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Saturday Evening in the Big Brother House..

6:13pm Gina Marie and Kaitlin outside, GM tells Kaitlin she thinks that Kaitlin and Jeremy look like a celebrity couple, they look so hot.. Kaitlin, don’t tell me that, I’ll back off.. Kaitlin, are you going to tap that (that being Nick).. GM says, NO! NO way, cause if someone wants something they need to ask..


Jeremy and his extremely BIG HAIR joins GM and Kaitlin on the couch.. Kaitlin, you need to push your hair down a bit..


6:45pm Cam 1 Helen and Spencer game talk in the have-not room, they’re touching bases on the plan to keep Elissa for now..Spencer says, you can trust anything I say.. Helen says, the same here.. they agree they can’t trust Jeremy, Spencer, I would like to get him out before I have to trust him..


 7:25pm Nick, I’m so white.. Helen, no I think you’re getting some color..


7:35pm Gina Marie is showing off a bit of her gymnastic skills..


Helen tries, and Jessie spots her..


David and Howard are playing pool..[if we didn’t know Howard as such a soft spoken, nice guy, he would be intimidating to meet on the street..]


7:52pm Cam 3 switches to David and Jeremy in the backyard. Jeremy, maybe she should sleep with you guys tonight.. David, why..Jeremy, “cause I need some time to rub one out”.. David, “dude I haven’t rubbed one out for so long”.. Jeremy, “neither have I, I just go have sex, I cant do that, although I did touch her vagina today, although it didn’t look like she was to happy about it.. they both laugh.. Jeremy, “I like to feel around and see what I have to work with, see if she’s working with a nice meat wallet”.. David, “at least she’s not acting like a bitch”.. Jeremy, “no she’s not a bitch”..


Jeremy, “these girls could really fuck up our game plan”.. David, “I know”.. Jeremy, they’re going to hate us when this is over.. David, that’s how it was with Boogie and Will dude.. I feel like the girls are smarter this year, fucking Aaryn is a smart cookie man.. [flashback if you’d like to hear more of this stimulating congo…UGH]


8:35pm Helen and Elissa on the lounge in the backyard, general chit chat.. Helen asks Elissa about her college, courses, etc.. Elissa is currently taking pre-nursing at University of Penn. next topic Elissa’s husbands manufacturing company..


Elissa forgets about the 98 cameras in the house and decides to stretch during her conversation with Helen..


9:15pm Cam 3 McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Judd are in the HOH room, they’re talking about why Aaryn didn’t recognize Elissa right away because she’s a Rachel super-fan and followed her on Twitter and knows everything about her..

MC, and anybody that knows that much is probably a pretty big fan of Big Brother, Judd agrees..Amanda, “I feel like really pretty girls like that, don’t follow Big Brother, is that a weird stereo-type..I feel like really pretty girls aren’t like super fans of Big Brother”..[guess Amanda just kissed her America’s Favorite Player and her chance of ever being voted MVP goodbye..from one “ugly chic” to another..]

MC, I wouldn’t say that… Amanda, no? Andy, Big Brother fan base is really diverse, I have lots of pretty girl friends who love Big Brother.. [thanks Andy..] Judd agrees with Andy and MC.. Amanda, to the extent of you know the live feed through and through and you’re obsessed with it?



 9:35pm Kaitlin and Aaryn are getting their bikini’s on.. Jessie joins them in the bathroom.. Jessie points to Aaryn’s bikini bottoms and says, “this is scandalous Aaryn”.. Aaryn, “I know it is, my booty’s out”..


FYI they got alcohol..

Kaitlin and Aaryn touching up their hair and makeup before getting in the hot tub.. Aaryn tells Kaitlin, did Jeremy tell you this was the same bikini he bought his ex GF, because he likes the brazilian bottom, you can wear them.. Kaitlin, ewe, no cause then he’ll think of her..

6-29-2141 6-29-2142

9:44pm Hot tub party.. Nick is running laps.. they’re wondering if family is watching them right now..


10:15pm Helen wonders if they think there are any siblings from other seasons in the house..Elissa, I don’t know, I wonder, but they can put it all on me..they talk about which seasons BB gave them to watch in sequester..

Elissa says, I wasn’t going to come in here, “Hi I’m Rachel’s sister”.. I’m Elissa, I’m a mom, I’m married, I’m a nutritionalist, I have an identity other than being Rachel’s sister..

Andy, you don’t have to explain to me, I wasn’t part of that.. Helen, yeh, you don’t have to explain..


10:30pm Andy and MC in the lounge.. the inconsideration of the others is getting to him so he had to leave the hot tub crew.. Andy, its been nice to talk to her (Elissa) and get to know her.. MC, I agree.. they both agree they (the young crew) are spoiled and don’t know what it’s like to need the money and stuff.. they agree they just can’t relate to them and they didn’t like how they were hating and ganging up on Elissa..Andy, I started to see how Elissa wasn’t like they were saying..


