• Frankie nominated Brittany and Victoria for eviction.
  • Caleb nominated Donny and Paola for eviction.
  • Brittany and Victoria won the very first Battle of the Block, thus dethroning Frankie as HOH.
  • Caleb is the sole reigning Head of Household!
  • The Have-nots are Brittany, Joey, Cody and Hayden
  • Donny won the Power of Veto in todays competition
  • Donny used the POV to remove himself from the block
  • Caleb put up Joey as a replacement nominee

Pao pao and Joey are the nominees for eviction this week!

Overnight Highlights

FLASHBACK WORTHY: Cam 3 The “Chip n Dale” dancers prep for Nicole’s birthday celebration..


Frankie, Hayden and Zach working it!


They open the slider and yell “its Julie Chen on the screen, hurry”.. Nicole and Cody jump up and head inside. [on a side note they would make one adorable showmance.. hmmm]



SURPRISE!!!!! They chant happy birthday, happy birthday..

The houseguests celebrated Nicole’s birthday just after midnight with beer, wine and cupcakes, and a lap dance.. true Big Brother style.

2014-06-30-nicole birthday

2014-06-30-happy birthday nicole

…and the moment we’ve all been waiting for, not really, but it sounded good.

Caleb FINALLY professes his love “like”

CAM 3 He begins with, uh, well, you know I like you. Amber, awkwardly says, “ok”. and body language is proof of the awkwardness, she’s leaning away and sitting on the edge of the bed. It seems she wants to be anywhere but there.


Caleb goes on to say, we’ve already gone over it, neither of us want showmances. Amber adamantly agrees. Caleb says, showmance’s are for 9 million people to see, but that’s not how I see you. Amber, “I DON’T DO SHOWMANCES”.

Now most men would stop there. But nope not Caleb. Caleb says he hasn’t had this conversation in over 4 years, but he sees her different than a lot of people.

Caleb lists all the reasons he’s attracted to her. She says thank you for the kind words as she awkwardly giggles and scoots further back.

He goes on to say, “you look at me a lot, I look at you a lot” uhh he asks her, “am I wrong”. Amber, “I don’t know, I didn’t know I looked at anybody, I look at everybody in here”. [okay most men would wrap this up, she’s all but said, I’m not into you like that..], but not Caleb.

Caleb says, “everyone says it all the time, why is Amber looking at you”. [because the guys are feeding his ego, they want him to showmance because that puts an even bigger target on him..]

Amber looks shocked. He says, when this is all over. Amber interrupts and says, “this is like news to me”. But not even that stops him, he goes on. Then says, hopefully when this is all over I can take you out on a big dinner date here in California.

He says, I get a vibe, every time I walk into a room you walk out. Amber apologizes.



We had a wakeup call, and they got up, peed, changed batteries and went back to bed.


Christine and Victoria are on the hammock. Neither one likes Devin, he doesn’t respect the food rations, ate all the cereal as well as other foods. Christine says, he takes her back to 6th grade when she was bullied so bad that she was homeschooled for 7th grade. Christine, “he’s scary, he’s evil”.

Victoria says last night I walked in and Devin said, this is a Hayden and me conversation Victoria, she says she didn’t know what to say.

Christine says, he thinks he has control over everyone, he belittles women.


Devin tells Cody he has prejudices towards him family members because when he went into cardiac arrest during spring training he was in the hospital for a week and no one was there. So he always wants to be there for his daughter. But according to him, he missed her first birthday has now missed her second birthday and has told houseguests he hasn’t seen his daughter for almost 3 months.

Devin and his moms BF don’t get along so he doesn’t talk to his mom often, and only sometimes here from them on Christmas.


Christine randomly lifts Frankies shirt and kisses his belly.


Frankie tells Christine that Zach has a final 3 with Cody and Derrick. I’m not sure WHY Frankie would tell her that?? Christine says, okay, good to know.


Nicole and Victoria poolside. Nicole says, I would target the bullies. Victoria, like Devin. Nicole, yes and Caleb. They both agree Devin first, but Christine said but we’d have to backdoor him so he doesn’t have two chances, plus he would torture us for a week.


Zach is laying in the beehive alone, Joey walks in and says, “so I’m on the block and need to make deals with people”. Zach, “yeah”. Joey, I need 7 votes to stay, I’m a better competitor and if you keep me in the house I will work my ass off to keep you in the house.

Zach goes onto say, its not his place to campaign for anyone but himself, so she needs to go to HOH and campaign.


Cody and Frankie tease Amber about Caleb, and she says, “I don’t like him”..


Joey is alone in the storage room crying. She just wanted to be alone. Jocasta comes in and gives a nice long big hug. Next Frankie joins her, makes her laugh, and hugs her.


Brittany joins them and apologizes to Joey for being distant, but she has to think of her game too. Joey understands. Brittany asks Joey to the fake #BB16Prom they’re planning. Joey accepts.


Christine and Amber discuss who they want out next. They both say Brittany. [ughh, once again, girls picking off girls, just helps make it possible for a guy to win, when will these girls learn???..]


Zach thinks they have this game on lock. He says I’m going to throw every fucking competition. Frankie says, you can’t we need you to compete.

Zach says, “the final four was handed to us”. [honestly there hasn’t even been one complete eviction and he’s got himself in the final four..?!?!?!]


Caleb and Devin have gone up to the HOH room. Devin asks, whats wrong. Caleb says, nothing, I’m just in a mood, while he crawls in bed.


My first sighting of Derrick today. He told Joey to go ahead and talk to him, they’re just talking about life in the BB house. Joey says she’s trying to take in and enjoy her days in the BB house.

Derrick, this is work, this is a 24 hour job. Victoria asks if its ok if she sits on his bad. He says, its 100% ok. Victoria, I don’t want to make Jana mad. Don’t worry, she doesn’t care. Victoria says, you’re like my older brother.


Hayden and Nicole are in the beehive having a conversation that only they understand. I think they want to be together, but don’t, and can’t, because they’re playing a game, he will take her on a date when they leave, she says ok. There’s some giggles and a LONG hug at the end of a conversation that seemed to go in circles.

They agree to talk, but not look like a showmance, I think.


After this LONG hug, Nicole exits and Hayden has to uh “adjust”.


Next thing I know, Nicole is in the earth room in tears saying she misses her family. She’s stressing at being on camera 24/7 and afraid she’s going to say something offensive, and doesn’t want to be like last years cast.

Cody and Amber confort her, but Cody makes a smooth move here! lol

2014-06-30-2243 2014-06-30-2244

Meanwhile, Victoria cries to Frankie in the beehive, why I don’t know, I was on the other camera, I switched to hear Frankie making fun of the way Joey was acting earlier. Joey was going to say fuck it and eat hot dogs because she’s so hungry.

Frankie gets bonus points for having to put up with all these girls tears and these boyz crazy behavior.

Frankie says, he’s going to sleep until Thursday.


Zach, Frankie and Christine in the beehive making fun of all the emotional criers in the house. It’s pretty funny!


I’m going to end this post, I’m exhausted. Follow me on Twitter until I pass out with my iPad..haha

Until tomorrow! xo