Goodmorning Big Brother fans, happy Saturday, today is likely to be the Power of Veto ceremony!

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7:14am Cam 1 A very unlikely showmance brewing? Amanda and McCrae exchange a few early morning kisses..


The houseguests are waking up, somewhat..

Helen has already gotten in her morning run..

10:10am Candice is cooking, apparently Spencer expects Candice to cook for him..? ..and Jessie is cleaning the kitchen. McCrae comes down from HOH and takes out the trash..


In the bathroom Helen is showering, her and Elissa are taking about traveling..

10:17am Amanda and her morning coffee..


The living room crew, current subject, of Andy’s music requests is Teenage Dream..


Gina Marie is now out of bed and looking pretty rough and grumpy..


10:32am Cam 4 Have-not room, Howard gives Judd a quick heads up on people watching him float around from group to group, Howard suggests he’s more careful..Judd thanks him..

Judd says, the girls who freak out the most are Aaryn and Jessie..


10:40am Judd stops to talk to the living room crew, he tells them he couldn’t sleep last night..Amanda, you look like you’ve lost like 20lbs, they say he looks like a little boy..

In the living room: Amanda asks Jeremy, did you go to school to be so annoying.. Jeremy, no it happened because i just kept on winning


Jeremy and Spencer are talking about smearing something onto the toilets..

Candice walks by the living room crew and Spencer tells her to pick up her feet when she walks.. Spencer says, I think I’ll rearrange my day and move nap #1 to now..

10:50am Helen, Amanda, McCrae and Judd outside, Helen says “you look like that guy from Looper”, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, she says she’s going to call him Looper from now on.. MC says he gets that a lot..


10:58am Outside: Jessie says, its (POV ceremony) is going down today, I’m god, I know.. Jeremy says, if I get HOH I’m putting Candice back up cause she’s just flaoting by and I don’t like floaters.. [what has Jeremy actually done thus far??? yeh NOTHING..]


11:05am McCrae and Helen play a game of chess, Helen says she got to much sun yesterday, so she plans to stay out of the sun today.


11:19am Cam 1 switches to Amanda and Elissa on the hammock… Amanda, “cause we’re saving you, if we’re saving you, you need to work with us that’s why were saving you… do you not want to stay?” Elissa doesn’t really answer, Amanda, did you hear what I said? Elissa, yeh I did, but I’m just like so tired..


Amanda says, I fucking threw up this morning.. Elissa, you did? Amanda, yeh I’m not getting any sleep, I’m just like tired..

Amanda, whats wrong? Is something wrong? There’s a long pause and Elissa, says, um no, I mean (long pause)…[ it looks as though she may get emotional so she gets up and walks away..]

6-29-1120 6-29-1121

11:23am Amanda’s still in the hammock and says, “she’s bi-polar”.. Jeremy, what? Amanda, “I think she’s bi-fucking-polar”.. Jeremy, bless her heart, she’s campaigning isn’t she? Amanda, no she wasn’t even talking, I asked if she was ok and she just got up and walked away..

11:25am Jeremy and David are working out, Jeremy says, “that chic (Elissa) is bi-polar man”.. Jeremy goes on on an Elissa hate rampage.. [yawn..]

Jeremy tells David he shouldn’t go to sleep to early, the shit goes down late at night..


11:35am Cam 1 Jessie says, McCrae is like the hottest pizza boy, why doesn’t she ever get a hot pizza boy. MC says, I thought I’d get some hot MILF’s stories, but I don’t..

Jeremy jumps in, I’ve got MILF stories, “the night before I came here I slept with my friends mom”.. Jessie, what?? why would you do that..

12:02pm Amanda and McCrae in the HOH, Amanda tells him he can’t win everything so she can get off the radar..McCrae gets called to the DR, he says, uh oh this could be it..


MC heads to the DR and Amanda checks out the spy screen..


One thing Amanda is not, and that is modest.. she heads downstairs to the kitchen with no bra, panties and sunglasses..she asks the girls if her shirt is see-thru.. they say no..



12:10pm It’s Jessie bashing time poolside, starring Kaitlin, Jeremy and David..until Jessie joins them again..


12:12pm Cam 3 Storage room: Amanda to Elissa, “real quick, I think everyones worried because we’re not sure where your at and we’re going to save you, we have a whole fucking master plan, there’s no way it won’t work and we’ll all make it more than half way through this show”..

Elissa, of course, I’m completely on board, I just had to think, I’m just so confused, I should have talked to other people about it..Amanda, we have your numbers, we have, ok MC has to put you on the block because it can’t look like we’re aligned..we will make it through to sequester, we have me, Howie, Andy, Helen, Spencer, Candice because she has to vote the way we want her to vote, and Judd.. Amanda, when you get MVP every week, because you probably will because of Rachel’s fan base..this is a huge risk and everyone’s nervous.. Elissa, I feel like Im the only one out of the trust loop.. Amanda, you’ll see when we save you.. Elissa, I just don’t want to feel stupid.. Amanda, just play it cool..

Amanda tells Elissa, she calls the young group “The Bieber Fever”.. Amanda goes onto tell Elissa, we need you, I don’t think you realize you’re a really big part of this game..

Amanda, I can’t wait to see David go home and watch them all crumble..

6-29-1213 6-29-1216

12:21pm Gina Marie, still looking rough today, she’s going off about Jessie? or Elissa?, she can’t stand her fucking voice, etc, etc.. GM says, “I guarantee one of us wins HOH every week, so we’re safe no matter what”..


