derrick nominated Devin as a replacement nominee.


Amber, Caleb, Devin and Hayden

The Morning Faces of BB16

2014-07-14-morning faces



Once again, no caption needed!

Cody tells Donny he hopes his dad is watching this morning.


Derrick walks into the kitchen holding a brown box and says, look Pandora’s box, Brittany says, is that for me. Zach, freaks and then realizes it’s not…


It’s just Derrick’s laundry. BB does their laundry when they’re HOH.

2014-07-14-1018 2014-07-14-1025

The taming of the clip in hair extensions.. but SHHHH its a secret.


Brittany applying eyeliner and touching up her birthmark..


We’re now 1 1/2 hours into Victoria getting ready to “forget she’s on TV”..


Caleb relays to Derrick that he told Amber about the possibility of Zach being related to Amanda Zuckerman. I believe the mission is now complete.


Post POV Ceremony

Hugs all the way around for Jocasta.


Devin tells Derrick and Zach, we’re cool this week, everyone just enjoy themselves.. Derrick says, it’s all on you everyone’s been great. Derrick, no, that’s what I’m saying. Derrick’s all hyped up and has a lil touch of HOH-itus going on, barely letting Devin talk. [I know you’ll read this Derrick, I say this in love…a lil humility goes a long way…LOL ]

Derrick, I gave you made props, I gave you respect. Devin, I appreciate that, no hard feelings, it’s bittersweet.


Zach says, he’s a good man. Derrick, “yeh we’ll see what he says about us, we’ll see what he says about us in the DR, then I’ll make my decision” “cause I’m sure he came in the house saying these guys are all clowns, I’m gonna school them all”.

Zach, for sure.

Derrick, “and now he just got owned, so we’ll see” [ouch!.. a wee bit harsh]


Meanwhile this is going on..cute!


Derrick to Brittany, “feel better now, I am who I say I am”..

2014-07-14-1155 2014-07-14-1156

Derrick, now we can all relax, look pretty for the live eviction, do what America wants, there’s no doubt thats what America wants, and then onto the next one. [not all America actually wants Devin out..I would have rather seen a REAL backdoorof someone like Victoria, who adds NOTHING to this season]

Derrick, “I love it when a plan comes together, that was scary though, now I know why people never do it, back doors”..

NOTE: Derrick is NOT back dooring Devin, as Devin played in the Power of Veto, and had a chance to save himself for nomination/eviction. Therefore this is NOT a backdoor!


Derrick touches bases Donny about the #TeamAmerica mission.


While Brittany is in the beehive working out..


Derrick and Donny discussing houseguests, nominations, etc..

Derrick tells Donny he thinks Devin is a better player than even Caleb, he proved he’s a good mental player too.

Derrick tells Donny, Nicole mentioned putting up Brittany, which is NOT true, that was all Derricks idea, not Nicole’s..Nicole said, no I don’t want to put her up.


Zach has told everyone he really is Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin and Nicole is so confused.

Zach starts bashing on GinaMarie from #BB15, says she was THE WORST ever, THE WORST!


Zach rolls over onto Frankie and says,Zach says, I’ll be your bae, all day I’ll be your bae”…


The princess fluffs her royal rock and Nicole is still mad at Zach for not telling her he was Amanda Z’s cousin.



To funny and worth a flashback..

Frankie, Derrick, Christine, Brittany, Cody are discussing all the places Amanda and McCrae had sex in the Big Brother house. I’m cracking up, they talk about Amanda giving McCrae blow jobs in the bathroom. They say its to small in there. Christine and Brittany say guys would find a way… hahaha


Cody tells a story about a friend who was about to have “butt sex” and grabbed hand sanitizer instead of lube, and the girl started screaming, and then it hit the guy and he was like OMG…


Talk moves to dental dams, Derrick heads to the storage room and comes back with all the flavors, mint, banana, grape and vanilla. SO FUNNY!!!

2014-07-14-dental dam

Hayden wakes up and stumbles into the fire room. Frankie says, a lot has happened since you’ve been asleep. We found out Zach is Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin. Cody, I’ve discovered I hated you. Frankie, and we’ve discovered when the jack shack is.

Cody, and Brittany sucked on a dental dam.

Hayden, whats a dental dam? Frankie, “its a tongue condom so you can lick a puss”.. LMAO @Frankie.. he says, now you can eat that syphilis puss…

2014-07-14-1604 2014-07-14-1606

Hayden wants to try one of the dental dams out, he says, I would hate this, and she would hate this.. they all laugh.


Devin’s face when Hayden walks through the kitchen with the banana dental dam..

Devin says, that’s disgusting, that’s the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen. Hayden, I know, I was just introduced to it just 10 minutes ago. Devin, that is the weirdest shit ever.

Brittany says, Frankie already has them taped to his butt… haha


Donny says, I am “turnt up to bout a 6 right now”.. “so sick”.. #WordsDonnyLearnedintheBBhouse


Cody and Caleb talking about the Zach rumor. Caleb says, everyone seems to have a back story. Is he really the kid that just gets up and plays golf all day long?


Hayden, “I may have a crush on you” Nicole, “oh”.. Hayden, “do you want to make out” Nicole, nooo/whine..


…and we have tears because she has her period.. #UGH #SERIOUS #ICANT


As Victoria continues to sit center stage and sniff and cry, everyone ignores her.. LOL

Derrick enjoys his cereal all the while sitting next to a sniffling Victoria..


Caleb’s look tonight..


FLASHBACK Cam 1 10:03pm

Frankie aka Rhinestone Silversmith is asked to do a dental dam demonstration and Q&A afterwards..

2014-07-14-dental dam

..And I leave you with this… Brittany and a Frog!


PS. this is what happens when a dramatic player is set to leave the game, you get BORING feeds and a whole bunch of nothing going on in the Big Brother house.

Until Tomorrow! xo