10:40pm Nick and Gina Marie whispering in the bedroom.. GM tells Nick she saw Andy, Helen and Elissa in the bathroom, and when Andy saw her he shut up..Nick, so if we win HOH, who are we going to put up..GM, Amanda cause she’s making everybody fight and I can’t stand her fucking voice..


11:14pm Jeremy, something smells weird, Amanda, that’s my vagina..Amanda says she’s going to sleep with them tonight, they’ll be a little caboose, but no farting..


11:15pm Andy is in HOH listening to music and loudly crying..



11:20pm Kaitlin walks in and says, whats wrong are you ok? Andy, yeh I’m ok.. Kaitlin, are you missing home..Andy, I’m ok.. Kaitlin, I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone was up here, my clothes are here.. she grabs her clothes and leaves..Andy continues to cry under the covers..


11:25pm Spencer and David are talking in the bedroom about Spencer having a little stomach troubles.. Aaryn walks in and asks David if he’s been awake this whole time..David, I just brush my teeth and stuff.. Aaryn, I just got out of the diary room, David, yeah I know.. David randomly says, look I’m wearing boxers now and he pulls his boxers partially down [we now have proof once again that David does NOT man-scape!..]..

Aaryn, (sarcastically) that’s nice, STOP pulling out your junk, like why do you do that, I don’t understand..



Aaryn, you suck.. David, why do I suck.. Aaryn, cause tonight is like a fun night, we got alcohol and you’re going to bed..

11:43pm Cam 1 McCrae and Jeremy haven’t a storage room meeting.. Jeremy, that’s fine you want to save Amanda, if I win HOH I was thinking about putting up Helen and Andy..before that I was thinking Amanda and Candice but if you want to keep your side, I understand that, I have my side and I want her (Kaitlin) for numbers..

Jeremy, so Elissa is going to stay.. MC, yeh for now.. Jeremy, so she’ll get MVP again.. MC, yeh because she has Rachel’s fan base.. Jeremy, but she can’t stay for to long.. MC, I feel like I have her (Elissa) under control..its good that you’re loud and everyone feels like they know where you stand.. Jeremy, that’s why I’m always saying I’m playing for myself..

Jeremy, I’ll know if you fuck it up.. I think we can make it to top 5.. MC, I just don’t want you guys worried about me, I’ve got my shit covered.. Jeremy, we can keep Amanda for now but she’ll have to go.. MC, she thinks she came up with this big plan, but I’m the one who came up with it..

Jeremy, does Elissa know she’s staying? MC, yeh.. Jeremy, I can tell cause she hasn’t been crying..

MC, the only thing is, if Elissa gets HOH.. Jeremy, Elissa’s not getting HOH, I won’t let it happen.. Jeremy leaves first, MC waits for a few to leave the storage room..


11:56pm Cam 2 All the girls are trying to pile into the hammock, then they decide to put a pizza in.. Amanda, Aaryn run towards the door.. Gina Marie yells out, “I want boobs in my face”.. Amanda stops, lifts her shirt and Gina Marie shoves her face in her boobs..

6-29-2356 6-29-2357

Aaryn is slightly buzzed and has a new talent..

6-30-0007 6-30-0008

12:27am Gina Marie asks Spencer to step into her office for a moment (her office being the hammock).. GM, are you still voting out Elissa? Spencer, yes.. GM, ok that’s all I wanted to know..


Meanwhile in HOH.. Amanda and McCrae are brushing their teeth, Howard walks in, he says, this is the perfect plan, with Candice and Elissa staying, Aaryn is going to be pissed..


12:35am Cam 1 Jeremy working his way between Kaitlin’s legs, tickling her along the way.. Kaitlin, the camera’s are on us.. Jeremy, can I snowball you.. Kaitlin, I can’t believe you just asked me that on national tv.. [I can]


It’s almost as if Kaitlin is working the camera..

Kaitlin, I don’t understand why Helen is being a little wench..Jeremy, cause she knows she’s gonna lose.. Kaitlin, what’s her strategy? Jeremy, being a mom,  she’ll be gone soon…6-30-0040

12:40am Cam 1 While Jeremy is nestled in Kaitlin’s breasts, Aaryn walks out with pizza, Candice follows.. Candice says to Aaryn, I wish you would have come to me before you went and told whoever you told, cause I did not do anything to your hat, I adore you, I think you have the cutest things and I would ruin any of your things, that is not my personality, I’m almost 30 years old and I would never do that..

Aaryn, I’m sick of the age thing getting brought up, I mean really.. Candice, well I’m just saying, you could have just come and asked me instead of telling people I sat on your hat, because I did not sit on your hat, I put your hat on my head and walked outside..

Gina Marie, well I think what the problem is, is that everyone is picking up everyones shit and they’re not asking I guess, I know that the laundry gets mixed in, the towels.. Aaryn, I don’t even want to finish the conversation and she walks away..


Kaitlin says to Jeremy, that was awkward.. [I can think of something else awkward, just saying!..]


…and on that note, I’ve had just about enough for one day, I have a date with my cozy bed..

Goodnight all! xo

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