12:25pm Cam 1 switches to Kaitlin and Aaryn in the bathroom, Jessie walks in, “are you mad at me? why would you be mad? because he put sunscreen on my back?” Aaryn, I don’t know, its kinda the principal of it.. Jessie, I’m sorry I didn’t mean anything by it.. Aaryn, ok, I’m not really mad at you [uh oh David, you pissed off the tigress again..], I’m not really made at anybody, to be honest, I just didn’t like it.. Jessie, ok, well it won’t happen again, and sunscreen, whatever, it would be different if I were laying on the bed and I was giving him a massage or something..

Aaryn, yeh I know, but I guess you couldn’t see how it looked from where I was, plus it was the first thing I saw when I woke up.. Jessie, ok, well I didn’t mean anything by it.. Aaryn, no it’s ok, I don’t want an issue with it, how did you even know? Jessie, because Amanda just came out and said I need to stop flirting with everybody’s boyfriends.. Aaryn, oh gawd, oh shit..


Kaitlin continues to stay in the room and listen to this conversation play out awkwardly..


12:29pm Outdoor lockdown.. they’re all getting ready for the POV ceremony..

12:35pm Gina Marie applying her eyebrows..


1:28pm Feeds are back from the POV ceremony.. McCrae used the POV to remove Candice from the block and McCrae nominated Elissa as a replacement nominee..

Jessie, David and Elissa are nominated for eviction..

…with David as the target for McCrae, Amanda, Howard, Helen, Andy, Judd, Spencer, and Candice. Elissa is the target for Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Gina Marie.. with Nick being the wild card..


1:49pm Cam 3 Amanda, McCrae and Jeremy in HOH.. Jeremy, I’d put Kaitlin up in a minute, I’m not here for a showmance, or to fall in love.. Amanda, you’re doing a good job non-showmancing.. Jeremy, everybody should be worried while I’m still here..


1:57pm Aaryn in the bedroom looking for clothes..


2:03pm Kaitlin and Gina Marie in the pool, talking about everyone.. Kaitlin, I feel like Jeremy puts a target on himself but calling everyone out.. GM agrees.. they call themselves “boats and hoes” ..

2:09pm Lunchtime in the kitchen, although it’s pretty much breakfast for Nick, since he’s only been up for about an hour or so..current topic college and college courses..


FLASHBACK 2:21pm Cam 3 Apparently David forgot there are 98 cameras in the Big Brother house when changing into his swimsuit..

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2:37pm Cam 1 Random chatter in the HOH room, Spencer, Jeremy, Amanda, Andy,, movies, with some Elissa bashing mixed in.. they talk about funny women, Spencer says, yeh most women are funny..


 3:05pm David and Aaryn sun bathing, David comments about he looking great.. Aaryn, (jokingly) well thank you, I was Miss Teen Colorado.. he tells her he likes her style..


3:13pm Gina Marie and Nick in the lounge, GM says, once Elissa is gone MVP is open to any one of us and we’re kicking ass and taking names..BOOM! Nick, BOOM!


Gina Marie… “We’re taking overrrrrrrr”…


Nick asks, so who is it? Gina Marie, it’s Jeremy, you, Kaitlin, David, me and Aaryn.. Nick, “ok’.. [the problem with that is, Nick is with the other side as a secret agent..]

3:31pm Andy tells Amanda he’s totally with them.. they (Andy, Amanda, McCrae) all agree they can’t wait to see their faces when Elissa stays and David leaves.. Amanda says, I feel like I don’t want to win HOH, that will make me look strong..

Elissa joins them, Amanda says how are you.. she says, better I just did a mini workout, I ran and did some yoga.. Amanda, well don’t worry you’re good.. Elissa looks around the room, really? Amanda, yeh, Andy, yeh..

McCrae says, “I had to say that” (his veto speech) .. Elissa, I know, this is a game, I get it.. MC, I don’t want you to be like fu*k..Amanda says, in order to get rid of the kids we have to say things to throw them off..

Elissa says, I just don’t like how they are so mean, going around saying mean immature things.. Andy says, I don’t like how they’ve been treating you, in fact Aaryn came to me and said why are you talking to her..I told her you’re still a human being..


Andy asks Elissa if she’s younger or older than Rachel, Elissa, I’m younger by 2 years.. Andy, so do you know my baby Ragan? Elissa, yes, I love Ragan…Andy is in awe now..

4:02pm Elissa leaves the HOH, McCrae tells Amanda, she still scares me.. Amanda, me too, but we need her.. MC is relaying some info to Amanda about his conversation with Kaitlin earlier.. he tells her she needs to chill.. MC, I was down playing our relationship saying that you’re trying to control me and stuff.. we just have to lay low..

MC tells Amanda that Kaitlin threw her name out there to get out next.. Amanda, she said me? why would she tell you that.. MC, I don’t know but you can’t say anything or be mad, just lay low.. Amanda, so teeny bopper wants me out, she acts like my best friend..MC you’re a social threat..


4:17pm McCrae and Amanda in the HOH bed, he says, “thats not going to happen again”.. Amanda, what” MC, “us kissing”..

Amanda, I fucking pissed, MC, why? Amanda, cause you have no targets on your back.. MC, what you think you did it all.. Amanda, yeh, I helped ALOTT!! Amanda, this whole fucking thing formed because of my fake fight with Elissa.. MC, that’s true, but, now its your turn to trust me and now you have to lay low and let me do the damage control because I know WTF is going on in this game..


In the backyard, Helen and Nick are talking about careers, working moms and time management..


4:33pm Meanwhile back in the HOH, Amanda pulls the overs over her and MC, she says, why don’t you want to kiss me, he says, cause, I’m not going to get in trouble.. Amanda is pissed that her name was brought up by Kaitlin..


4:44pm Kaitlin is combing her hair..


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