Goodmorning Big Brother fans! Wow.. if you went to bed early last night, you’re going to spend some time in flashback today!

Because when the clock strokes midnight in this Big Brother house all hell breaks loose..

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It all began when the houseguests ALL agreed to wait until midnight to drink the alcohol when the have-not torture was over and they could eat and drink again. That seems simple enough, right??

Not so much with this group!

Aaryn, began whining around 11:30pm announcing to David that she didn’t want to wait for alcohol, she wanted to “drink nowwww”.. reminding me of one of my favorite childhood movies, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  “But I want it NOWWWW” attitude…


Kaitlin decides she’s not waiting so she steals a beer from the fridge and minutes later Jeremy decides he’s no longer waiting and takes the one and only bottle of red wine and pops it open, pours a drink for the whining Aaryn and they both secretly drink in the bedroom while the others patiently wait. Kaitlin has been called to the DR.


The clock strokes midnight and the have-not’s are so excited, they’re hugging and celebrating and immediately pull the frozen pizza they had popped into the oven out and begin slicing.. they immediately notice a bottle of wine is missing, but honestly are so excited to put food in their mouth, they hardly say a thing.. I believe Candice and Elissa, both say, “where’s the red wine?”.. and pour white instead..


12:06am It’s eating, drinking, laughing, and general happiness in the kitchen..


Helen’s so excited about food, she says, sorry I’m not talking, I’m just stuffing my mouth..

12:06am cam 4 Aaryn literally walks into the kitchen and takes a piece of the have-nots pizza, the pizza they’ve all been waiting 1 week for, says nothing and walks out.. apparently she couldn’t make her own food, or wait for alcohol either.


FLASHBACK 12:11am Cam 1/2 to see Jeremy running his mouth about everyone being inconsiderate of him, so why should he be considerate of them, he’ll open the wine if he wants to..

12:15am Aaryn goes to put another pizza in the oven and puts the pizza on the cookie sheet, Judd says, were going to put some chicken nuggets on that, Aaryn, oh sorry.. McCrae says just put the pizza on the rack..

FLASHBACK 12:21am Cam 1/2 ROUND 1 Aaryn the instigator/exaggerator/drama queen retells the pizza in the oven story to Jeremy, putting her bitchy spin on it..

Jeremy, should I go say something.. Aaryn, yeh you probably should.. apparently she isn’t woman enough to fight her make-believe battles..

Jeremy, “I drank that shit and I feel great”..”so if ya’ll have a problem come to me about it” bla bla bla, etc, etc..

He walks out, Helen, what just happened? Elissa, “he’s such a NEANDRA-THAL”… [LMAO, EPIC!!..]

12:24am Cam 1/2 Judd is by the hot tub, he says, no one said anything, we’re just excited to eat.. Aaryn, (in her best bitch voice) JUDD, Judd, don’t get all snappy with US! Judd, I’m not, but I was there.. Aaryn, Judd we’ve had your back this whole time and you’re kinda getting snappy and I don’t know why..

12:26am Amanda exits the DR and finds out what just happened..

12:29am Cam 3 Kaitlin is fired up now, she snapping at David to go get Jeremy now..she’s pissed at his irrational behavior..

FLASHBACK 12:28am ROUND 2 Cam 1 Amanda confronts Jeremy at the hot tub..


Meanwhile, while Jeremy and Amanda are outside. Kaitlin has made her way to the kitchen and is pissed off that Jeremy has done  this and talked that way to everyone.. she says, she’s sorry and she’s embarrassed by him..

Helen puts her arm around Kaitlin and says it’s ok..


12:36am Helen breaks, we weren’t saying anything, it doesn’t have to be like this, lets just play a game, why do people have to yell at each other, we haven’t done anything, I’m not used to that kind of outburst, we were just trying to enjoy ourselves..


12:37am Cam 1 Jeremy going off on Andy at the hot tub in his ignorant attitude..Andy, with the exception of Elissa, I don’t think people are being fake.. Aaryn, OMG..

They tell Jeremy he has someone waiting for him at the door.. Jeremy, I know I can feel the daggers in my back.. Kaitlin, I know, are you going to man up and grow a pair.. Kaitlin, in the colored room right now, you made your fucking bed now lay in it..

Jeremy, whewww..this is intense..

