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In case you missed my Tweet yesterday.. there’s a brand new baby!

Congratulations to Britney Haynes and her husband on the birth of their happy, healthy baby girl Tilly Elizabeth 8lbs 3oz born on July 13th!


Nothing very exciting to report throughout the night..

Jeremy spends time at the hammock with Helen and Elissa, they talk about Jeremy’s relationship with his father, they haven’t spoke in 1o years, falling in love, etc…..

Outdoor couch talk, Spencer asks the women “Do ya’ll prefer to be fingered when someone’s going down on you?” Aaryn says, he never fails to cross the line.

Helen, Judd and Elissa touching bases in HOH, Helen says he’s still going, we just told him we’d think about it so he’d be nice for the next 2 days.

Judd gets stuck in a hammock with GM who goes on about, guess, Nick and how he never lied to her, he just didn’t tell her things. *face palm*

Amanda and McCrae makeout in the lounge before going off to bed around 4:30am.

Royalty Vote.

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8:52am Not a creature is stirring..

Jessie up making coffee in the dark..


Jessie’s now smoking at the hot tub..


Judd’s up… Judd says, day 27, July 17th.. its almost been a month already.. Jess, I know..

Judd tells Jess about his conversation with Gina Marie last night, when he had asked GM what she would do if she won HOH this week..

Jessie, I know its going to be an endurance competition.. Judd, thats what McCrae thinks too.. Jess, my shoulders are still hurting.. Judd, well if its endurance, don’t hurt yourself over it.. Jess, why? Judd, cause we still have the MVP vote.. Jess, the house can switch again…


10:00am Wakeup call, which once again means, a few will obey and the others will continue sleeping until 12-1pm

From season to season we can always count on the bathroom to be a pig stye, dirty clothes, towels, garbage on the floor, no ones mopped, or cleaned the shower……. #GERMS #BACTERIA #FUNGUS


Howard’s morning prayer in the photo booth..


The discussion in the kitchen is ecoli, Elissa is washing the pineapple and Helen says she’s never seen that done before. Elissa says, I always wash all my fruits and vegetables, people get more ecoli from fruits and vegetables than meats..

Next topic, the mock talk show they are planning..


Hell may have frozen over!

Jeremy took out the trash and Spencer and Jeremy both help Helen clean the bathroom after BB told the houseguests to clean the bathroom today. I swear BB must have read my blog… LOL

7-17-1211 7-17-1223

12:28pm Elissa to Jeremy, did you ever think Nick was an under-cover cop? That’s what Gina Marie thinks, because he always wore a hat, he was sly.. Jeremy, omg that’s great.. Elissa, her words, not mine..

Helen and Candice in HOH.. Helen, you need to win HOH tomorrow.. Candice, I know, but I’m not going to protect Kaitlin, she’d come after me.. Helen, we need to get Aaryn out.. they speculate double eviction tomorrow… [not gonna happen]

Talk moves to Aaryn.. Candice, she says she can’t keep friends, I say, gee I wonder why.. Helen, I know..


Kaitlin working on her hair while Jeremy watches..


2:02pm The “cuddlemance” has been upgraded to a full blown nomance showmance! Howard’s turning up the heat to save himself for next week.. The question is…. is Candice buying it?


Candice, I don’t trust Spencer.. I can’t hear what Howard says..her body is obstructing the microphone.. Candice brings up the vote where Spencer used her as the fall guy for the “unknown” vote.. [not even Howard can talk his way out of Spencer’s lies and behavior that week, which is why Howard says, hmmm]


Helen’s HOH Blog.

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I don’t know why the guys think Gina Marie is a hot mess..


Random chit chat outside..


3:02pm C1 Aaryn says, these bathing suit bottoms are completely see-thru, you can see the outline of my vagina…


….and my ass is completely hanging out…


FLASHBACK C 3/4 3:39pm The houseguests are on the outside couch they hear a cell phone and pretend to call each other on their shoe phones..


Candice and Elissa in the hammock planning their talk show segments.. #YAWN..


Kaitlin doing some subtle campaigning for Jeremy..


Kaitlin, I can control Jeremy if he stays..we need Jeremy to get Howard out..Amanda, I don’t think Elissa will be on board..


Howard changing the sheets..


Show Highlights.

The Power of Veto Competition..Keeping up with the Jones!


Gina Marie takes time to kiss Nick’s painting… #RESTRAININGORDER


The final times! Kaitlin has won the Power of Veto, but we already knew that!


Wednesday Evening.

Andy heads up to the royal HOH kingdom to ask Helen, what’s up with Gina Marie.. Helen, she came to me and asked my opinion on whether she should vote with the house.. I told her I’m not going to tell her either way, but it might surprise everybody if you do..


Meanwhile in the bedroom.. Candice is telling Howard about her birth father, and facts surrounding her being given away as a baby. Amanda, my birth father told me that I have lots of brothers and sisters.. she talks about a Facebook post her birth father posted about a “family” gathering..

6:09pm C 3/4 Flashback to listen to the insensitive Facebook invite her birth father posted.. unreal!


Elissa and Helen touch bases in the lounge.. they both wish that Jeremy was acting nice like he has been this week at all times, they agree he might not have been the one leaving if he had been..


BB Talk Show.

FLASHBACK to 9:29pm All Cameras ..Highlights from the houseguests mock talk show..

7-17-2129 7-17-2132 7-17-2133 7-17-2134 7-17-2142 7-17-2145 7-17-2151 7-17-2157

…and I leave you with Amanda and McCrae cuddled in the hammock…they’re discussing what McCrae wants to do for work when they’re done with Big Brother.


Goodnight all! xo