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Judd is becoming one of my favorites, who would have thought..he summed up last nights happenings with this quote, “there’s a bunch of shady fu*ks in this house”..! 

Aaryn’s HOH Blog.

I know the Brenchel fans aren’t happy with me, but I hope you all get to see that I tried more than once to align with Elissa. She has a personal vendetta against me and it is in my best interest to see her walk out the door on Thursday. I hope you all can respect that this game means a lot to me, and not even the sister of someone whom I was a super-fan of is going to come in-between that. I have a lot of respect for Helen, but she is highly responsible (along with Elissa) for David’s eviction. Read more..

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Special guest appearance, via satellite, by a very pregnant Britney Haynes from Big Brother Season 12 & 14!  Tonights show broadcasts at 8:00pm on CBS..


The Power of Veto Competition!

7-10-1201 7-10-1202


Another fauxmance/showmance brewing in the Big Brother house..?? Save our souls… Howard and Candice shared a bed last night, there was spooning, cuddling and possibly even a kiss…?



10:30am Judd and Amanda in the bathroom, whispering, McCrae joins them to brush his teeth..


Judd, MC you wanna lift weights.. MC laughs..Judd, yeh me either.. Howard walks by and Judd, says hey Howard.. then whispers, “shady fuck”..Amanda, I know.. MC, has a toothbrush in his mouth and says nothing..

McCrae walks out, Amanda says, the only people I trust are you, Andy, Helen and McCrae, really..


Helen is on her morning run, running in the shape of an 8 today.. the moms in the Big Brother house are fitness beasts!

Kaitlin joined Helen for 2 laps and then she quit, now Howard has joined in..


Aaryn got up ate cereal and headed back to bed, joining Jeremy and Kaitlin..


11:00am On the backyard couch.. Amanda to Judd, I don’t think we have the votes.. I want her (Elissa) to stay so bad.. Amanda says I think McCrae or you might get the MVP..

The “other side” meets outside on the couch when Howard is called to the DR.. Amanda breaks it to Helen that Howard swore on the Bible that he was voting Elissa out.. Helen, wow..

Judd tells them that Howard whispered with Jeremy and them all night..Helen doesn’t want to believe that Howard with them.. Amanda, trust me Helen he’s with them..MC sitting there silent..


Howard’s out of the DR, he walks up to the group and says, just to be straight, were good right?..Helen, voting out Nick right?.. Howard, right..[okay Helen, got that, he just lied to your face..]

Helen, Andy, right now we control the vote with our numbers..Howard, whatever you all want to do, I’m with you..[Howard lying to the whole group, that happen to know he’s lying is awkward..]


Candice joins the outdoor couch crew and starts crying saying she just had the worst dream and she needs to talk to her adoptive mom.. Amanda, sometimes the only voice of reason, explains that the DR would tell her if anything happened to her immediate family, but to go ask the DR if it will make her feel better..


11:44am Candice and Helen in the lounge and Candice is convinced her new cuddle buddy is 100% voting out Nick..Helen, are you sure? Candice, 100%, whatever he said his word is true…. [oh geeze, these girls and there fauxmance/showmance/nomance are screwing with their heads, UGH]

These men show these women a little affection and suddenly they’re spilling their guts to them.. Candice goes to Howard after talking to “her” alliance members and rattles off everything they say, ending the conversation with “don’t tell Spencer”.. [the minute he gets the chance, he’ll be telling Spencer…*face palm*.. ]


After Candice walks away, Howard says out loud to himself, “damn McCrae control your damn woman dude, damn, or be a man, damn women”..

Amanda and Andy in the hammock, Amanda tosses out the scenario, what if we toss 1 random vote for Helen, if McCrae votes for Helen then he won’t lose his chance at the MVP vote.. Andy, do you 100% believe we can’t trust Howard and Spencer…Amanda, yeh..


Amanda asks Jeremy if he thinks Jessie will listen to him if she wins HOH..without a pause, Jeremy, YES! Amanda, who do you think Spencer will put up..Jeremy, I don’t know, it’s hard to tell what that fucker is thinking..

Amanda,who would you put up? Jeremy, I’m trying to break up that alliance, Candice, Andy, Helen.. Amanda, you dont think Howard? Jeremy, no.. Amanda, who would Nick put up? Jeremy, he’d probably snicker ball someone..

Amanda, I think they would vote for you for MVP.. Jeremy, I sure hope so , I sure hope they would vote for the person who’s playing their hardest.. I don’t want no scrub who wins because they were friends with Elissa or some bullshit like that..


Kaitlin’s hair care routine..


Lunchtime in the house… Candice is talking about the competition where the houseguests were quizzed about objects missing from the house..


Nick and Aaryn are in the HOH room counting votes, they agree the “swing” votes are Candice, Jessie and Andy.. Kaitlin tells Aaryn to talk to Jeremy, Jeremy has everything on lock… Aaryn, I don’t like that, it makes me look weak.. it makes it looks like he’s playing my game for me and I don’t like that..

Nick, what about Judd? Kaitlin, oh yeh Judd’s on lock, we scared the shit out of him and he feels so bad for last week..