FLASHBACK 12:41am Cam 3/4 ROUND 3

7-01-0042 7-01-0043

12:48am This continues as Nick and Andy have now entered..

12:49am Candice enters..Jeremy apologizes to Candice.. Andy chimes in..

12:52am Aaryn and Gina Marie enter..

FLASHBACK 12:54am ROUND 4 Cam 3 Andy, it’s just a bottle of wine, everybody will get over it.. Aaryn, it’s so much more than a bottle of wine [here she goes again, the house is calming and she has to stir shit up again]

Candice and Aaryn go a round..while David’s face is like, OMG not again..

Candice to Aaryn, “I’m not afraid of you boo thang”


FLASHBACK 12:57am Gina Marie suggests that Jeremy apologize to Helen because she’s not used to be yelled at..

FLASHBACK 1:02am Cam 1/2 Jeremy and Helen go to the lounge so Jeremy can give her an insincere apology..

1:13am Cam 3 Kaitlin in the backyard with others, she’s still stewing..

FLASHBACK 1:31am Cam 3/4 Kaitlin and Aaryn have a discussion at the hot tub, while David & Judd sit quietly.. Kaitlin is retelling a convo she had with Jeremy last night and Aaryn is getting defensive..questioning Kaitlin..

FLASHBACK 1:41am Cam 1 Helen heads up to the HOH, still in tears, she retells her conversation with Jeremy.. Helen, trust me, I’m ready to send him fucking home..

2:00am McCrae, Spencer, David and Nick in HOH..David and Nick leave.. MC and Spencer agree that it’s perfect we can get Aaryn out, Spencer, she’s such a bitch.. MC, I know, I hate her..

2:10am Amanda is trying to explain to Jeremy that now he’s going to have a hard time in comps because people will pick him off right away.. [he realizes he messed up..]

2:25am Cam 3 Nick and Jeremy talk for a few on the outdoor couch..Nick, next week is gonna be hell for you, and the Moving Co. is gonna have your back so hard.. Jeremy, it’s not gonna be, cuz I’m gonna win HoH..Nick, but if you don’t..

Jeremy, I hope so, because I f’in laid moves out there.. some of it was planned and some of it wasn’t… I tried to give her her ring back and she wouldn’t take it, so I think we’re good…

Kaitlin comes out to do laundry..

Nick, I’m gonna leave you two out here to make amends.. we need 6 people..


FLASHBACK 2:30am Jeremy gives Kaitlin this long apology that moves to the hammock.. [if she buys what he’s selling, she deserves to sink with the Jeremy ship!..]


Fast forward to 3:26am 

Spencer and Jeremy in the bathroom.. Spencer, you kissing Kaitlin’s ass? Jeremy, that would be a good taste…

Spencer, I bet her pussy tastes like butterscotch… (they laugh)  Jeremy, yeh I kinda caused some drama and it makes it a little harder to keep my name off.. now they’re after Aaryn.. I think its gonna work out for the best..


It’s a new day, or is it?

9:38am Stretching and meditation with Jessie..

7-01-0940 7-01-0941 7-01-0945

10:45am The rest of the houseguests are woken up..

11:38am I’ve seen this look before on previous seasons before… Kaitlin pondering her Big Brother life, damage control and probably, a WTH was I thinking hooking up with Jeremy moment..


12:05pm The queen has taken up her swinging thrown with Jessie and of course has nothing good to say about anyone..


12:19pm Aaryn has now moved to the lounge chairs with Kaitlin, topic, Aaryn and all the wrongs the other people have done to her..

…and we have David stripping down to his Speedo against Aaryn’s wishes, I guess the queen can’t always control her ‘court’.. because not only does David strip to his Speedo, he pulls his Speedo down and moons the whole couch crew! To which they reply with whoops and hollers…

7-01-1219 7-01-1220

1:41pm Cam 3/4 Amanda, Aaryn, Kaitlin and others on the outside couch.. Amanda, I don’t know we just gotta keep it chill.. Aaryn, yeh but then that makes you look like uhh….. Amanda, well what did last night make him (Jeremy) look like? In essence the only person who suffered from that is David.. Aaryn, no and me, cause now they’re all against me [doesn’t it always come back to Aaryn]

Amanda, whatever, I think it’ll blow over.. Judd, I haven’t heard anything today.. Amanda, I just don’t want the boat rocked, etc and everything I just said, I said to Jeremy’s face..

