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Apparently I went to bed before about 15 minutes to early last night..before the alcohol delivery had it’s full effect..


May not be appropriate for work computers!

Do not..

Scroll any further

If you’re offended by partial nudity!

You’ve been warned..


…and the quote of the day brought to you by Amanda Zuckerman..“It’s not boobs if you don’t see the nipples”…. Got that America!



Amanda’s trying to get Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlin to also put bandaids on their nipples.. Kaitlin, this is why they don’t give us more alcohol, cause crazy shit would happen..

Aaryn’s can hear Nick in the background repeatedly saying, OMG, OMG, OMG…


Gina Marie, theres actually pictures of me like that but I’m painted.. Aaryn, I don’t have guys do it and we’ll have a bandaid boob contest…

Amanda’s shaking her boobs, come on …boooobbbsss, booooobs..Amanda, you know you guys want to do it, its so freeing, McCrae will be so mad right now..

Amanda, ok you guys put on lingerie and I’ll go like this..GM, I don’t have lingerie..

Aaryn and GM, okay we’ll do bras and underwear..


Amanda, I have a nipple hair… I don’t want America to know I have a nipple hair [too late] she uses Aaryn’s tweezers to pluck it..



Aaryn voices her frustration about Jeremy running things and Kaitlin walking around like she owns this house..


Gina Marie and Jessie have joined in on the ‘panty party’! Jeremy pops his head out the slider and says, “guys, prepare to be happy!”

The girls head outside for the Panty Party Show…


The crowds reaction, Spencer is grinding his hips back and forth..


….and the crowd goes wild..


Gina Marie can’t keep her hands off.. and does a little motor-boating too..


Next up Jessie!


Suddenly, Gina Marie and Aaryn are too shy?


The crowd chants…Helen….Helen….Helen…


Helen takes her zip-up off and swings it around her head while the crowd goes wild…


..and Gina Marie wraps herself up and says, she’s going to put her pants on..


GM drops her towel to reveal her butt..then does some sort of towel dance..


One more peak..


The Panty party has now ended!

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