The Honeymoon is Over.

Episode 7 Recap.

Sonia looks great tonight once she emerges from the fog in her black dress..

Matthew & Caleb spend their night in the presidential suite, after Matthew won the showdown challenge and chose his bestie Caleb to join him.

Tully is in the halfway bedroom complaining that Mikkayla always cuts her off when she talks.. Tahan speaks up and says, you do the same thing, it was bothering Ed last night.. Tully looks less than impressed.. Mikkayla walks in and Tully stomps out.. Mikkayla asks what happened?


Matthew and Caleb both agree Tahan said it nicely.. and say she has to be able to take criticism too..Tahan, exactly..

The gossip throughout the house is still the question of whether or not Drew and Jade are actually married. Jade has a slip up and said “when I get married” and recovered, but it sounds like the damage was already down and now several HM’s are questioning their marriage again.. including Heidi who tells Ben about Jade’s slip..


Drew asks Jade if she’ll be excited to be single.. she says her actually type is probably Matthew and possibly Andy.. Drew looks so sad, it breaks my heart, because I think they’re adorable together, I want Drew and Jade together for real!


BB comes over the Honeymoon suite speakers and talks to Drew and Jade, and asks them if they think they have fooled the housemates, they agree its been hard.. they list the HM’s they think believe they’re married and those that don’t..

BB, your judgement day has come..Drew and Jade admit they are so nervous..


All the HM’s have been called to the lounge.. BB, is listing all the marriage rumors, BB says, there’s even a rumor that they were brother and sister and BB hopes this rumor was squashed when they began kissing…everybody laughs… [BB has a sense of it!]

BB says, Big Brother is about to put all these rumors to bed.. BB asks before we move on is there anybody in the room who still does not believe this? Tahan raises her hand and says me, I don’t..Xavier also raises his hand..

BB, Xavier and Tahan, that is a big call, how sure are you?  BB, anybody who doesn’t believe this, this is your last change, raise your hand… [aww this isn’t fair of Big Brother, they’re really making it easy to go against Drew and Jade and this means they will be nominated… boo ]


BB calls everyone with their hand up to the DR.. Ben and Matthew are the only ones who think they’re married.. Ben looks at Matthew, how come there are only two of us who think they are married? Matthew says, I just haven’t thought into it to much.. Ben, I haven’t either..

Meanwhile in the DR Big Brother tells the other HM’s they are giving them 1 last change to tell them whether they really think their marriage is fake and if they are wrong they risk the chance of being nominated and being the 1st evicted HM..

Xavier asks, what if were right.. BB, if your right you’re going to look very clever aren’t you Xavier.. they all raise their hand and say they don’t believe they are married..


BB tells the HM’s they are ready to put the suspicions to rest and play them their wedding video..

BB plays their DR session when Drew and Jade first met in the DR.. the HM’s jump up and down, it’s fake..

Tim jumps up and down, Jade’s single, Jade’s single, Jade’s single.. Xavier has a smile ear to ear while hugging Jade and kissing her on the cheek..

They’re all hugging and Jade is apologizing..

BB announces that since Drew and Jade did not convince them all, therefore they’re automatically nominated..

Ben wants to talk to BB, he gets teary eyed saying he never wanted to question them or talk about them behind their back.. BB, you always like to see the best in everyone..


Heidi and Ed find Ben in the bedroom talking to his Mum and Nana’s photo and he breaks down.. they hug him and assure him he’s a wonderful, genuine, treasure..

In the kitchen Tim asks Jade what her type is, she says, that buff guy with great biceps, … and Tim tosses his fork and says, I’m out already and walks out the door..

A New Addition or Two or Three.

Rohan has been in lockdown so he knows nothing about the housemates or what’s been going on for the past week. Rohan tells Sonia he feels like Charlie going into the Chocolate Factory.. Sonia asks if he’s a game player.. he says, most definitely..


BB calls Ben to the DR and gives him a special gift..Ben covers his eyes and Rohan enters the DR.. BB gives Ben 2 minutes to catch Rohan up to speed with the housemates before he enters the BB house..

Ben introduces Rohan to the rest of the HM’s..


2 Sisters, 1 Housemate.

They will be playing the game as 1, they are to remain within 3 meters of each other the whole time..

What they’ve packed..

  • 10 packets of eyelashes
  • 42 hair extensions
  • 1 tube of fake tanner

Katie is the giggler, Lucy is the screamer..

Caleb is called to the safe house DR.. BB, do you like surprises Caleb? Caleb, yes I do..BB well Big Brother has not 1 but 2 surprises for you…


Caleb meets and introduces the sisters to the other houseguests. BB announces that they will playing as 1 houseguest.


BB tells Rohan, Katie and Lucy that their new room is now available, it is where the honeymoon suite was, but has been redecorated for them. BB has given them each a gift under their pillows.

Katie and Lucy get stuffed puppies and Rohan gets a pair of boxers with a tiger on them.


The End..until the next episode!