Aaryn, “yeh anything I say to anybody, I’ll say straight to their face, that’s why I’m not worried about being straight forward, cause I don’t get caught in lies” [that sentence made no sense but oh well]

Amanda, I think Jeremy can help us in the game.. Amanda to Kaitlin, you ok from last night? Kaitlin, yeh, I’m disappointed but ok, I’m like disappointed on a personal level..

Aaryn, I don’t think you should be, I mean I can’t speak for you, but I wouldn’t be..

…and the HOH camera has arrived, they stop mid sentence and smile for the camera..



1:49pm Cam 2 The poolside crew asks David if he’s ever saved anyone, he replies, yeh 2 mexicans at the same time.. they ask, stuck in the rip current, David, uh huh.. Jeremy chimes in, if you ever get stuck in a rip current swim sideways.. David, well most “cubies” don’t know that..[add that comment to the stereotypical remarks being made in the Big Brother house this season..]


1:51pm More girl photos..


1:53pm Jeremy to Kait, you stress me out.. Kaitlin, you stress me out.. Amanda, you guys both stress me out.. Jeremy, you need to stop giving her cigarettes.. Amanda, that was Judd.. Kaitlin, don’t tell me what to do.. Amanda, the only position you can put her in is stationary, mission or doggie.. Jeremy, she wouldn’t let me.. Kaitlin, there’s more than just 3..


MC stops by to take a photo..


3:38pm Gina Marie is crying on the outside couch, she tells Aaryn, she has no clothes, they took her capris.. Aaryn, why don’t you go into the DR and ask them to buy you some clothes.. GM, I did they said no.. Aaryn, what, they said no? GM, I have to wear shorts, and I never wear shorts, I don’t like wearing shorts, I look like a dirt bag..

Aaryn, what do you want to wear, lets go pick an outfit, I have lots of outfits and more than enough to go around, we’re the same size.. and I have straps for all my bathing suits so your boobs won’t fall out, you don’t look like a dirt bag, you’re beautiful, you’re the most beautiful person here..

Gina Marie, I just want my clothes, I don’t like my body and I have to wear shorts and I don’t want to.. Aaryn, I have tanning lotion, you can put on after the shower, dude I would do anything for you.. GM, thank you..


3:43pm Amanda is now comforting Gina Marie, says, lets go get you some clothes.. GM, “I have issues with my body that no one realizes”..I don’t even have pajama’s to sleep in.. [I’m unclear if she just didn’t bring her things or BB took away a lot of her things?]

Amanda, I have pajama pants, booty shorts, sweat pants, you really do look beautiful..I started freaking out when they started taking shit too.. [BB keeps blocking the feeds so we can’t hear what they’re saying]

3:52pm Nick joins them on the couch.. Amanda comforting GM..we’re all missing our lifestyles and this isn’t easy..

Amanda leaves and Nick gets up and sits closer to GM, he says, one of those days? GM, I just want to go home..Nick, we were so cool like 2 hours ago, what happened? Everything just getting to you? GM, I just want to go home..I don’t feel like me..

GM, I’m not an outside person, I don’t like to be outside in the sun, they took all my clothes, I have 1 fucking pair of pajamas, my nails are a mess, I don’t have any of my hair stuff, my hairs a mess, I don’t wear shorts, I haven’t worn shorts in 10 years..

GM, I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t like myself..


Nick, yeh you do, this house just makes you go fucking crazy.. GM, no, I just want to wear my regular pants, I want to cover my legs, I don’t like my legs..

Nick, I think your legs are fine.. GM, thanks..I don’t care about fucking money, I just want to be me, I don’t feel like me..

Nick, we’ll be good, we just gotta chill.. GM, shakes her head no, I’m going home.. Nick, why? GM, I don’t want to stay here.. Nick, I have no one else to talk to.. GM, they took my bra, my underwear, they took all my makeup brushes, all my makeup..

GM, I just want my clothes, I know what fits my body, I have issues with my body and I want to cover it up, they took my sneakers, my socks..that’s my style..I can’t even shave my fucking twat standing up..


5:07pm Jessie, relaxing in the bathroom..


5:09pm Spencer and Judd laying around in the bathroom while girls shower.. Elissa has just finished.. Judd, “you know what Elissa, if I put a M before your name, your name would be ‘MElissa'”… [you can’t make this stuff up..]


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