If the houseguests were to vote right now, I honestly don’t know exactly what the results would be…as it stands or as I understand it..

  • Amanda, Judd, Andy, Candice, would vote to KEEP Elissa
  • Jeremy, McCrae, Kaitlin, Gina Marie, would vote to EVICT Elissa
  • Howard, Spencer, are likely to vote to EVICT Elissa
  • Jessie told Judd she’s voting to evict Nick..

Honestly do these Moving Co. members really think they could beat Nick in the end, I don’t think even McCrae could beat Nick in the end.. Nick is extremely under-rated even by his own alliance, which puts Nick in a position to steam roll through this game..

Nick (off-camera, but we have audio) is explaining the science behind clouds, someone says something to Nick and he says yeh, like Marin, Marin County is the most expensive county to live in… shout out to my home county of Marin!! 

Howard sits down on the bottom of the bed and starts talking, at first I have no idea who else is in the room, but then you see Candice covered up in bed.. he says, I think the other side knows they don’t have the numbers [isn’t she the “other” side or is he talking about the other, other side…lol]

Candice is obstructing her microphone so we can’t hear a thing.. Howard, I trust Spencer more than I trust her (Elissa?)..Candice, yeh she’s just scary..


Helen telling Elissa in the have-not to use her MVP as a power..tell her (Jessie) that you can protect her with your MVP, tell her they can’t protect you, I can..Elissa, otherwise they are going to put her on the block with Candice next week..she just wants to make it to jury so she can make the money..


3:46pm Spencer, I want us to be the best alliance ever.. [NOT gonna happen]  Howard says, yeh, fuck the brigade.. Jeremy, the brraaaa who…

Howard, how do you guys want me to do this Candice thing, cause I’ve got her in my back pocket.. Spencer/Jeremy, just keep her there..

Candice ain’t my type, but after last night, I’m like damn.. Jeremy, you can’t hate it… Howard, it’s a perk.. Jeremy, I’ll take a back rub from any broad..

Switching over to GM and Aaryn in HOH against my better judgement, but its either arrogant men or crazy women…

…and guess what the topic of conversation is…GM and Nick…UGH Aaryn asks GM if they’ve kissed.. GM, swears on her hair extensions and nephews that they haven’t, but I want too.. to see if there’s a connection.. GM, I asked him last night if he was a fucking homo..he said no..

Aaryn, come on GM we’ve been here for 30 days.. America is literally sitting there saying girl 30 days and you haven’t kissed.. GM, defending him, saying he doesn’t want to do anything in front of cameras..[uh huh, I’ve heard that excuse on Big Brother before.. hey GM, he’s not into you, he’s into this game period!..]

Aaryn, goes on about a dream and a kiss…GM, we hold hands at night and he kisses my hand.. Aaryn, that’s so gay, thats so gay..eww..


TMZ “Big Brother Contestant Wusses Out On Racism”.

Amanda and Aaryn in HOH.. Amanda, what’s this shit about a boy alliance? Aaryn, well Jeremy has an alliance with Howard and Spencer..Amanda, for sure? Aaryn, that’s what Kaitlin told me..Amanda, it seems that way..he used to say, Andy, Candice, Helen and Howard were in an alliance and now when I ask him, he doesn’t include Howard’s name anymore in that alliance..

Aaryn, I don’t like that..Amanda, me either..


Howard’s telling Candice that he was in a shooting in Jackson.. next topic was how many whoopings they both had by their mama’s and what they were for..


6:26pm Kaitlin has gone down to vent to Jessie, suddenly Jessie is her best friend and confidant..

Jessie telling Kaitlin that her nicotine patch is giving her crazy dreams.. Kailtin, I want one, do you have one, it’s the closest thing to drugs I can get..


The girls are playing, “would you rather”..Candice, would you rather have a rich guy with a small penis or a poor guy with a big penis.. Elissa, Kaitlin, Jessie choose the rich guy.. then Elissa says, my husband is so big it hurts every time..


Elissa, I know your voting with your friends in the house, you knew you were an option to go up and your bf didn’t even try to get you off.. Kaitlin, first, he’s not my bf, pump the brakes on the boyfriend..

Howard enters, then Judd, then Andy, then Jeremy…

Howard, would you rather have a guy with 7″ but sucks in bed or a guy under 6 thats good in bed.. girls and Andy all choose good in bed.. Andy, big sucks..

Talk turns to sex..

Elissa, do guys like lingerie or nude cause I feel like its a waste of time.. guys say both..

7-10-1905 7-10-1906

Elissa, would you rather join mile high club or movie theater.. most say mile high..

Jeremy, would you rather have only oral sex, or regular sex.. most say regular.. Flashback to continue…

Candice, Elissa and Helen are in the have-not room where Candice is assuring them that Howard is a really good guy and would never lie to their face..

While in the bathroom, Howard is with Spencer, telling him he lied to the girls..and they believe that he’s voting with them..


I leave you with most of the houseguests crammed into the lounge discussing their top 5 celebrity crushes..


I’m checking out early tonight, simply because I’m exhausted..

Goodnight all! xo