Gina Marie, the model spent the greater portion of yesterday, upset, in tears and confiding in a few of the houseguests.

“I have issues with my body that no one realizes” – Gina Marie

For those that don’t know, the houseguests are instructed to bring clothing, accessories, etc. with no brand labels, and if houseguests do bring items that do not meet the guidelines Big Brother will keep those items until the houseguest leaves.

Gina Marie apparently had much of her clothing, and makeup “taken from her” before entering the house. Yesterday she broke down, saying she “felt like a dirt bag” and didn’t have her clothes that fit her properly and “make her feel good”.

Aaryn and Amanda both comforted Gina Marie, offering any of their clothing, shoes, makeup, tanning lotion, etc.

Gina Marie sincerely thanked them, but couldn’t seem to snap out of wanting to go home to her happy life, saying “it’s not about the money, my happiness is more important”.


Later that evening Gina Marie was ready to pack her bag and walk out the Big Brother door, telling Andy she was ready to go. Nick spent quite a bit of time comforting Gina Marie, asking her to stay even after Gina Marie asked him to “say it’s okay, so I can go home”.

When Gina Marie is in front of the lights and camera, in her “comfort zone” she doesn’t seem to have body image issues whatsoever..

Isadora B Photography contacted Big Brother Buzz saying,

“I am one of the photographers, and a friend of Gina, she can be a pretty sexy model, but she is very professional and a super sweet person. She goes out of her way to help others” -Isadora B

Gina Marie

© Copyright Isadora B Photography

I think in her comfort zone her personality comes through letting her beauty shine. To me she has no body issues but we are all our biggest judges and find ways to pick on ourselves. She truly is a sweet friend and being away from family and having most of her things taken away can make you feel out of place and not yourself. I think she is beautiful no matter what. – Isadora B

Gina Marie

© Copyright Isadora B Photography

Nick finally had Gina Marie laughing and in much better spirits, Gina Marie finally confessed, she may be about to start her period..and “I just get so emotional”, ah that explains it all!

[Featured image: © Isadora B Photography]